Ultimate Guide to Getting Resources

Having an abundance of resources is key to progressing smoothly and effectively in Call of Dragons. Resources such as Gold, Wood, Ore, and Mana are necessary for upgrading buildings, researching new technologies, and creating powerful armies.

As you progress further in the game, you’ll need even more resources to keep up with the challenges.

To help you get the most out of your gaming experience, here are the best ways to obtain more resources and make sure you stay ahead of the game…

pan gathering skill in Call of Dragons

Use Proper Gathering Heroes

Heroes in Call of Dragons come in many shapes and sizes, each with their own special utility. While some are better suited for PvP skirmishes, attacking other players’ Strongholds, or taking on Darklings and Dark forces, some are more useful for gathering resources.

Indis (Legendary) and Pan (Epic) are excellent examples of heroes who excel in resource-gathering.

Indis and Pan both have special skills and talents that make them ideal for collecting gold, wood, ore, and mana from Resource points.

For instance, Pan’s Gathering talent tree focuses on maximizing resource-gathering efficiencies, such as increasing gathering speed, and resource load capacity, and even granting a 50% resource production boost to your City for an hour if Pan and her Legion have been gathering for at least one hour.

If you have either of these heroes, make sure you maximize their Gathering talents to maximize your resource-gathering potential.

Use Proper Gathering Units (Troops)

If you are part of the League of Order, Springwardens, or Wilderburg faction in Call of Dragons, you will have access to the faction’s respective transport unit:

  • Workhorses for the League of Order,
  • Work-Elks for the Springwardens
  • Workrhinos of Wilderburg.

When gathering resources from resource plots, these are the best transport units to use as they have the most resource load capacity. Each transport unit also has its own special benefits.

For instance, the Wilderburg Workrhinos will get extra resources after a resource point is used up. The Springwardens Work-Elks have the highest speed when heading towards Resource Points. The League of Order Workhorses have the highest Load Capacity.

But it is important to note that higher tier Workhorses do not offer more Load Capacity, as tier 1 Workhorses have the highest.

Additionally, the League of Order faction gets a +10% Gather Speed bonus, which is worth considering when deciding which faction to join.

Gathering Artifact

Use Gathering Artifacts

Making use of a Gathering Artifact is just as effective as having a Gathering hero in Call of Dragons. You can acquire these artifacts by using Universal Artifact Keys at the Altar (the same spot you use to hire heroes).

Here are some of the best artifacts to consider:

  • Ancient Tree Roots: This Legendary Artifact increases your Legion’s Resource Load Capacity by 24.7% and HP by 2% when fully leveled up. It also allows you to instantly teleport your Legion to a random high-level Resource Point within a certain range.
  • Greenfinger Sickle: The Epic Artifact boosts your Legion’s Resource Load Capacity by 21.7%. It also lets you gather 400,000 Wood, 300,000 Ore, or 160,000 Mana from a chosen Resource Point. However, the amount of resources gathered must not exceed the Legion’s Resource Load Capacity or exceed the remaining amount of resources at the Resource Point. Additionally, it has a 12-hour cooldown.
  • Enchanted Coins: Advanced Artifact but is very helpful, increasing the overall gather speed by a lot.
main quest Call of Dragons

Complete Quests

Completing Main and Side Quests in Call of Dragons is an ideal way to acquire resources, especially during the early stages of the game.

These quests are incredibly rewarding; they provide you with Gold, Wood, Ore, and other perks such as gems and boosts. To access the Quests page, simply tap the scroll paper icon located in the top-left corner.

Once you finish a Quest, a red bubble accompanied by a number will appear, informing you of how many Quests you have completed so that you can redeem your rewards.

Call of Dragons Daily Quests Rewards

Doing Challenges (Daily Quests)

Challenges are tasks similar to those found in Main and Side Quests, but they are related to specific events and offer different rewards.

During the Titan’s Legacy event, completing Daily, Weekly, or Seasonal Challenges will earn you Rune EXP and Keys of Titan – both of which are needed to open the big chest located at the top of the Challenges page.

Once the progress bar is filled, the chest will reward you with Gems, Speedups, Wood, Ore, Mana, and other goodies – the type and number of rewards depending on your current Rune Level.

As Rune Level 1 requires 6 Daily Challenges to open the chest, these are the easiest to complete, with Seasonal Challenges being the most difficult.

You can swap between these three categories and check the challenge requirements by tapping the tabs below the chest’s progress bar.

Alliance Territory Rewards

Collect Alliance Territory Rewards Every Day

Want to get some extra Gold and resources? Alliance members can take advantage of a special reward – but only if their Alliance has a territory.

The size of the territory determines the number of resources you can receive, which includes Gold, Wood, Ore, and Mana.

The reward accumulates over a period of 24 hours, so make sure to claim it daily to avoid missing out. To collect it, open the Alliance menu and select the ‘Territory’ option.

Then, if there are available resources, simply tap the ‘Claim’ button and they’ll be added to your account.

Call of Dragons Dark Chests

Getting Dark Chests

Defeating Darkling Legions in Call of Dragons is a great way to acquire resources and level up your hero. Upon vanquishing a Darkling Legion, you will be rewarded with a Darkling Key. Use these keys to unlock the Dark Chests scattered around the map outside your city.

To open the chest, you must have the required number of keys, and then defeat the Darkling Guards that are guarding it. The difficulty and form of the creatures may vary, and they may be quite challenging to defeat if your legion isn’t strong enough.

