Call of Dragons Artifact Tier List

Looking for the right artifacts to equip your heroes and boost their performance in battle? Look no further than this Call of Dragons Artifact tier list!

This handy guide ranks the top artifacts so you can make an informed decision about which ones to use. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this list is a great resource to help you get the most out of your heroes and dominate your opponents.

Call of Dragons Artifact Tier List

Note: All Artifacts within a tier are placed randomly, not in any specific order.

SInfernal Flame Sppringblades Rattle Spear Dragonscale Armor
AVisage of the Sanctus Sorlands Blade 1 Breath of Jargentis Phoenix Eye Kingslayer goldcrest Shadowblades Violas Bow Greymars Warhammer
BFang of Ashkari 1 Dragonrift Springs of Silence Heart of Kamasi
CTear of Arbon Lucias Horn Staff of the Prophet Wolf Woman of Haelor 1 Storm Arrows Springbird Feather 1
DBloodblade Banner Breath of the Forest Kurratas Wrath Ancient Tree Roots
Call of Dragons Artifact Tier List

Why should I use this Artifact Tier List?

Selecting the appropriate Call of Dragons Artifacts can have a significant effect on your heroes’ capabilities and statistics.

Therefore, it’s essential to choose the appropriate ones for each hero.

However, with over 50 Artifacts presently offered in the game, each with its unique purpose, selecting the top Artifacts for your Legions can be an intimidating challenge.

That’s where our Call of Dragons Artifact tier list comes into play.

It ranks each Artifact based on its battle effectiveness and power, allowing you to make an informed decision about which ones to use.

By using this guide, you can easily determine the best Artifacts to equip your heroes with, enhancing their performance in battle and giving you the edge you need to succeed.

How Our Artifact Tier List Ranking Works


In the world of Call of Dragons, the focus for most players is on open-field rallying. Garrisoning, although not entirely irrelevant, often takes a back seat.

This means that certain artifacts like the Bloodblade BannerRally Banner and the Breath of the ForestBreath of the Forest don’t play a significant role in most gameplay scenarios.

It’s unfortunate, but the reality is that players need to concentrate on the artifacts associated with the heroes they’re fighting within the open field.

For most players, this means focusing on a maximum of 5 artifacts, while super whales may need more.

The Evolution of Artifacts: Levels and Stars

With a clear understanding of the artifacts’ characteristics, levels, stars, and the influence of passive benefits, it’s time to rank them. The evaluation must consider various factors, including the artifacts’ generation, the percentage boosts, the impact of lag, and the unique situations in which they can be used.

Level 60

The maximum level of artifacts has now been extended to 60, allowing players to take them up to five and six stars.

This opens up new possibilities and strategies, but what do these additional stars mean?

  • Fifth Star: To achieve the fifth star, players must shed six epic artifacts, granting a 7.5% reduction in damage taken.
  • Sixth Star: Reaching the sixth star requires three or four legendary emblems, offering an extra 7.5% damage dealt.
Call of Dragons artiact ascensions

These enhancements are desirable but costly, forcing players to make strategic choices based on affordability and the specific needs of their gameplay.

Generations of Artifacts

Artifacts are also defined by generations (seasons).

For instance, Sorlands Blade 1 Sorland’s Blade is a generation one artifact, with a maximum of 5% less damage taken and 5% more damage dealt.

These percentages may seem small, but they can make a significant difference when maxed, especially when applied as passive benefits.

The Reality of Lag and Passive Benefits

Challenges in Big Fights

In “Call of Dragons,” large-scale battles are both exciting and challenging. The crippling lag in these giant fights can render artifacts with templates useless.

For example, the Phoenix Eye Phoenix Eye requires players to set an area-of-effect template, but lag can prevent this ability from activating.

The Power of Passive Abilities

Given the limitations of templates in big fights, passive abilities on artifacts become more valuable. These abilities work consistently, unaffected by lag, making them more reliable.

Some artifacts, like Infernal Flame Infernal Flame, offer passive effects that are deceptively powerful, working in situations where most artifacts wouldn’t, such as rallying a city or battling in a resource node.

