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If you love the game and are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the game, you are now the mid-spender. However, spending money efficiently is not that easy.

Every wisely spent dollar counts towards your success, helping you get ahead of everyone else faster.

You can generally get to at least the top 50 in your server as a mid-spender. You just need to understand how to spend the money correctly on buying packages.

mid spender Call of Dragons

At first, we strongly recommend you take a look at our Free-To-Play guide and Beginner’s Guide If you are new to the game to understand how Call of Dragons gameplay works in general.

As a mid spender, your first target should be getting Tier-4 units as soon as possible. Then, you can start raiding people who are weaker than you. After that, focus on getting Tier 5 troops.

What packages should I buy as a Mid Spender?

  1. Monthly Packages
  2. Season Pass
  3. VIP liliya Liliya packages.
  4. VIP hosk Hosk packages.
  5. Lucky Spin Event Packages
  6. Event packages.
  7. Path of Knowledge Packages: For speedups & resources. The other “Great Value Bundles” are really not worth it.
  8. New Legendary Hero Packages
  9. Legendary hero level 30 package
  10. Legendary artifact level 30 package
  11. Building Finish Upgrade Packages
  12. Daily deals
  13. Development packages

Where should I spend Gems on?

  1. Goblin Market: Buy All Speedups. You should get 8 every time it arrives in your city. Spend 100 Gems on reroll if needed.
  2. VIP Shop: Buy all Speedups and Hero Tokens every week.
  3. Lucky Spin Event: Aim for 100 tickets (which costs 70k Gems) whenever the event is up.
  4. Season End Artifact Draw: Prepare 30k Gems for this to obtain some outstanding and powerful artifacts.
  5. Treaty & Sentinel Arrows: You want to save some Gems for this as well. Depending on the amount to money you would like to spend, you would normally want to unlock Tier 5 troops on the second season. You will notice that it is pretty hard to unlock T5 as you basically need to unlock everything before T5, including the Watch Tower and the Rally Building. If you don’t spend 200k Gems on these, it would take up to 1 year to get these buildings to level 25.

How to spend Speedups as a Mid Spender

Save your Speedups for the Strongest Lord Event as you have the chance to get to at least top 10 to get the extra rewards, which are always welcome.

Alliance Center offers extra help from Alliance members whenever you upgrade or research. A single help would be equal to hours of speedups in the late game. It’s always recommended to upgrade this first.

Never upgrade your Research Building if you don’t have enough speedups to finish it immediately. Otherwise, you would waste a lot of time that could spend on researching.

Troop buildings are the next priority.

Check our Free-To-Play guide for more details regarding researching technologies.


Gathering activity is pretty similar to Free-to-play players. If you have time, have your troops farming 24/7 when you are not in the game. Every second counts.

You probably need a lot more resources in the late game, no matter how much money you want to spend on buying packages. So you might want to start a farm account as soon as possible. Check our resource hacks for the best tips for farming as well.

Farm inside your Alliance territory for a resource farming boost, and get at least 50k Workhorses for loading resources effectively.

windfall skill

Once your gatherers have Windfall, aim for level 1 resource nodes if you have a lot of spare time for farming.

Heroes for Mid Spenders

liliya Liliya is definitely the first hero that you want to max out as she is very versatile, and powerful, and can be purchased from the Honorary Membership Store. Get her awaked fast and she will never disappoint you.

hosk Hosk packages are the next thing you want to get. He is a great deputy for all Legions, especially for taking down Behemoths with Marksman.

All of the heroes from the Lucky Spin event are powerful. Max them all If you have enough Gems.

In mean while, focus on Epic heroes as well as they are always great for every body.

gwanwyn Peacekeeping god for all free players.

elianaGreat deputy for all Legions. She makes you more tanky.

waldyrGreat for both PvE and PvP. Focus on Magic & Skill talent tree.

kreggFly, fly, we can fly! Good damage as well!

For more details, take a look at our Call of Dragons Hero Tier List!


This part is similar to the Free-To-Play guide. You can also check out our Policies guide for more details.

You generally want to work on the farming policies first. The Military Expansions are the most important ones.

You want to get Free Healing as well.

And never spend Gems on finishing Policies.

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