What is The Best Faction in Call of Dragons?

If you are new to the game Call of Dragons and are wondering “what is the best faction to pick?”, this guide is for you.

We have three factions: Spring Wardens, League of Order, and Wilderberg.

Spring Wardens are elves, League of Order are humans, and Wilderberg is orcs.

Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing a suitable faction for everyone is not an easy task at all.

league of order faction

Best Starting Faction in Call of Dragons

Once you reach level 10, you can switch factions with an in-game item.

I recommend choosing League of Order just for the overall gathering speed buff. I also suggest using waldyr Waldyr as your main hero.

In the early game, combat is not for most players, and many players focus on just growing. League of Order gives you a better chance to do that.

If you don’t want to go with League of Order, Spring Wardens can be useful as well, providing healing speed (5%).

However, if you’re interested in combat, Wilderberg may not be the best choice as the destruction engineering is not that helpful as there are not a lot of wars. Their physical attack is okay, but there’s not a lot of PVP.

Starting Heroes

Springwarden‘s starting hero is gwanwyn Gwanwyn, and you’ll get Marksman, Peacekeeping, and Precision attributes from her. She is a great choice for PvE.

The marksmen tree boosts her archery skills and her troops’ speed and attack. The peacekeeping tree gives her an edge against darklings and dark creatures. The precision tree is my personal favorite because it enhances her normal and counterattacks, making her a formidable single-target damage dealer.

As an archer hero, Gwanwyn can dish out a lot of damage, but she is also very fragile and needs protection from other units. She is like a glass cannon: powerful but vulnerable.

The League of Order‘s starting hero is waldyr Waldyr, is a great choice for any player.

He has access to the Magic Tree which grants him powerful magic units for long-range attacks, the PvP Tree for attacking other players in the field, and the Skill Tree which increases the effectiveness of his rage skills.

In combats that we’ve seen so far, magic units have been the most successful. With the way barricades work, they can easily take out melee enemies before they can ever get close enough. However, the only downside is that they are slow, so if you over-extend with them, you can easily be swarmed.

The Wilderburg has bakhar Bakhar as a starting hero and he is an Infantry/Garrison/Skills hero. He is not the best option for those seeking combat, but they’re worth considering for their unique units.

Bakhar isn’t a great starting hero. You won’t get a lot of benefits from a Garrison hero like him because there are a lot of players who spend a lot of money in the game and they are going to invest in much better Heroes than Bakhar. You will most likely use him in open field but you can use him to protect your city as well.

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What’s the best overall faction?

League of Order is the best-starting faction because you can get Waldyr and the biggest bonus, Overall Gather Speed. The Workhorses also give you more Capacity to farm much faster and better.

League of Order is excellent for farm accounts.

But honestly, Springwardens is also great as you are going to get more healing per day for fighting those Behemoths. You also get faster march speed, as well as the Gwanwyn, which is a great peacekeeping hero that deals a ton of damage.

wilderburg faction

Faction for the Late stage of the game

Moving to the later stage of the game, you should be focusing on what your role is.

Special units really take effect in your open-field combat!

When it comes to rallying it may be a little bit different in how you approach it in comparison to the open field because different unit types will join your rally in most cases.

You must figure out your role before choosing the correct faction: Cavalry, Infantry, Marksman, Flying, or all at the same time.

In the late stage, I would really recommend that you look into Wilderburg because you are doing a lot of combats, and Legion’s physical attack damage does help out significantly.

Wilderberg will actually be good for those who are Spenders in the game that are leading rallies and leading Garrison defense because you’re getting that extra 3% physical attack that will benefit any type of unit.

The only thing that I find very different is the flying unit damage.

  • Spring: Physical
  • League of Order: Magic
  • Wilderburg: Physical with higher HP and Skill Damage

Also, do note that whenever you do rally for Cavalry, It doesn’t even matter if your Springwarden has range because the rally is close combat.

Overall, I would say a late-game faction would be really good for Wilderburg. Next is the Springwarden for the healing and march speed buff.


Whenever you are in big combats, you will definitely see barricades slowing you down, and having an extra 5% either can allow you to evade or charge in.

League of Order should be the third choice in the late stages of the game. You will probably have a farm account and it’s going to supply your resources every week with League of Order. The Magic Legion DEF is not really useful at the moment as many of the range combats do physical damage so you’re not really going to benefit a lot.

The Basic Information of Each Faction



The Springwardens are the elf faction, with gwanwyn Gwanwyn as their starting hero.

This faction has a wide range of troop types, from the medium-ranged Archers to the long-range magic-wielding Longleaf Treants. The faction also has access to the Work Elk, which are used to gather resources, and the Elk Riders, a cavalry unit with a melee attack. The special unit type of the Springwardens is the Forest Eagle, a flying unit with a melee attack.

The faction bonus of the Springwardens increases March Speed by 5% and Heal Speed by 10%, respectively. This bonus can be especially effective in open-field battles, as it allows armies to move and recuperate faster.

league of order

League of Order

This is the human faction, with waldyr Waldyr as its starting hero.

Comprising of Vestals, Swordsmen, Ballistas, Workhorses and Knights, their troop types offer varied capabilities. The magical Vestals boast an impressive long range attack distance, Swordsmen are infantry units, using a melee attack, Ballistas are archers with medium range attack and Workhorses are the resource-gathering unit. The Knight cavalry unit brings a powerful melee attack to the faction and the special Celestial unit offers a flying capability as well as a long attack range.

League of Order bonuses bolster the faction’s strength even further. Legion Magic Defense +3% boost, and Overall Gather Speed +10%.

With Magic units being so powerful right now, that defensive boost is a great advantage. The 10% speed boost to the gathering will also be a great help when building, researching technologies, and training troops – these resources are essential during the early stages of the game.



Wilderburg is the Orc faction, with bakhar Bakhar as their starting hero.

The many unit types include Axemen, infantry with a melee attack; Spearmen, archers with a medium range attack; Satyr mages, wielding magical attacks from a long distance; Workrhinos, sturdy transportation units used to gather resources; and the powerful Wolfriders, cavalry with a melee attack. Their special unit, the Wyvern Riders, are flying archers with a medium-range attack.

The faction bonuses of Wilderburg are Legion Physical Attack +3% and Destruction Engineering +10%. These make them great for taking and controlling territory. Destruction engineering can be used when destroying structures of enemy alliances, like towers and fortresses, while the physical attack bonus applies to all unit types, making them adaptable in any situation.

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However, if you’re interested in combat, Wilderberg may not be the best choice as the destruction engineering is not that helpful as there are not a lot of wars. Their physical attack is okay, but there’s not a lot of PVP.”

Should play on my server, then. I keep seeing alliances form (especially from the big whale super family), get territory into the 30’s or higher within a week, then by the end of the week, they’re gone, typically destroyed by one of their so called “family” or “ally” alliances. And if not that, players that nearly have everything maxed out though our server is still early in season 1, go around hitting us much, much smaller free players to try and keep us from doing anything.