How to Level Up Heroes Fast

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Gaining levels with your heroes in Call of Dragons is key for every player as it opens up talent tree options and lets your hero take more troops into battle.

Every level you gain strengthens your hero and increases their power.

Unfortunately, each season reset decreases your hero’s level to 1 again, making frequent leveling up essential.

level up heroes in Call of Dragons

In this guide, we examine the most efficient ways of leveling your hero up quickly in order to stay on the winning side of the battle.

The quickest route to take your heroes higher in Call of Dragons is by taking down Darkling Forts, Darkling Patrols and Creatures, leveling up your Honor/VIP, being part of a whale alliance, and paticipating in events.

You cannot buy Hero XP to exponentially increase your level for Your Heroes in Call of Dragons. This is for controlling the whales in Call of Dragons, to avoid them from just buying out a ton of the XP and getting the heroes level to 60.

Why do I Need to Level Up Heroes in Call of Dragons?

The reason why you need to increase your XP for your Heroes is to work on your talent trees.

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The talent tree is very important; it will give you buffs for your Heroes. For example, If you are working on a Gatherer Hero, it will allow you to gather resources faster.

When you do a PVP combat in Call of Dragons, there is a limitation regarding the 💧 Stamina. Every time your Hero comes out of your city and goes back, you will be consuming 10 stamina per action for that, and destroying enemy buildings will also gradually consume stamina as well.

You have to wait for the Stamina to regenerate.

So, by working on all of your Heroes, if your stamina is run out on one of your Heroes, you still have the others available as well.

Level up your heroes to have more usability for all of them.

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How to Level Up Heroes Fast in Call of Dragons

Redeem Gift Codes

You will get a lot of huge initial boosts by just redeeming Call of Dragons codes. You’ll gain EXP, valuable items, as well as gems and resources. There is always something in it for everyone!

This makes it a great game to get involved in anytime, so why not give it a go?

Gaining XP by Farming

You can also get hero XP from farming.

Gatherers have a talent tree called Earth’s Grace which could help you farm a ton of XP while you are going offline from just farming.

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level up by farming resources

Use your gatherers as the primary of the dispatch, while having the others that you want to level up as the secondary hero of the Legion.

For example, Kella and Chaka are the main heroes, farming and giving XP for Bakhar and Gwanwyn as well.

Change the secondary heroes as you want to level up the others as well when you need to use them for the other specific jobs, or when they are maxed out.

farming Acolytes in Call of Dragons

Defeating Darklings

The first way to get some XP is to defeat the creatures that you see outside of your base.

Darkling patrols will provide more hero XP; this is definitely the way if you are looking for hero XP. but if you do defeat the dark creatures, you are going to get more arcane dust Arcane Dust for upgrading Artifacts.

Every time you defeat them, not just that, you’re also going to get some tactic manual Tactic Manuals, some training speedups, and resources.

Don’t forget to team up with your Alliance members to farm Acolytes as well.

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darkling fort

Destroying Darkling Forts

Darkling Forts are another great way to level up your heroes due to the high amount of experience points that you get from the tactic manual Tactic Manuals, alongside the other rewards as well.

Not only that but additional rewards like the treaty Treaty to upgrade your Rally Building can only be found by destroying Forts.

Asking the strong members of your Alliance to start the Rally on Darkling Forts helps free-to-play players a lot. Winning is guaranteed.

Raid Behemoths

Level up your heroes by joining with Alliance to defeat Behemoth Units! Defeating them grants XP and a ton of other rewards like arcane dust Arcane Dust and prestige Prestige while no Command Points are required.

dragon trail rewards

Dragon Trail

The Dragon Trail will give you hero XP through the Tactics Manual; you earn this per hour, so you want to get to the highest possible level here.

Remember, these tactics manuals will be reset after the season ends, so knowing all these steps to get the tactic manuals will be very helpful for you because, once the season ends, you can get them again during the same process and you can level up your Heroes fast.

Complete events and daily quests

Call of Dragons offers plenty of events to participate in, and most of them offer the XP books.

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Thus, make sure to complete all open events, as the rewards extend beyond experience; you’ll receive other super rare items to skyrocket the account progression.

Increase Honor/VIP level

Gaining an Honor/VIP level will not grant you hero EXP directly, but it will give you an abundance of Command Points as well as other buffs for the combats such as training speed, Legion ATK/DEF, etc.

Armed with more Command Points, you’ll be able to farm more Darklings which in turn will earn you experience.

Research your Technology & Policy

Researching technology is a must as you will eventually have to get T5 units.

Digging deeper into tech will boost unit strength, allowing you to challenge tougher enemies for more experience.

In addition, certain technology can increase the rate of command point recovery and cap, which will allow you to fight the Darkling forces more frequently.

Also, increase your potential to get more XP through the Policies. As you perform your Dragon Trails, you get more prestige Prestige. You can then consume prestige Prestige into the War Studies, which is going to give you a hero XP bonus at 12.5% in total.

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So, working onto your policies is definitely something that you should be doing early on in the game as the season starts.

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