The bigger the chest, the more rewards you can collect. These Dark Chests contain plenty of valuable resources, including Resource Bundles with a hefty amount of resources.

system mail gift

System Gifts in Mail

Every time your City reaches a new level, you will get a special mail reward with Wood, Ore, Gold Keys, and other goodies sent to you via the System tab in your game mail.

Developers may also send rewards after a major update or server maintenance.

So make sure to always check your mail and grab the rewards that will help you go forward. You can get them individually or just hit the “Read & Claim All” button, as shown in the screenshot.

Strongest Lord Event Call of Dragons

Completing Events

Events are a great way to get more resources in Call of Dragons!

The game often runs special events that involve tasks such as gathering a certain resource, upgrading buildings, and logging in for a specific number of days.

For example, the Strongest Lord event has a series of quests over 5 days where you can receive a lot of resources by completing the quests listed. The rewards contain hero tokens, Gold Keys, and Universal Artifact Keys.

To get to the Events page, simply tap the scroll icon (the first icon) on the top-right part of your screen.

Daily Deals Call of Dragons

Free Daily Deals

Head over to the Market page and check out the Daily Deals tab! You’ll find a few premium packages as well as a Daily free chest which is filled with resources.

All it takes is a single tap to claim the resources.

The rewards are not a lot, but are definitely helpful in the early game.

To find this page, tap the animated slot (which changes for each promotion) located next to the Events icon in the top-right corner. Then, tap the Daily Deals tab as shown in the screenshot above.

gathering boost

Gathering Boost

green wood boost Resource Boost and 8 hour gathering boost Gathering Boost items can give your resource production and gathering speed a major boost. They come in two forms, 8 hours and 24 hours, and can be consumed before sending your troops out to gather resources.

These items can be found in the Shop building and can be purchased with Gems. Wood, Mana, and Ore production can be increased by 25% with these items.

An 8-hour boost will cost you 70 Gems, and a 24-hour resource boost item will cost 300 Gems. But it’s never recommended to purchase them with Gems. You can get them for free at a lot of events.

alliance tech Call of Dragons

Economy Technology

The Economy Tech Tree in Call of Dragons is a must when it comes to building up your Stronghold.

By researching certain upgrades such as Logging Techniques and Forestry, you can increase your city’s resource production and gathering speed.

Additionally, researching the Economy Tech tree will raise your Load Capacity, which is the number of resources that your legions can take from Resource Points. To further increase Load Capacity, you can research Container Upgrade tech.

Lastly, researching Mana Prospering will allow you to have your legions gather mana. Therefore, it’s wise to focus on researching the Economy Tech Tree before the Military tech.

Doing so will enhance your resource production and unlock new resource-related features that will be beneficial in the long run.

Call of Dragons Resource Tokens

Resource Items

You can get resources by doing quests, gathering from Resource points, opening chests, and participating in events, as well as through the Store.

If you have enough Gems, you can use them to purchase Resource items. For instance, a 1.5M Wood item will cost you 2,300 Gems.

To access the Store’s resource items tab, tap the Store building and then select the third icon – the one with the coins bag. Scroll down and pick the resource item you want to buy.

Upgrading Honorary VIP Membership 1

Honorary Membership

Located in the Store building, the Honorary Membership offers plenty of advantages.

Each day, a reward is claimable that contains resources. Upgrading the Honorary Membership level unlocks better rewards and Buffs for the City’s resources.

For example, upgrading to level 1 grants 5 new resource Buffs, including Ore Mana production, Wood production, and a 5% increase in gather speed.

The higher the Honorary Membership level, the better the buffs and daily rewards become.

Furthermore, the Store tab of this page provides access to a set of discounted items right beside the Perks tab.

goblin merchant Call of Dragons

Goblin Merchants

Once your City is upgraded to Level 6, the Hall of Order building gives you access to the Goblin Market. The Goblin Merchant will appear in your town periodically, offering various items and resources for discounted prices.

I recently purchased 50,000 Gold for only 40,000 Wood, a flat -25% discount, and 7,500 Ore for only 5 Gems.

Keep an eye out for the Goblin Merchant and take advantage of his deals!

opening Call of Dragons chests

Opening Chests

The Hero Recruitment feature in the Altar building gives you the chance to recruit new heroes. However, the odds of getting great heroes are slim, so you have a higher chance of getting resource items.

These items can be received from both the Silver Chest and Gold Chest recruitment.

You have a 76.2% chance of getting Advanced resource items (up to 50,000 resources), and a 3.2% chance of getting Elite resource items, for example, 150,000 Gold/Wood or 112,000 Ore.

Note: Opening 10 keys at once doesn’t increase your chance of getting rewards. Just open them if you are in need of resources.

rewards chatting heroes

Gifts from chatting with heroes

Yep, you got that right! In Call of Dragons, heroes can also offer you special gifts. This can be done by engaging in short conversations with them, after which they will offer a special gift that includes resources and other essential items.

To do that, while inside your City, the heroes that are available for small talk, will have a 3- dot speech icon, which informs you that you can start the conversation.

Once you tap that icon, the hero will tell you something or ask you for advice and you need to pick an option. Your given answer will affect whether he will offer you a gift or not.

This feature also increases your reputation level with each hero, through which you can unlock a series of interesting things, such as stories about the hero and short audios.

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