Call of Dragons Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to our complete Call of Dragons beginner’s guide to getting started as a pro!

If you are new to the game, and don’t know what is the best way to start, here are some of our instruction for you. Remember to focus on the most crucial things at first as we mentioned below, and you can discover the other features of the game accordingly.

Call of Dragons Beginner Guide

Which Server Should I Pick?

One of the most important things is to choose a Call of Dragons server that is new. This way, you can have a better chance of growing your power and joining the top alliances.

How do you find out how old your server is? It’s easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Tap on your avatar icon on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on settings on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on character management and then create new character.
  • Look at the bottom right corner of each server name. You will see how many days ago it was created.
Call of Dragons servers
For example, the server #30 – Shaman Canyon is1 day and 16 hours old.

If your current server is more than one day old, you might want to switch to a newer one when it opens. Otherwise, you will be behind other players who have been playing longer. They will have more power, resources, and allies than you. That can make it hard for you to enjoy the game.

But don’t worry. You can still play on your current server and learn how it works. You can practice your skills, explore the map, and make some friends. Then, when a new server opens, you can start fresh and use what you learned.

That’s why choosing a new server is one of the best tips for beginners in Call of Dragons.

Which Civilization to Pick?

Setting up an account is the first step to playing Call of Dragons.

You’ll be able to choose from one of three civilizations, each with its own unique starter commanders. Each commander has their own strengths and weaknesses, so picking the right one is essential for your long-term success.

Additionally, each civilization provides special bonuses and units as well, which will determine your later playstyle.

For example, League of Order (Human) is generally great in Player vs Player (PvP) combats due to the two free Mages they offer from the beginning for players. The starter hero, who is specialized in PvP, and an easily obtainable mage make an incredibly formidable team – they have the capability to perform extremely well in early-game battles.

choosing civilization in Call of Dragons

We all do have our own opinions regarding the best civilization for beginners. But in our opinion, Elf would be the best one to pick at the start.

  1. gwanwyn Gwanwyn is the best starter hero at the moment for farming Darklings. Leveling up heroes in Call of Dragons is very hard to progress, and she makes it easy. Use her to level up your gathering heroes, so you will then farm much faster. After that, you can also level up your engineering and PvP heroes to make the other activities of the game a lot easier.
  2. The Free Healing is also very helpful in games like Call of Dragons when you need to attack the enemies a lot.
  3. Legion March Speed bonus is always a great bonus, especially if you are playing the game all day long on PC.

Once you have gained the free Faction Change Ticket, switch to League of Order (Human) for a better farming speed. This is because in the very beginning, you don’t have a lot of troops for farming, so the League of Order is not really an optimal faction.

Playing The Game On PC

One of the biggest issues with gaming on a mobile device is lag and battery draining. While many phones have improved battery life, and faster processors that can handle heavier games, these issues still remain. That is why many gamers have taken to playing 3D mobile game with a huge open-field like Call of Dragons on PC instead of on their phones.

Playing the game on PC is one of the best tricks you could ever know to get ahead of everyone else because:

  • You can play Call of Dragons all day long without worrying about phone heating or battery draining.
  • Set your legions to farming and check back later anytime.
  • Play multiple accounts at once.
  • Paticipating in combats without worrying about lagging.
download call of dragons pc

Join an Alliance ASAP!

Another tip for beginners is to join an alliance as soon as you finish the tutorial. You don’t have to stay in the same alliance forever, but joining one will help you get faster helps from other players. This will speed up your progress and give you some time to see which alliances are stronger and more active.

To join an alliance, follow these steps:

  • Tap on the menu icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the shield icon to open the alliance screen.
  • Tap on join an alliance and look for one that has many members and says anyone can join.

Being in an alliance will also give you access to other benefits, such as alliance tech, Behemoth, gifts, chat, defeating Darkling Forts, and a ton of other activities.

