Ultimate Hospital Guide – How to Get More Free Healing

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Hospital and Healing are an essential part of Call of Dragons as you ultimately want to go into combat versus other players and defeat different bosses in the game.

After each fight, your troops will get injured and you will always want to heal them back as soon as possible for the upcoming battles.

Call of Dragons Healing Guide

Hospitals in Call of Dragons

Hospital is the place where your severely wounded injured troops go to after battle. The hospital has no limit of severely wounded troops it can carry. As a beginner, you want to use your hospital efficiently.

There are two types of healing in Hospitals: One is the Free Healing; The other one is the Resources Healing.

Free Healing

Free Healing is where you can heal your severely wounded troops over time. You don’t need to spend resources or speedups on it. You literally just need to wait for it.

Call of Dragons free healing

There are also factors that can increase your Free Healing speed.

Basically, the more and the higher tier troops you have, the faster it heals. Your hospital levels also determine your Free Healing speed, so it’s advisable to upgrade all your hospitals as higher level as possible.

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Enacting Free Healing in your Policy also increases your healing speed. If you’re F2P or low spender, choosing Free Healing in the Policy is your best option.

Resource Healing

Resources Healing on the other hand is not advisable if you’re F2{ or low spender. Healing troops, especially since t4 is very expensive.

resource healing in Call of Dragons

Unless you’re a whale, then resource healing shouldn’t be an option. Resources Healing allows you to instantly heal your troops in the hospital at the expense of paying resources.

Call of Dragons Healing System

By Increasing your free healing limit daily you are able to get more troops healed per day, which means you get more troops healed per minute and per hour.

So if you want to increase your free healing, you need to work on the free healing skills in the Policies rather than choosing the resource healing.

Resource healing allows you to increase the capacity of the instant healing you can do with resources of course.

Keep in mind that Free healing has a max of 2M and Resource healing max of 3M. So take this into consideration there is only a 1M troops difference.

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Would you really spend 3M healing resource cost? or rather get free healed of 2M per day which you can get 83,000 per hour unit at max of 2M?

Call of Dragons Policies 1

By choosing free healing it does not mean that you cannot do resource healing, it would just be more limited.

For Example,

  • Free healing per day at 130,570 Units
  • Troops in Hospital 230,324 Units
  • 230,324 unit per day / 130,570 unit per day = 1.76 Days
  • 1.76 days * 24 ( 1 day to 24 hours ) = 42.24 hours
  • 42.24 hours -24 Hours = 18.24 hours = 1 day and 18 hours ( Total Time to heal )

Also, pay attention to the image below. It is not referred to the example calculation above but that is a different numbers the units per minute healed for free. When you increase your free healing policies or increase hospital you also make it faster to heal per minute

Call of Dragons healing

Free Healing or Resource Healing?

I think Choosing free healing in the early game is the right play when starting out, moving forward into the end game maybe it would still be free healing and perhaps some resource healing. Not entirely sure how to distribute it yet until we get there.

But I see that the most limiting factor for players will be stamina more than troops.

I suspect players will have a lot more troops than they can use when we reach the late game due to the fact that hospital capacity is unlimited (my assumption for now).

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Early Game, work on daily resource healing policies. You will face a lot of server civil war in the early game, and it will be a pain If you cannot farm resources during this time.

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