Call of Dragons Season 1 Map & Guide

This page contains everything you need to know about the Call of Dragons Season 1: Map, best tactics, and strategies to win.

Guide by watermelon rabbit.

Call of Dragons Season 1 Map

Season 1 Map and Process

The S1 season map is made up of 11 regions, of which A represents level 1 with a total of 7 areas, B stands for level 2 with a total of 3 areas, and C stands for level 3, the ultimate area on the map.

  • Game Stage 1: In the beginning, players are randomly assigned to an area in the A region and can only explore the fog within that area.
  • Game Stage 2: As the game progresses, all fog in the A region will be revealed, and the seven level 1 passes in the A region will be opened, triggering the first battles between different sides.
  • Game Stage 3: The fog detection in Area B will be opened, and then all level 2 passes in the A region will be opened. The surviving alliances will then enter Area B for cross-area battles.
  • Game Stage 4: The fog detection in Area C will be opened, and then all level 3 passes in the A region will be opened. The surviving alliances will then enter Area C for cross-area battles.

Throughout the game, the passes become the most important objective to compete for because they are the only way to progress from area A to area C.

The fight for level 1 passes requires both defense and invasion. As area A has both level 1 and level 2 passes, it is necessary to consider whether to preserve your own land or invade others when entering the second stage.

After entering level 2 passes, you will face a brutal three-way battle. Defense or Attack, your choice!

If your alliance is lucky enough to enter area B, congratulations, you qualify for area C. But at the same time, you will face a final bloody battle because only the strongest alliances survive.

The battle will be like hell.

Call of Dragons map wonders

Contents of Call of Dragons Season 1 Map

During the process of exploring the fog, various structures, materials, giant beasts, and monsters will appear on the map.


Structures consist of villages, caves, lighthouses, wonders, and more.

Call of Dragons Village

Villages trigger various plots, helping you obtain resources and decode small stories, with the best reward being the treasure map.

Caves trigger a card game in which 4 cards are shuffled, and you must choose the card with the highest reward, which is a challenging test for your eyesight.

The Lighthouse is a prop building used to clear the fog, but there is only one in each area.

The wonder is the most beautiful and magnificent building in the game, and exploring it can yield many rare rewards.


Behemoths are the core of the game, as successfully captured giants will be released to fight for the alliance in the battlefield.

To capture a giant beast, the entire alliance must participate, and the challenge of the giant beast starts by bordering their lair through the alliance territory.

Successful challenges result in corresponding rewards.

Captured giant beasts can be cultivated in the alliance interface to enhance their abilities.

Alliances can capture various giant beasts, such as bears, giants, and even legendary dragons.

Darkling Creatures

There are three kinds of wild monsters and wild forts on the map: Darkling creatures, Darkling Patrols and Forts.

Darkling Patrols offer more EXP, while Darklking Creatures offer more Durst for upgrading artifacts.

Darkling forts help you obtain the materials needed to upgrade the rally beacon, which determines the size of the rally you launch.

Call of Dragons Season 1 Map Tactics

Tactical Combats for Season 1

When the blue side marches into the red side’s territory from level 1, the red side can lure the enemy to the canyon area (shown in the yellow circle).

They could utilize the narrow terrain of the canyon to concentrate their forces here and block the marching route from the blue side.

At the same time, the red side can send another group of long-range troops to the high ground to rain down fire on the blue side forces blocked inside the canyon.

If the blue side insists on marching forward, they will suffer heavy losses.

At this point, the blue side has only two options: either seize the high ground or retreat. Of course, it is up to the leader to decide whether to arrange tactics based on the terrain or not to consider anything at all.

I think there are various tactical masters who should emerge from this, and perhaps you will become a future tactical master soon.

Call of Dragons map Terrain

Map Terrains

The terrain is complex, with mountains, rivers, highlands, bridges, and more. These different terrains will have many effects on the battlefield, which can be used to evolve many tactical methods.

