Important City Hall Levels To Upgrade

In Call of Dragons, City Hall is the main building, and the heart and brain of your city.

Depending on your CH level, you can’t upgrade your other buildings to a much higher level. So it is recommended to rush upgrade your City Hall as higher as possible.

Call of Dragons Hall Levels

Important Call of Dragons City Hall Levels

  • CH level 12: You no longer can change the starting region, so pick an Alliance wisely.
  • CH level 16 unlocks t3 troops and your Faction’s flying unit.
  • CH level 17 unlocks your 4th march queue.
  • CH level 21 unlocks t4 troops.
  • CH level 22 unlocks your 5th march queue.
  • CH level 25 unlocks the final level of the growth fund and received 40k gems (if you bought a growth fund).

Call of Dragons City Hall Upgrading Requirements

City Hall LevelPre-Req (LoO/SW/WB)Legion CapacityLegion QueueCostTimePower
2 (Settlement)None1,00013.5k Gold/Wood2s90
3None1,50016.5k Gold/Wood5m120
4 (Village)Lv.3 Wall2,000211.8k Gold/Wood20m154
5Lv.4 Wall, Mint2,500221.3k Gold/Wood1h383
6Lv.5 Wall Hospital3,000236.3k Gold/Wood, 12k Stone2h852
7Lv.6 Wall3,500254.4k Gold/Wood, 19.2k Stone5h1,847
8Lv.7 Wall4,000281.8k Gold/Wood, 30.8k Stone10h3,706
9Lv.8 Wall4,5002122.8k Gold/Wood, 49.2k Stone15h6,504
10 (Town)Lv.9 Wall5,0002184.3k Gold/Wood, 78.7k Stone22h10,933
11Lv.10 Wall5,5003277.5k Gold/Wood, 120k Stone1d 6h16,723
12Lv.11 Wall
Lv.11 Scout Camp/Ranger Retreat/Centaur Sentry Post
6,0003417.5k Gold/Wood, 180k Stone1d 16h24,693
13Lv.12 Wall6,5003627.5k Gold/Wood, 270k Stone2d 2h35,213
14Lv.13 Wall
Lv.13 Mana Refinery
7,0003942.5k Gold/Wood, 405k Stone2d 12h48,838
15Lv.14 Wall
Lv.14 Storehouse
7,50031.4m Gold/Wood, 607.5k Stone2d 22h66,400
16 (Citadel)Lv.15 Wall8,00032.1m Gold/Wood, 912.5k Stone4d91,451
17Lv.16 Wall
Lv.16 Abbey/Longeaf Arch/Satyr Lodge
8,50043.2m Gold/Wood, 1.4m Stone4d 20h125,005
18Lv.17 Wall
Lv.17 Scout Camp/Ranger Retreat/Centaur Sentry Post
9,00044.8m Gold/Wood, 2.1m Stone5d 20h170,590
19Lv.18 Wall9,50047.2m Gold/Wood, 3.1m Stone7d232,957
20Lv.19 Wall10,000410.8m Gold/Wood, 4.7m Stone8d 6h318,769
21 (Metropolis)Lv.20 Wall10,500416.2m Gold/Wood, 7m Stone11d442,735
22Lv.21 Wall
Lv.21 Knight Camp/Elk Stable/Beast Pen
11,000524.3m Gold/Wood, 10.6m Stone17d 3h630,860
23Lv.22 Wall
Lv.22 College of Order/School of Sages/Seers Council
11,500536.5m Gold/Wood, 15.9m Stone23d 23h907,085
24Lv.23 Wall
Lv.23 Celestial Temple/Eagle Nest/Wyvern Rider Camp
12,000554.8m Gold/Wood, 24m Stone36d1,322,480
25Lv.24 Wall
Lv.24 Alliance Market
12,500582.2m Gold/Wood, 36m Stone, Blueprint126d 8h2,195,458


Rush upgrade your CH ASAP to power up fast and unlock more things that will help you grow as a player.

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i think you guys lost something in the th 19 20 21


I have the 5th march Queue at Hall 21