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Call of Dragons is really a huge 3D mobile game with an endless open world map, so it can easily melt down your phone battery in no time.

All experienced players, and even the devs of the game, are always suggesting people play Call of Dragons on PC to entirely enjoy the game graphics and the huge combat system.

Not only that, but using the PC version of the game also helps you grind a lot easier while playing multiple accounts at once.

Playing multiple instances at once is the easiest and most efficient way for all free-to-play players to get ahead of the others, without spending a dime in the game.

download call of dragons pc

Why should I play Call of Dragons on PC?

  • No more battery draining and protect your phone from going to trash.
  • Farming multiple accounts at once.
  • Easily strengthen your main account with your alt accounts.
  • Play and enjoy the game at the highest graphic settings.
  • Enjoying the sound effects of the game much better with your speakers or headphones.
  • Playing the game while working/studying is a great way to save your time. Do note that we don’t recommend you doing this if it affects your results in a bad way.

If you’ve ever wondered why so many gamers prefer to play the 3D RTS mobile game Call of Dragons on their PC, the answer probably lies with the PC client of the game. The client for Windows with several features that make it a great choice for any player wanting to get more out of their gaming experience.

For many people, the main selling point of the PC client is that it allows gamers to play their favorite mobile game on the bigger screen of their PC, as well as take advantage of the larger input devices such as a gaming keyboard or mouse. The extra controls allow players to be more precise with their gaming and generally make playing the game more enjoyable.

Another massive bonus of using our PC version to play Call of Dragons is the extended battery life compared to running it on our phones or tablets. Mobile devices are not designed to run high-end games such as Call of Dragons, and as a result, they consume a lot of battery life quickly. With this, the game runs on a much more powerful PC and decreases the strain on your mobile battery, meaning it can last longer.

playing Call of Dragons on pc 1

Call of Dragons PC can also enable players to take on multiple accounts at once and spend less time swapping between them. This is perfect for players who want to develop their main account even faster by switching between their main and alt accounts with ease. Players can also enjoy better graphics, more realistic sound effects, and faster loading times than you can on your phone.

For players who want to make the most of their limited time by killing two birds with one stone, PC version of the game also make this possible. You can play the game while doing something else on your PC, such as studying, thanks to its intuitive user interface. We do urge players to make sure that playing the game won’t affect their studies in a bad way, however.

Call of Dragons PC Review

The team at Farlight Games is ready to introduce you to their newest mobile RPG adventure, Call of Dragons! Pre-registration for PC is now open, so if you’re ready to take on a visually appealing land with an expansive roster of heroes and dragons, then sign up!

ll the strategy you can muster will be put to the test, whether you’re facing off against the AI in PvE or other players in PvP. Take note – if your tactics aren’t up to par, your chances of winning aren’t looking great.

So explore and understand what everyone can do to achieve total victory – and maybe make a few jokes along the way!

call of dragons pc gameplay

Go on an adventure to recruit majestic Elven maidens, mighty Orcs, powerful frost mages, and countless other magical heroes to join you on your quest! Embark to the mystical Firefly Tree, the megalithic Frozen Spires, and other marvelous places.

Join your allies to take down menacing Behemoths, take control of your realm, and construct the mightiest army Tamaris has ever seen. Conquer the magical world, and forge it into a new era with your presence! Oh, and don’t forget to tell your mom you’ll be a little late – you are building an empire after all.

Control Units Easiers

Are you ready to tackle the challenge of hunting and taming giant, prehistoric beasts? Welcome to Tamaris, where Hydras, Thunder Rocs, and Dragons have overrun the land, wreaking havoc and destruction with every step they take.

Put your courage and wits to the test, grab your allies, and take the Behemoths head on! As you tame them, they will become your loyal (but sometimes rebellious) servants, always eager to bring the pain when you need to unleash it.

Who knew that dragging a giant, fire-breathing Dragon into battle could be so much fun?

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and put those Behemoths in their place – before they put you in your place! And remember – it’s okay to run away screaming if things get too hairy.

call of dragons screenshots 8

Train and Heal Units Faster

Forget spending money on medical supplies – now you can heal your units for free! Wage war, overcome your enemies and fight ’til you can fight no more – all with no worries about your secret stash.

Start your journey to conquest now and enjoy the excitement of battle without worry! And remember, the only thing you’ll get out of a fight is a good laugh!

Tamaris is a land where the magnificence of its creatures and inhabitants cannot be overstated; Elves who are noble and strong, Orcs of great might, devious Satyrs, Treants of profound wisdom and Forest Eagles of majestic grace have come together to offer their aid.

But don’t be fooled by the beauty, as lurking in the shadows lies such creatures as Hydras, Giant Bears, and even a Thunder Roc that would all make the bravest of individuals shudder, or even – dare I say it – laugh.

call of dragons pc gameplay 2

Grind Your Heroes Easier on PC

The time for heroes to lead your forces is NOW! Powerful abilities like invisibility, charging across the battlefield in an instant, and unleashing devastating AoE attacks will make your army feel invincible. Not only that, but when you master the battlefield, victory is sure to be yours.

Just make sure you strike at the perfect moment, like a superhero! Or don’t, then you can just act like a supervillain and laugh maniacally while you watch your enemies suffer. Either way, you’ll come out victorious!

Test your tactical skills with an array of 3D terrain– plunging canyons, burning deserts, raging rivers, and towering mountains await! Deploy an unstoppable flying legion across these treacherous landscapes as you plan your assault and ready your defenses.

Crush your enemies with speed and strategy, and then, for added fun, launch an air raid for good measure! After all, what’s a battle without a few laughs?

Call of Dragons PC hall

Skyrocket Your Hall of Order Level

The fate of the kingdom is all in your hands! Increase your dominion by enhancing your buildings, technology, and training your troops. Gather all the resources you need, expand your kingdom’s boundaries, and show that you deserve to govern Tamaris!

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of ways to make your kingdom thrive – just don’t forget the most important rule: you must exterminate your opponents.

Time to gear up, soldiers! It’s time to show the battlefield why they should be afraid of you. Every unit matters and it’s up to the whole team to run the battlefield like a well-oiled machine; a victory is within reach if you can all work together.

Whether it’s charging the front lines, maintaining those pesky roads, or building some stellar barricades, everyone has their part to play. And who knows, maybe by sticking together you’ll pull off the impossible and make your enemies laugh until they cry! So let’s show the world what we can do!


If you are looking for a way to skyrocket your account level and power, playing Call of Dragons PC version is definitely the best way to go, especially if you are free-to-play players and don’t want to spend extra money on the game.

Enjoying the game 24/7 while studying, working, without worrying about your battery draining is the way to go.

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