There are 5 types of soldiers: cavalry, infantry, marksman, mages, and flying units.

When encountering special terrain, the advantages of various soldiers are magnified to varying degrees.

unit advantage system

For example, when fighting on open plains, the advantage of cavalry is most obvious because they have the most maneuverability, which enables them to easily threaten the archers and mages from the enemy’s back.

When fighting on narrow bridges, infantry in the front and archers in the back can resist the attack from cavalry, forming a situation where one person guarding the pass can stop ten thousand from getting through.

In the case of numerous mountains or rivers, flying units can make use of their advantage of crossing terrain to attack the enemy.

While flying units can be attacked by melee units, infantry and cavalry cannot climb up the mountains and cross the rivers, which brings out the advantages of flying units.

Call of Dragons Season 1

Call of Dragons Season 1: Burning Stars and Dragon Calls

Though the gods are long gone, their legends live on.

Tamaris-the ancient land sustained by the World Tree’s splendor-is home to many strange and wondrous creatures.

The Elves sing odes upon the banks of their streams, the Orcs hunt game through the mountains and rivers, the Humans till the fields of the plains… all races multiplied and spread across Tamaris, but many long years of conflict followed.

But prophecies speak of total destruction. Darkness, emerging from the depths of the sea, casts a shadow upon the land.

In the year 1196, the call of dragons shook the land, and the people of Tamaris at last recognized their common enemy.

Burning stars have fallen; the dragons have awoken. The foul Darklings have invaded, bent on plunging the land into eternal darkness.

In this moment of catastrophe, three factions-Wilderburg, the Springwardens, and the League of Order-have vowed to put aside their old grudges and come together to take back their homeland. Warrior, destiny has chosen you. Anthems of war resound across Tamaris. Quell the dragons’ raging flames, uncover the secrets of the darkness, and restore light to the world!

Season 1 Progress

phase 1

Phase 1

Defeat and purify Behemoths across Tamaris to free them from Manastone’s curse and fight alongside them.

phase 2

Phase 2

Recapture Passes from the Darklings, and advance towards the center of Tamaris.

phase 3

Phase 3

Defeat Firamar the Firedancer, the Red Dragon who lies at the heart of the continent, rid Tamaris of darkness, and prepare to head toward a new land.

Call of Dragons Season Reset

When the current season ends, the fight against the darkness will live on as you head toward a new realm. The following content from this Season will be reset:

  • Hero Level
  • Tactics Manuals
  • CP Items
  • Artifact Levels
  • Arcane Dust
  • Policies
  • Prestige
  • Merits
  • Legion Medical Supplies
Call of Dragons Season Reset Items

When the new Season starts, all of the previous Season’s Alliances will be disbanded. In this new land, Lords may seek out new allies and form powerful Alliances.

Alliance names and abbreviations will be reserved for 7 days following the beginning of the new Season. During this time, Alliance Leaders from the previous Season have the exclusive right to use their former names and abbreviations when forming new Alliances.

Season 1 Features



Be it the Wolf Shrine of the icy north, the Springwardens’ sacred spring of Ffynon, the still-burning Witherheath, or the unassailable Whitewing Peak, the Wonders of Tamaris have played monumental roles in faith, origin, myth, and war. Much has been written about these Wonders in days gone by, but these texts have been lost to time. Now you must explore far and wide to cotLect these Songs and piece together their long-lost stories.



Passes make best use of the terrain, and are designed to be unbreachable. If you wish move to another Region, you will have to seize Passes that block your path. To seize a Pass, you must own adjoining territory and defeat the defenders guarding the Pass.



