Best Hero Pairings in Call of Dragons

In both PvP and PvE combats in Call of Dragons, the hero pairings (or combos) often determine who wins on the battlefield. In Call of Dragons, we clearly see the division of Legions as each of them is mutually promoted and restricted.

Here, we will show you the best hero combos/pairings in Call of Dragons for these four kinds of troops: Infantry, Cavalry, Archer, and Mage.

Best Hero Pairings in Call of Dragons

Best General Call of Dragons Pairings (Legions)

syndrion 1 Any
Bgwanwyn kregg
Cgarwood 1eliana

We’re breaking down the hero pairings into distinct tiers, each representing a specific level of potency and strategic impact.

Our objective is to equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions that match your playstyle, budget, and goals.

Tier S – The Powerhouses

liliya velyn Liliya & Velyn: The Ultimate Dynamic Duo

Liliya: As your frontline damage dealer, Lilia delivers a devastating magical assault that can obliterate foes.

Velyn: The master of control, Valin’s abilities slow enemies down and steal their rage, throwing a wrench in their plans.

nicokinnara Nico & Kinara: Precision and Magic Unleashed

Nico: Precision strikes and ranged magic make Nico an adept DPS choice for the field.

Kinara: Equipped with control effects, Kinara brings chaos to the battlefield, disrupting enemy plans.

bakshi emrysBakshi & Emery’s: The Cavalry Dominators

Bakshi: This cavalry commander is your go-to for aggressive rallies and brute strength on the battlefield.

Emery’s: Offering unparalleled mobility, Emery’s complements Bakshi’s power with strategic maneuverability.

Tier A – Strong Legions

madelinenika Madeline & Nika: Infantry Might

Madeline: As an infantry leader, Madeline boasts counter-attack prowess and respectable tanking abilities.

Nika: Solid choice for any Infantry pairing.

FFraegartheiaFfragar & Theia: Aerial Marksmanship

Fragar: The sky’s the limit for marksmen and flying units under Fragar’s command, thanks to his aerial prowess.

Dia: Supporting her aerial allies, Dia amplifies ranged effectiveness with her abilities.

syndrion 1Syndrion & ???: Versatile Potential

Syndrion: While versatile, Syndrion’s pairing options are limited. Seek unique combinations that align with your strategy.

Tier B – Tactical Choices

gwanwyn kreggGwanwyn & Kregg: Guerrilla Warfare Specialists

Gwanwyn: A hit-and-run strategist, Guanwin excels in delivering swift yet powerful attacks.

Kregg: Picking off enemies from afar, Kregg brings high-damage marksmanship to the table.

hoskatheusHosk/Theus & ??? (Flexible): Tailored Strategies

Hosk/Theus: Adaptable and versatile, Has provides a range of benefits that can complement a variety of hero pairings.

Tier C – Niche Expertise

garwood 1elianabakharwaldyralwynalistair

This tier showcases heroes with specialized roles that can prove invaluable in specific scenarios or game modes.

Tier D – Supporting


Pan: Providing healing capabilities, Pan ensures your troops can recover from the brink of defeat.

Indis: An alternative to Pan, In This offers utility and healing, enhancing your strategic options.

Best PvE Hero Pairings

Guide by Tuojiang Khan

There are an abundance of PVE activities in the Calls of Dragons, such as basic Darkling farming, opening the dark chests by defeating the guards, attacking the Dark Portal and Dark Eliana, as well as the Dragon Trial campaigns.

The fitness of Dark Guards and monsters attribute as the biggest characteristic of PVE. We need to consider to improve the efficiency of PVE by selecting the advantage collocation in the early stage, and ensure sufficient injury-bearing and output capacity in the group PVE activities.

As for the early PVE efficiency, it is undoubtedly more suitable for talented heroes with peacekeeping talent trees. The game has clear descriptions of the area of expertise for such heroes.

But relatively speaking, the infantry must be inevitably damaged in each battle. They need to return to the city frequently during the farm and their efficiency is very low which is the same as the cavalry with high output damage and more vulnerability.

The mage is mainly for controlling and providing support. The monster is bound to rush in close in the process of the skill release.

Therefore, considering all these factors, archers for the pure output are more suitable to train as the main PvE farming forces in the early stage.

