How to Create Farm Accounts in Call of Dragons

Call of Dragons is a well-liked mobile strategy game that tasks players with building and upgrading their own city and army.

To progress fast, you’ll need to gather a lot of resources, more than average players.

As you advance, you’ll need to develop a strategy that allows you to gather resources as efficiently as possible to take your account to the next level.

One of the most effective methods is to create a farm account.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a farm account in Call of Dragons, explain the advantages of having one, and provide tips on how to maximize your farming efforts.

By following the steps outlined here, you’ll be able to significantly boost your resource farming, making it easier to progress in the game and achieve victory.

Call of Dragons farm account

What is a Call of Dragons farm account?

A farm account is an additional account that you can create to speed up the development of your primary account by collecting more resources.

You can utilize the resources that you’ve collected through your farm accounts to upgrade your buildings, and units, and purchase more items.

By having multiple farm accounts, you can accumulate a greater amount of resources in a faster amount of time that can be utilized to improve and grow your primary account.

Advantages of having farm accounts

The primary advantage of creating a farm account is the ability to gather a larger quantity of resources compared to what is available on your main account, and in a shorter amount of time.

Additionally, having a farm account allows you to occupy multiple high-level resource points on the map, which can be scarce, particularly for the resources that are more challenging to accumulate.

Moreover, with the aid of multiple farm accounts, you can form your own alliance of farm accounts.

By doing so, you and your allies can collect resources more rapidly, leading to faster growth and development for all involved.

How to create a farm account in Call of Dragons

The first approach involved creating a new game character which enabled players to have two characters on the same server.

However, currently, players are restricted to only one character per server.

However, we have got you covered with this trick:

  1. Download Call of Dragons PC and log in with your primary account.
  2. Create a new instance (Ctrl + Shift + 8) by cloning your current one and creating a new Call of Dragons account in your same server with it.
  3. Create as many instances as you wish.

To create a new account and save its progression, you’ll need to provide a new email address, or a new Facebook or Google account.

Make sure to take note of the server number and the coordinates of your primary account’s location on the map. This information will be useful when relocating your new account close to your primary account.

How to relocate farm account

After upgrading your farm account to level 4 in Call of Dragons, you have two options for joining or creating an alliance.

The first option is to pay the 1,500 Gems fee and create your own alliance.

The second option is to join the same alliance with both your main and farm accounts, provided the alliance has enough available spots and doesn’t require an application or minimum power requirement.

By joining or creating an alliance, you can work with other players to collect resources more efficiently and participate in alliance events. This can help you level up faster and strengthen your city.

So, choose the option that best suits your gaming strategy and resources.

Creating your farm alliance

If you choose to create your own alliance with your farm account, it’s important to relocate your farm account to the same region as your main account.

This is because alliances are region-specific and being in the same region will allow you to work together with your farm account to grow a strong alliance.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that creating and maintaining a successful alliance requires a lot of time and effort. If you’re not able to dedicate enough time and resources to grow a strong alliance, it can become vulnerable to attacks from stronger alliances.

Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider whether creating your own alliance is the right choice for you and your gaming strategy.

Use 2 accounts to join the same alliance

We recommend this method if you’re new to leading an alliance. You have two options:

  1. Keep your main account in the same alliance. If your current alliance has spots available and doesn’t require an application, you can join and relocate your farm account to the same region.
  2. Join both accounts in a new alliance. If there are no available spots or if the alliance requires an application, you can leave your current alliance (or temporarily until you transfer your resources) and join the same new alliance with both your main and farm account.

Once your farm account is created and relocated, you can easily switch between your main and farm account(s) by clicking “Switch Accounts” as described above or use the PC version of the game to play multiple accounts at once.

How to get resources from Farm Account

There are two methods to acquire resources from your farm accounts: through Alliance Market or by repeatedly attacking or raiding with your main account. Below, we’ll explain both methods.

1. The Raiding Method

The biggest advantage of this method is that it allows you to obtain resources before reaching level 13, which is required for Alliance Market. Additionally, you receive Merits that can be used to buy different items in the Merits store.

The main disadvantage is that the accounts must be in different Alliances (or one must leave). The healing cost of your farm account’s troops, as well as the resource tax, can also be expensive.

alliance market building

2. The Alliance Market method

This is the best “friendly” method of acquiring resources from your farm accounts. You don’t have to worry about healing your troops, and you can also focus on improving the defense of your farm account to make it difficult for other players to raid it.

The biggest disadvantage of this method is that it takes time. You have to reach level 13 to access and level up the Alliance Market, so you can benefit from a lower tax. Also, there is a limited number of resources that can be transferred per week.

transferring loot

How to maximize farming speed with the alt accounts

To make the most of your farming efforts in Call of Dragons, follow these tips:

  1. Choose the League of Order Faction If you’re looking to farm resources, it is the best faction. It provides a 10% bonus to gather speed, meaning you’ll collect resources faster.
  2. Rename your farm account Rename your farm account to something recognizable, such as “username mini01, username mini02, etc.” to avoid confusion with other players and prevent potential raids.
  3. Focus on the Economy Tech Tree: To maximize your resource-gathering speed, load capacity, and production, focus on researching as much of the Economy Tech Tree as possible.
  4. Train and use transport units: Transport units like Workhorses have the largest load capacity and should be your focus for gathering resources. Don’t upgrade their tier level, as tier 1 units have the largest load capacity.
  5. Recruit and level up Gather-talented heroes: Heroes with the Gather talent can significantly increase the speed of gathering resources. Equip them with the best Artifacts designed for gathering.
  6. Level up the Alliance Market: The Alliance Market allows you to transfer resources between accounts, but at a cost. Level up the building to reduce the tax percentage.
  7. Upgrade resource production buildings: Resource buildings like the Mint, Lumber Mill, Foundry, and Mana Refinery continuously produce resources for your city. Upgrade these buildings to increase the number of resources they generate.
  8. Transfer unprotected resources: Before upgrading your farm account’s buildings, transfer all unprotected resources to your main account. Otherwise, they will be used and cannot be transferred.
  9. Do not upgrade the Storehouse too much: Upgrading the Storehouse increases resource protection, making larger amounts of resources protected from raiding or transfers. Avoid upgrading it to maximize your farming efforts.
  10. Get the Alliance Title for farming faster If you can.
  11. Play Call of Dragons on PC to be able to play multiple farm accounts at once.
Workhorses have the highest amount of capacity for farming

Farm Account FAQ

How many farm accounts you can have in Call of Dragons?

There’s no set limit, but remember that the more accounts you have, the more time and effort you’ll need to invest in farming.

When should you create a farm account?

As soon as possible! If you feel like you need more resources, it’s time to start farming.

How to transfer resources from my farm accounts to the main account in Call of Dragons?

The Alliance Market is your best bet, but you’ll need to upgrade both accounts to at least level 13 to use it.

Are farm accounts allowed in Call of Dragons?

Absolutely! They’re a great way to collect resources quickly, helping you build and upgrade your main city faster.

Should I have a farm account in Call of Dragons?

As mentioned, the primary goal is resource collection, which can be done much more efficiently through a dedicated account.

What is the best faction for farm account?

If you’re looking for the best faction to use for your farm account, the League of Order (humans) is the way to go. They offer a 10% Gather Speed bonus that can make a big difference in your farming productivity.

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