No matter the era, life goes on in the countless Villages across Tamaris. Whether it’s raucous Orcs toasting their clan’s past victories in the mead hall, frolicking Elves bounding through the forest, or Halfling peddlers singing pithy songs as they wander from street to street, life finds a way even in the midst of a terrible conflict. These Villages often hold special events. If you visit them, you may receive a gift in return.

phase 1


The giant beasts that inhabit Tamaris have become cursed by Manastone, turning them into monstrous Behemoths. The Manastone has infected both their body and spirit, and they guard their territory viciously. Working together with Alliance Members to defeat and purify the Behemoths will not only grant you powerful buffs, it will also turn the Behemoths into powerful allies for your future battles.


Darkling Patrols

The vanguard of the Darklings, Darkling Patrols first landed on the shores of Tamaris during the Night of Burning Stars and have since spread across the realm. Patrol levels are based on their strength. Defeating higher-level Patrols yields greater rewards.

dark creatures

Dark Creatures

Dark Creatures are the original inhabitants of this continent who live in the wild. They are now under the control of the Darklings. They usually have powerful special abilities, so be careful!

darkling guards

Darkling Guards

Darkling Guards jealously protect Dark Chests, containing all the strategic resources they have managed to loot from the realm. Guards will actively attack any Legion that approaches their Chest. You must defeat all nearby Darkling Guards and spend Dark Keys before you can open a Dark Chest. After defeating a certain number of Darkling Patrols and Dark Creatures, Dark Keys can be claimed from Daily Challenges.

darkling forts

Darkling Forts

Darkling Forts are vital Strongholds, occupied at all times by a massive number of Darkling Legions. These Darkling garrisons remain constantly vigilant and ready for battle. In the face of such overwhelming opposition, a hasty assault will lead to naught but failure. Your best bet is to strategize with Alliance Members and launch a Rally Attack on the Fort.

Season 1 Rewards

You must wait for other Servers to finish their fight before the Season Summary can begin and you can move on to the next Season together. At the start of the next Season, rewards will be given to all Lords who reached City Level 16 this Season, and to all Lords who belong to Alliances.

In Season 2, you will forge new Alliances with Lords from neighboring Servers in order to stand against the challenges to come.

call of dragons season 1 rewards
The rewards for normal players. If you are officers and leaders, the rewards are x2 and x4 better.

Season Grades

Once the Season has reached the designated Phase, the Season Summary will commence as follows:

  1. The Season Summary for each Season will only be shown once the Season has reached the designated Phase.
  2. Season Performance for all players will be recorded in the Season Summary. Once the Season Summary has been released, any actions you take will not affect your results for this Season.
  3. Players will receive different Season Grades in the Season Summary depending on which requirements they have completed. The three Season Grades (from highest to lowest) are Anointed, Conqueror, and Enduring, You can only claim rewards belonging to your specific Grade.
  4. Only Lords whose Cities reach Level 16 can claim Season Rewards.
  5. Only players who are members of an Alliance at the time of the Season Summary can receive Anointed and Conqueror Grades.
Call of Dragons Crystal Store

Crystal Store

Players will receive Yggdra Crystals according to their Season Performance. When the next Season begins, Yggdra Crystals can be used to purchase items from the Crystal Store.

  1. Your Season Performance is determined by your Merits, number of dead units, number of Darklings/Dark Creatures defeated, and participation in building and removing Alliance Buildings, The better your Season Performance, the more Yggdra Crystals you will receive.
  2. The Crystal Store stocks both Limited and Common items. Only 1 Limited item can be purchased, while Common items have no purchase limit.
  3. The Crystal Store opens for 7 days at the beginning of the next Season (not including Season 1). Remember to make use of it before it closes!
Call of Dragons artifact rewards season 1

Artifact Compendium

After the Season Summary, you will receive a Season Grade according to your Season Performance, and be given access to your Grade’s corresponding Season Artifact Compendium.

  1. You can only draw from the Season Artifact Compendium belonging to your Grade.
  2. You may draw from the Season Artifact Compendium up to 20 times.
  3. The Compendium Store opens for 7 days at the beginning of the next Season (not including Season 1). Remember to make use of it before it closes!
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