Alliance Technology

Joining a great Alliance is the ultimate weapon for your account’s growth. Here, you will find a lot of active players who are always willing to do Darkling Fortress and other activities with you such as getting Beasts, Passes, etc. While also giving you a ton of bonuses for upgrading technologies, researching, farming, attacking enemies, etc.

Divine Covenant is very important in Alliance Tech
Divine Covenant is very important in Alliance Tech

You will get a lof of Instant Helps from active members, helping you finish upgradings a lot faster. There are also a ton of free chests daily here for you whenever the Alliance members defeat Fortress or purchasing in-game packages.

Last but not least, the beasts give a lot of buffs, you will also gain a lot of Gems when first occupying it, which is super important for F2P to increasing the Honor Level.

Unlock The Second Builder!

In Call of Dragons, you can build two structures at the same time if you have two build queues.

You will get one build queue for free and another one for two days when you start the game. After that, you can choose to keep the second build queue by paying gems or real money.

You can pay 150 gems for two more days, or 5000 gems to keep it forever. You can also buy a bundle for $4.99 USD that includes the second build queue and other items.

unlock second builder in Call of Dragons

Don’t worry if you don’t want to spend money on the game. You can earn gems by doing different things in the game, such as gathering resources, killing darklings, or completing quests, etc.

If you save up your gems, you can get the second build queue without spending a dime.

Do Daily Quests

Don’t miss out on your daily, weekly, and seasonal challenges. They give you a lot of rewards for doing things you should be doing anyway.

If you finish 6 dailies, you get many goodies like Epic Hero Token, Artifact key, Sweetdew for raising a hero’s trust level, a 60-minute speedup, and some resources.

You also get rune XP for each challenge you finish. This increases your rune level in Titans Legacy. And when your rune level goes up, you get more rewards.

Honorary (VIP) Level

The best way to use your gems is to get to Honorary membership level 8. This is like VIP level in Rise of Kingdoms.

At level 8, you get the 2nd research queue. That means you can research two technologies at the same time. That will make your account grow much faster

You need 35000 honor points to reach this level. It’s worth it because you also get 1 legendary hero token of your choice. You should pick a hero that you can’t get from gold keys.

Upgrading Honorary VIP Membership 1

Another thing you should do is to buy items from the Membership shop every week. You can use resources to buy them.

They include things like Command point recovery tokens, 5-minute speedups, Epic and Legendary medals and more.

These are very useful for your account. The shop resets every Monday at 0 UTC. As your membership level goes up, you can buy more items.

Fog Exploration

The fog-exploring progression is fairly easy, you just need to send the scouts to explore the map, open the chests on the map, and do some mini quests when checking Villages, Camps, and Caves. Each time you could get a small amount of rewards, but it will add up eventually and could help you a lot during the early game, especially with techs, speedups and troops for farming.

Fog Exploration Call of Dragons Rewards
Get Workhorse to farm faster (more capacity)

It’s nothing huge but doesn’t require a lot of efforts, while it’s also very fun to try out.

Track all of your scouting rewards and progressions in the Scout Camp!

Call of Dragons scouting camps

Also, don’t forget to chat with your heroes inisde the city for a few times every day to receive some small rewards, as well as increasing the relationship with them to get emojis, hidden stories, etc.

chat with heroes in the city
Chat with your heroes in the city!

Important Buildings

Upgrading building is a great source of getting power and skyrocketing your game progression during the early game.

Rushing the main tower in Call of Dragons is quite easy and doesn’t require a lot of work. To speedup the whole progression, you want a builder to work on the Hall of Order, while the second builder is wokring on he pre-requisite buildings, so everything will be ready to get upgraded as soon as possible.

You also want to level up your Alliance Center to the highest possible level. The higher level it is, the more Helps you would get from your Alliance members, which cuts down the building time and researching time by a lot.

Do note that if you can pick up the speedup manastone, do it before upgrading/researching anything.

Here are the must-know structure building priority for you to keeping awared.

