Ultimate Hospital Guide – How to Get More Elixir Healing

Hospital and Healing are an essential part of Call of Dragons as you ultimately want to go into combat versus other players and defeat different bosses in the game.

After each fight, your troops will get injured and you will always want to heal them back as soon as possible for the upcoming battles.

Call of Dragons Healing Guide

Hospitals in Call of Dragons

Hospital is the place where your severely wounded injured troops go to after battle. The hospital has no limit of severely wounded troops it can carry. As a beginner, you want to use your hospital efficiently.

There are two types of healing in Hospitals: One is the Free Healing; The other one is the Resources Healing.

Free Healing (Elixir Healing)

Free Healing is where you can heal your severely wounded troops by using the Elixir, which is produced over time. You don’t need to spend resources or speedups on it. You literally just need to wait for it.

1 Elixir = 1 healed troop.

elixir healing Call of Dragons

Elixir Healing does not cost resources. Each bottle of Elixir will heal 1 severely wounded unit. Elixir Production Speed is determined by your Hospital level and your total Unit Count (including Legions in your Hospital). The higher your total Unit Count and the level of those units, the faster your Elixir Production Speed. Enacting relevant Policies will also increase your Elixir Production Speed. A maximum of 2,000,000 Elixir can be produced per day.

Enacting Free Healing in your Policy also increases your healing speed. If you’re F2P or low spender, choosing Free Healing in the Policy is your best option.

Go to the next section to see how to make the most of Elixir Healing!

Resource Healing

Resources Healing on the other hand is not advisable if you’re F2P or low spender. Healing troops, especially since T4 is very expensive.

resource healing in Call of Dragons

Unless you’re a whale, then resource healing shouldn’t be an option. Resources Healing allows you to instantly heal your troops in the hospital at the expense of paying resources.

Choosing Resource Healing will cost resources, but heals Legions instantly. Resource Healing has a maximum daily limit, which is determined by your Hospital Level and your total Unit Count (including the Legions in your Hospital). The higher your total units and the level of those units, the faster your Heal Speed. In addition, enacting relevant Policies will also increase your Resource Healing daily limit up to a maximum of 3,000,000.

Call of Dragons Healing System

By Increasing your free healing speed daily you are able to get more troops healed per day.

So if you want to increase your free healing, you need to work on the free healing skills in the Policies rather than choosing the resource healing.

Resource healing allows you to increase the capacity of the instant healing you can do with resources of course.

Keep in mind that Free healing has a max of 2M and Resource healing max of 3M. So take this into consideration there is only a 1M troops difference.

Would you really spend 3M healing resource cost? or rather get free healed of 2M per day which you can get 83,000 per hour unit at max of 2M?

elixir healing policy

By choosing Free healing it does not mean that you cannot do resource healing, it would just be more limited.

Free Healing or Resource Healing?

Choosing free healing is the right play, moving forward into the end game maybe it would still be free healing and perhaps some resource healing.

But I see that the most limiting factor for players will be stamina more than troops.

I suspect players will have a lot more troops than they can use when we reach the late game due to the fact that hospital capacity is unlimited.

Early Game, work on daily resource healing policies. You will face a lot of server civil war in the early game, and it will be a pain If you cannot farm resources during this time.

How to Utilize Elixir Healing (Free Healing)

This new mechanic reshapes how we strategize and play Call of Dragons, with a heavy focus on player activity and the skillful use of Elixir items.

Elixir healing has replaced the previous system, where troops would automatically recover over time.

Now, your troops are healed through Elixir.

Healing troops require Elixir in the Hospitals.

The Hospitals produce Elixir over time.

Despite the initial adjustment period, it’s crucial to grasp that this mechanism doesn’t necessarily disadvantage free players compared to spenders.

Active engagement is the key to making Call of Dragons a more dynamic and rewarding experience for dedicated players.

How to Acquire Elixir Items?

Elixir items aren’t produced by your in-game hospital; instead, you gather these precious potions from the Merit store through combat.

Upon using an Elixir item, it increases the healing capacity in the hospital, meaning you can restore more troops in one go.

elixir in merit store
Elixir in Merit Store

Be mindful, though, the healing is done in batches and has an upper cap to prevent misuse.

A maximum of 2 millions Elixir can be produced per day.

Maximizing Elixir Healing

Call of Dragons encourages you to stay on top of your game. If you have injured units and fail to utilize your Elixir free healing daily, you’re missing out on precious recovery potential.

Use your Elixir wisely to regenerate troops daily and maintain your army’s strength.

When it comes to healing, remember that all troops are not created equal.

Higher-tier units bring more value to the table, and it’s a smart move to upgrade lower-tier soldiers whenever possible (wait until your marches are full).

This is due to the one-to-one healing ratio: healing a tier 2 troop costs the same as healing a tier 3 troop.

One of the standout features of Elixir healing is the ability to heal your units selectively.

Unlike the old system where the game chose who to heal, now you have control over what units receive care. This flexibility allows for more strategic decisions based on your immediate needs in the battlefield.

Boosting Your Elixir Healing

Increasing your hospital level and implementing policies can enhance your daily Elixir healing. It’s strongly recommended to only focus on Elixir Healing here.

You can also benefit from various buffs, like those from the Behemoth or certain manastones.

Your focus should be on boosting free Elixir healing instead of resource healing to save valuable resources and progress more effectively in the game.

When to Use Elixir Items?

Using your Elixir items should be a strategic decision.

elixir potion

Depending on your playstyle and situation, there are a lot of ways to use the Elixir items. In most cases, you want to use it when you need your troops immediately for the combats. Otherwise, you can just leave your troops healing in the Hospitals but make sure that your Elixir doesn’t hit the cap.

While it’s essential to keep a steady flow of healing, remember that these potions are not infinite. Save them for intense battles or events where having a larger, healthier army gives you a significant advantage.

Pace your healing process and be mindful of your Elixir reserves.


In conclusion, while the Elixir healing feature in Call of Dragons presents new challenges, it also introduces rewarding gameplay elements. It emphasizes player activity and strategic decision-making, making the game more engaging.

Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, dive back into the world of Call of Dragons and conquer the battlefield!

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