Gwanwyn & Nico/Eliana

gwanwyn Gwanwyn is the hero with an active skill for multiple damage, who can also increase the damage by 3 passive skills, and enhance the damage again by awakening skills. She is one of the most powerful partners in the early PvE game, and the high and stable damage for the dark creatures makes her differentiate from others.

So Gwanwyn is the top priority to level up as the Peacekeeping in the early stage, who has stable and outstanding performance, no matter who to partner with, Legendary Archer, nico Nico, or the versatile assistant eliana Eliana.

liliya Liliya & alwynAlwyn/waldyrWaldyr

liliya Liliya & alwynAlwyn/waldyrWaldyr

The mages, with the farthest attack range, have the advantage of long hands to attack the ordinary melee troops. When the dark monsters appeared, they have already do damage several times, not to mention that if the fire of the target is absorbed by a wound-bearing team, it will be very cool to gain the damage freely all the time.

liliya Liliya is regarded as the leader of the AoE damage dealers, as her active skill with high damage could cause additional damage with the ignition effect.

alwyn Alwyn’s active skills with a good slowdown and his passive skills with the probability to ensnare the attackers greatly help to improve the survivability of the fragile mage teams, and caused additional damage for the target (DOT), which is very close to Lilia’s mechanism.

waldyrWaldyr also has the ability to AoE damage, weakening, and deceleration after awakening. And he is very powerful in both damage and support.

Madeline & Garwood

Players who are familiar with these two heroes may ask a question. Isn’t this a team of tank?

Yes, this is indeed a ceiling team with the highest injury-bearing ability in the current version. But the reason why they are placed at the end of the recommendations for PVE is that the injury-bearing ability of the alliance is of great importance in the high-intensive and large-scale PVE activities in the later period.

In this case, the boss with sufficient abilities needs to give more resources to the injury-bearing team during the daily training to make it more powerful and make full preparations for the later PVE activities.

madeline Madeline‘s shield defense and anti-injury, together with garwood Garwood‘s treatment and injury-free, help to build up a strong shield for the team in the front and create a good output environment for the back.


There are different but very clear training goals in different stages, from the stable output team in the beginning to a mage team with good support and output in the middle, and then to an injuring-bearing team that resists monsters in the later. In the training process of Call of Dragons PVE combination, it is optimal to give more resources to cultivate the target combinations at different stages.

Here is a special reminder to some lucky players to draw the Legendary commander, please do not easily bet all your resources on grinding the gold commander.

It will cost you less time to grind the Epic commander but with good effect, which could completely meet all your needs in a long time.

It will be better for you to work on the gold commander when you have more rich resources and higher demands. Otherwise, others will enjoy the easy and comfortable development in PVE, you will suffer from the development restrictions of Legendary commanders and lose more than you gain.

Best PvP Hero Pairings

Guide by XiGua Tu

Infantry Combos

Garwood & Madeline

  • The strongest shield, perfectly absorbing the fire and holding the enemy army, exists like a nightmare for cavalry, the immortal cockroach on the battlefield.
  • For garrison, field battle, rally

garwood Garwood with the effect of treatment and injury reduction makes him have strong toughness and high defense, with outstanding performance in survivability.

madeline Madeline‘s shield effect provides an extremely strong defense in complex environments. these two hero combos look like the mutual balance between raw iron and wrought iron, making the perfect steel.

At the same time, Garwood’s first skill treatment & injury reduction ability with Madeline’s fourth skill of injury reduction with residual blood and splash damage can make this combo an amazing survival ability and explosive effect at low blood levels.

If you have a combo of Garwood and Madeline, please don’t try to waste your firepower on them.

Madeline & Nika

  • Both offensive and defensive, injury splash, kill with residual blood
  • For open-field battle/rally/garrison, etc. (cause the strong killing ability for the enemy field forces when in rally and garrison, especially enhance this ability when in low HP level. )

The shiniest part of madeline Madeline and nika Nika lies in the 35% improvement of the counterattack damage.

Meanwhile, Madeline’s AoE damage to Solan’s Sword is enhanced by Nika’s fourth skill, which is more like the mutual combination of general attack and skill damage.

This combo is capable of both attack and defense but is more focused on attacking and spread of damage. I’d like to call it the Shield of Thorns Combo.