Mall Hall Upgrading Requirements

Hall LevelHerbalist LevelWall LevelFoundry LevelOthers
3Wall 2
4Wall 3
5Wall 4
6Wall 5
7Wall 6
8Wall 7
9Herbalist Hut 8Wall 8
10Herbalist Hut 9Wall 9School of Sages 9
11Herbalist Hut 10Wall 10Foundry 10Archery Range 10
Lumber Mill 10
12Herbalist Hut 11Wall 11
13Herbalist Hut 12Wall 12Foundry 11Alliance Center 12
14Herbalist Hut 13Wall 13Foundry 12Mana Refinery 13
15Herbalist Hut 14Wall 14Foundry 13Storehouse 14
16Herbalist Hut 15Wall 15Foundry 14School of Sages 15
17Herbalist Hut 16Wall 16Foundry 15
18Herbalist Hut 17Wall 17Foundry 16Centuar Sentry Post 17
19Herbalist Hut 18Wall 18Foundry 17
20Herbalist Hut 19Wall 19Foundry 18
21Herbalist Hut 20Wall 20Foundry 19
22Herbalist Hut 21Wall 21Foundry 20
23Herbalist Hut 22Wall 22Foundry 21
24Herbalist Hut 23Wall 23Foundry 22
25Herbalist Hut 24Wall 24Foundry 23

Upgrading Tech Research Building and Alliance Center First

The best way to upgrade your hall faster is to know which buildings to focus on. Most players will advise you to only upgrade the ones that are required for each hall level. But there are two buildings that are worth upgrading even if they are not required: Alliance Center and Research Building (Seer’s Council, College of Order or School of Sages).

These buildings will help you a lot as you progress.

  • Alliance Center allows you to get more help from your allies, up to 30 times at level 25.
  • Research Building boosts your research speed by up to 25% at level 25.

You will have to upgrade these buildings eventually for your hall, so you might as well get their benefits from the beginning.


Another tip for beginners is to choose the right policies. You can find policies in the noticeboard building. Just tap the chair icon after you open it.

enacting policies

To use a policy, you need prestige Prestige. You can get prestige by beating Darklings and Dragon Trail.

When it comes to policies, you should focus on Military Expansion first. This will increase your legion size by 400, 500, or 600 troops. That’s a big boost when your legion size is only 3 or 4000 troops. That means more troops for attacking, defending, and using skills. That will increase your damage output.

So it’s better than these other policies that only give you half a percent or 1% more damage at first. But later on, your legion sizes get bigger.

My Legion size is now over 40,000 and to increase by 600 costs more than 25K prestige. So now I’m doing the policies that give me 1% and .5% more damage.

I also recommend you do War Studies 1 and 2 to get more XP.

Free Healing should be your choice in the Policy, not the Resource Healing, unless you’re whale. Try to enact it as higher lvl as possible, since the more free healing you have, the faster your healing speed, which is great especially if you’re having a war. By having a faster healing speed, you can heal your troops faster hence you can participate in war frequently and help your teammates on the battlefield.

Spend All Of Your Free Command Point Every Day

cp bar

Command points are very valuable. You don’t want to waste them by letting your command point bar get full. If it’s full, you can’t get any more command points.

And you need command points to attack Darklings on the map. That’s how you get more rewards and upgrade your heroes faster.

So make sure you use all your command points when you log in. Then it will take about 12 hours for them to fill up again. And use all your command points before you go to sleep. That way they will keep growing while you’re asleep.

Dragon Trail

Dragon Trail is a very interesting campaign-type game mode where you need to defeat the enemies in different game scenarios. There will be a lof of tactics you can learn here. And the most impotant thing is, the rewards here are very gorgerous.

The more campaigns you defeat, the more point-per-hour you earn. Thus, always try to push as high as you can here and use your points to purchase the items from the store.

How to use Speedups?

If you can, collect the speedup runes on the map before start upgrading anything.

It’s best to receive the helps from your Alliance members before spending the speedups to save the resources.

During the early game, you don’t have to save up Speedups, just spend them right away to boost your power fast early, for easier farming and raiding.

Later, once your Hall reaches level 15+, you want to do timing a bit so that you actually spend your Speedups during some Call of Dragons Events that require you to do so, to get extra rewards.

