Important City Hall Levels To Upgrade

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In Call of Dragons, City Hall is the main building, and the heart and brain of your city.

Depending on your CH level, you can’t upgrade your other buildings to a much higher level. So it is recommended to rush upgrade your City Hall as higher as possible.

Call of Dragons Hall Levels

Important Call of Dragons City Hall Levels

  • CH level 12: You no longer can change the starting region, so pick an Alliance wisely.
  • CH level 16 unlocks t3 troops and your Faction’s flying unit.
  • CH level 17 unlocks your 4th march queue.
  • CH level 21 unlocks t4 troops.
  • CH level 22 unlocks your 5th march queue.
  • CH level 25 unlocks the final level of the growth fund and received 40k gems (if you bought a growth fund).


Rush upgrade your CH ASAP to power up fast and unlock more things that will help you grow as a player.

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