Garwood & Eliana

  • Strong survival ability and high defense ability
  • Open-field battle/garrison

This combo can be used as a small tank combo, and the survival ability is quite good. garwood Garwood‘s healing skill, together with eliana Eliana‘s awakening skill, brings out a cycle effect, which uninterruptedly triggers Garwood’s fourth skill.

Furthermore, Garwood’s third skill could also enhance the treatment effect of this combo.

Eliana’s defensive ability (30% buff) and the general attack, as well as injury reduction, work together to bring this combo an impressive tank.

However, this combo is very weak in the damage output, it is only served as the restraining force to protect the backline.

Barkaha & Nika

  • Skill enhancement and killing effect with low HP.
  • used for the field battle

For the Infantry combo with double skills, the bakhar Bakhar’s first skill has a very good increase effect on nika Nika’s first skill.

The output is greatly improved, but the viability decrease to a large extent.

It served as the infantry field.

Cavalry Combos

Baksi & Emrys

  • High mobility and skill damage, excellent for farming Darklings.
  • Open-field battle/ rally

emrys Emrys has strong output skills, with quick rage recovery and high mobility to use, he is able to pose a threat on the enemy’s back but he is too fragile by himself.

The appearance of bakshi Bakshi greatly alleviates the weakness of Emrys and enhances the damage for the Dark creatures.

It is worth noticing that the skill damage is greatly enhanced when Bakshi is the primary commander, and when Emlis is the primary commander, the mobility is very extremely good.

Alistair & Emrys / Bakshi & Alistair

  • High mobility, strong damage capacity / both offensive and defensive
  • open-field battle/rally

alistairAlistair & emrysEmrys is very similar to the simple version of bakshi Bakshi & alistair Alistair, what makes it different is that this combo has some special advantages in the rally.

The second combo belongs to the heavy cavalry with strong viability, but the mobility show a slightly decreased.

Archer Combos

Nico & Gwanwyn / Nico & Kregg

  • High out burst damage, armor damage, engineering blasting, and construction.
  • Open-field battle/construction

nico Nico’s first skill enhances that of the adjutant, which brings benefits to the allies. As the single hero with the strongest damage output, gwanwyn Gwanwyn is the secondary purple hero with perfect compatibility.

The difference is that when working with Gwanwyn, we foucus on DOT damage. However, the explosive damage is strengthened with kregg Kregg, which is also the most suitable combo for the Engineering

Nico & Hosk

  • Offensive and defensive, increase damage through the critical hit rate
  • Used in an open-field battle

As a versatile man, hosk Hosk helps Nika greatly improve his general attack ability as an adjutant and helps nicoNico to strengthen his survival ability, as well as the killing ability while as a commander. Both heroes have buffs that trigger the critical hit rate of Hosk’s awakening skill.

Kregg & Atheus

  • Cross-terrain, special operations, high mobility
  • Harass/sneak attacks behind enemy lines

In fact, the compatibility of kregg Kregg & atheus Atheus is not very strong, nor is well matched. But they can fly. Yes, the strangest thing about this combo is that it can work with flying units for special operations across the terrain, which makes them quite valuable and functional.

Mage Combos

Liliya & Waldry

  • Powerful killing, debuff benefit reduction
  • Open-field battles

As loyal fans of Song of Ice and Fire, liliya Liliya & waldyr Waldyr conduct a perfect long-range bombing for the enemy, which is the core output of a battle.

Liliya & Alwyn

  • Enhance DOT damage, and control the effect
  • Open-field battle

When liliya Liliya releases the burning effect, the damage from alwyn Alwyn’s awakening skill can be greatly increased, thus strengthening the ability for DOT damage.

Liliya & Atheus

  • Rapid skill release & Mobility
  • Open-field battle

atheus Atheus‘ skill 2 with liliya Liliya‘s talent skill rapidly releases the skills, while allowing the slow mage to have some mobility.

Venturing into Call of Dragons’ battlefields requires a keen understanding of hero synergies, tactics, and the dynamics of each encounter.

Whether you aim to dominate in large-scale open-field skirmishes, lead powerful rallies, or specialize in other strategic endeavors, the hero pairings you choose can make or break your success.

Your journey to becoming a true legend in Call of Dragons is marked by adaptability, experimentation, and an unwavering pursuit of mastery.

With these hero pairing insights, you’re well-equipped to navigate the challenges, seize the opportunities, and etch your name into the annals of Call of Dragons history.

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