Call of Dragons Dark Chests

Open All Dark Keys

Don’t forget to use your dark keys every day. You can have up to 5 of them and you can get 2 more every day from this event tab. You need these keys to open the Dark Chests on the map.

But first you have to beat the Darkling Guards that are protecting them. If they are too strong for you, you can send more legions or ask a friend from your alliance to help you.

After you beat them, you can collect the chest.

The chest can be opened by multiple people in your alliance, but only once per person. The chest will reset every 15 minutes. Here are some of the rewards that you can get from the Dark Chest. You don’t need command points to attack the Darkling Guards. That’s free loot.

Research Priority

In Call of Dragons, you should always focus on economic tech first. This will help you build your account faster in the long run, even if it seems hard at first.

The most important techs are Architecture I and II and Scholarship I and II. They will unlock when you upgrade your research building.

You should also upgrade Conscription I and II from the Military tree to get 20% more training speed.

You can get the first five techs on both trees for free by visiting mystery camps on the map.

mystery camp rewards

If you want to build your account faster and better, you should focus on some key technologies. Architecture I and II will boost your building speed by 50% in total and Scholarships I and II will boost your research speed by 25% in total. That means you can finish your upgrades much quicker and easier.

Another important technology is Stamina I and II. This will increase your Command Point storage by 600 in total. You also need Breath Control I and II. This will increase your command point recovery by 15% in total.

tech from mystery camps
These technologies can be all obtained by exploring the map, saving you a lot of research time

To upgrade your heroes and artifacts, you need to attack Darklings. Command points are what you use to do that. The more command points you have, the more Darklings you can defeat. The more Darklings you defeat, the faster you can upgrade your heroes and artifacts.

That’s why you should also focus on Military Leadership I and II. This will give you 15% more hero experience from defeating Darklings for leveling your heroes faster.

You don’t need to worry too much about resource-related technologies at first. You can do them later if you have one or two farm accounts. After you finish Scholarships I and II, then you can go for Tier 4 troops and other technologies that take longer to finish.

PvP Gameplay

Is the PvP gameplay worth it for free-to-play players or low spenders?

So far, Call of Dragons is super F2P friendly and everyone can be a part of the PvP battles without spending a dime. As long as you join a good enough Alliance, doing daily tasks, upgrading your troops, tech, and buildings every day, you will be great.


Season Timeline

If you are a bit going hard into this game, the season timeline is definitely something you must understand and remember to keep everything going in a correct priority.

As a normal player, you might only have to care about farming various resources, speedups, gems, and leveling up your Heroes while following the Alliance activities.

However, if you are a leader, the timeline of Call of Dragons becomes super crucial as it helps you plan ahead easier like building early flags and roads to capture the key structures once they are available.

Faith Above All2 Days
The Misty IslandInstant
Crown of JusticeInstantGiant Bear
Arrows of Redemption2 DaysScout Pass 1
A Date with DestinyInstantDarkling Fortress 3
The Time is now2 DaysGiant
The Rockface2 Days
Mask of Falsity1 DayLevel 1 Pass
Star of Hope2 Days
War Song2 DaysThunder Roc
Great Deeds3 DaysScout Pass 2
New Dawn2 DaysAlliance Ranking
Glorious Names2 DaysDarkling Fortress 4
Moment of Truth2 DaysHydra
Conspiracy3 DaysLevel 2 Pass
Chest of Desire2 DaysDarkling Fortress 5
Silent CelebrationDirebear
The BeastScout Pass 3
Free Will
Unbreakable VowNecrogiant
LightbearerLevel 3 Pass
Motherland’s Call
Alliance Maneuvers

Read more: Call of Dragons Season 1


That is it so far for all beginners in Call of Dragons! Remember to just do it slowly, but correctly, and you will all be great.

For now, just focus on upgrading your Main Hall and you will be golden.

Don’t hesitate to comment down below if you have any questions when pushing your accounts, we will do our best to help you out!

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