Misleading Strength

Some artifacts are more versatile than they appear.

For example, Kingslayer Kingslayer cannot hit things in a resource node, while Infernal Flame Infernal Flame can.

These subtle differences can significantly impact gameplay, making some artifacts more effective in specific scenarios.

Call of Dragons Artifact Tier List Explanation

Magic Artifacts

One of the very best artifacts that stand out is the Infernal Flame Infernal Flame.

Surprisingly powerful, the Infernal Flame initially seemed weak compared to something like the old Phoenix Eye Phoenix Eye. However, the Phoenix Eye’s maximum of 5% dealt and damage taken reduction, coupled with its templated area of effect damage, makes it susceptible to big fights.

The Infernal Flame’s passive attack boost, even when the ability is down, makes it probably the best mage artifact in the game.

Some are interesting but not god-tier, like the Staff of the Prophet Staff of the Prophet that teleports troops.

Breath of JargentisBreath of Jargentis gives a huge defense reduction for multiple targets, is excellent but due to the limited AoE, it’s only tier A.

Some artifacts are unusable in big fights, dropping them down in ranking.

Tear of Arbon Tears of Arben drops a healing field but ultimately provides minimal healing compared to potential damage. It’s considered a bad investment.

Lucias Horn Lucia Horn spawns a resource node that are cool but not necessarily useful.

Ancient Tree RootsAncient Tree Roots teleports you next to a high-level resource node, is downright terrible.

Understanding the context of these artifacts is essential. Some may seem appealing but are not practical in actual gameplay.

For example, the Springbird Feather 1 Springbird Feather, which makes mages march faster, may seem fun but is not effective in a real fight. Other artifacts, like the peacekeeping artifact, rank low due to their limited application.

Cavalry Artifacts

In the dynamic world of Call of Dragons, Cavalry artifacts play a vital role in shaping the gameplay experience. From hit-and-run tactics to powerful passive effects, these artifacts offer unique advantages to players

Sppringblades Springblades is an artifact that has quickly risen to prominence, finding its best use with the empress.

With powerful passive effects, it’s become a favorite among players.

While it may require a target, its potential effectiveness in big, laggy fights makes it a top-tier choice.

KingslayerKingslayer: Known for its fun and powerful impact, it’s become a favorite for hit-and-run tactics.

The way it shreds opponents makes it an exciting choice for many players.

While it may be tempting to rank it in the S tier, the desire to have only one item at the S tier for each troop type means it might be placed a notch below.

Sorlands Blade 1 Soreland’s Blade, which offers march speed instead of attack, is another valuable artifact. While not as punchy as the Kingslayer, it still holds a lot of value. Players who used it in the previous season have found it enjoyable, and its continued relevance makes it a solid choice.

Some Cavalry artifacts, while interesting, fall short in practical application.

Storm Arrows Storm Arrows allows players to teleport their march to a chosen location. However, it requires a lot of skill levels to be effective, and its inability to jump over obstacles like rivers can be disappointing. Despite its potential, requires more skills to do cool stuff. Its limitations place it in the category of “cute but not good.”

The Wolf Woman of Haelor 1Wolf-Woman of Haelor, which teleports players into an area and then back after a time, also falls into this category. While it offers hit-and-run possibilities, other artifacts like the King Slayer provide similar benefits without the need for teleportation.

Players must prioritize artifacts that align with their gameplay style and objectives. Whether it’s the brutal hit-and-run tactics of the King Slayer or the march speed of Soreline’s Blade, understanding the nuances of these artifacts helps players make informed decisions.

Archer Artifacts

In the enthralling world of Call of Dragons, Marksman (Archer) artifacts hold a special place, offering unique abilities and strategic advantages.

The Rattle Spear Rattle-Spear is an intriguing artifact that has undergone a transformation in perception.

Initially deemed unusable due to its cumbersome targeting template, players have discovered that they can escape out of it on PC, allowing the spear to keep shooting in the same direction. This revelation has elevated the Rattle-Spear’s status, making it a valuable asset.

Its passive benefit, which includes defense penetration, adds to its appeal, making it one of the seven and a half percent artifacts that stand out in the game.

Goldcrest: A Promising New Addition

The goldcrestGoldcrest, a new and yet-to-be-released artifact, is already generating excitement. Designed specifically for Ffraegar, it offers a potent passive ability that increases damage when Ffraegar is in the march.

Additionally, it has the power to immobilize the target.

While its full potential is yet to be seen, its unique abilities make it a promising candidate for top-tier ranking.

However, if its passive effect only boosts artifact damage, it may be relegated to the A category.

The Violas BowViola’s Bow is another fascinating artifact that brings a unique ability to silence enemies from using their activations on artifacts.

By firing in a rectangle and inflicting skill damage, it prevents targets from casting artifact skills for 10 seconds.

While this ability is undoubtedly cool and could be meta in specific game modes, its overall effectiveness in typical open-field fighting places it in the A category.

Shadowblades Shadowblades, another A-category artifact, offers significant damage but falls short of being exceptional.

While it’s a great artifact, some may argue that it’s a lesser version of the Viola’s Bow. Both are considered tier-one, five-percenter artifacts, but neither has reached the prominence of the seven and a half percent artifacts like the Rattle-Spear.

Archer artifacts in Call of Dragons provide a diverse array of abilities and effects. From the surprising usability of the Rattle-Spear to the promising potential of the Gold Crest, understanding these artifacts is crucial for strategic gameplay.

Players must consider the passive benefits, targeting templates, and unique abilities of each artifact to make informed decisions. Whether it’s the Vile Was Bow’s silencing power or the Rattle Spear’s continuous shooting, each artifact offers distinct advantages and challenges.

Flying Artifacts

The one sort of special exception that I suppose we can address now and and I think it does actually go in the S tier is Theia’s Visage of the Sanctus Visage of the Sanctus.

It’s so good. I’m not even working best yet so it’s going to be even better. It puts 3 Shields onto a target of your choosing, and every time Theia deploys a shield, she will get a bunch of attacks from her fourth skill. Also, every time she dishes out a shield, she will do more skill damage on her active skill.

it’s designed solely for Theia.

I actually don’t think Theia is one of the best heroes in Call of Dragons at this moment because there isn’t any great pairing for her, but the artifact itself has an extremely high power level.

Infantry Artifacts

Infantry, the stalwart defenders of the battlefield, have a unique role in soaking up damage rather than dealing it.

Dragonrift Dragonrift Artifact: Known for its amazing single-target damage, the Dragonrift can shred an individual march with ease. However, its focus on single-target damage doesn’t align with infantry’s primary role. Rating: B.

Springs of SilenceSprings of Silence: These artifacts provide area-of-effect damage, hitting targets in a wedge in front of the player. While cool, they don’t make the cut for infantry, as they don’t contribute to soaking up damage. Rating: B.

Fang of Ashkari 1Fang of Ashkari: Offering defense and defense for two stat types, along with slow area-of-effect damage on the ground, this artifact is a cut above the rest in the B tier. However, its slow damage over eight seconds limits its effectiveness. Rating: B.

Greymars WarhammerGreymar’s Warhammer: This artifact stuns four targets and delivers big damage. As a five-percenter artifact, it’s cool and fun but also a bit of a one-trick pony. It shines in small skirmishes but falls short in big battles. Rating: A.

Dragonscale ArmorDragon Scale Armor: The crown jewel of infantry artifacts, the Dragon Scale Armor provides a shield and boosts health, the highest stat for infantry. Its percent-based boost is highly effective, and its ability to reduce ranged damage taken by 18 for five seconds is exactly what infantry needs.

The key to selecting the right artifact for infantry lies in understanding their primary role as damage soakers. While some artifacts may offer impressive damage capabilities, they may not align with what infantry are supposed to do on the battlefield.

The Dragon Scale Armor stands out as the perfect embodiment of infantry’s role, providing both protection and strategic advantages. Its S-tier rating reflects its exceptional alignment with infantry’s core function.

Other artifacts, like Greymar’s Warhammer and the Thing of Ashkari, offer unique benefits but fall short of the S-tier due to specific limitations.

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