Update 1.0.20 “Hearts of Ice”

My Lord, Oh boy! Have I got news for you! Remember that you heard it first from the one and only Kella, the smartest and bravest trader in all of Tamaris AND Belleron!

Version 1.0.20 “Hearts of Ice” will be released on (UTC 2023/11/15) . Make sure you go grab it as soon as you can!

As always, I noted down all the new content myself. Looks like it’s gonna be a real barnstormer! Don’t miss your chance to make a fortune… I mean, to save the world!

Update Summary:

  • Mysterious Spires have appeared across the map. Spire are powerful ancient defensive structures scattered across the realm, which can help occupiers to launch devastating attacks against enemies in their territory.
  • You can now build Turrets. Turrets will automatically attack enemies within range.
  • 2 New Legendary Wilderberg Heroes; Skogul and Goresh.
  • Artifact Spiritbone Torc (Infantry, PvP, Control): Taunt 5 nearby enemies for 3s.
  • New pet: Night Roc
  • Heroes can now gain EXP after level 50 from farming Darklings.
  • All players/Legions share the same full amount of EXP when attacking the same Darlking.
  • Amount of EXP required to level up heroes in season 1 is reduced.
  • When season 2 starts, If hero level is below 30, their levels will stay the same. Heroes with level > 30 will get reset to 30.
  • Dragon Trail levels and difficulty will not be reset.
  • Arcane Dust will not be reset.
  • Before the season ends, the Alliance Leader can choose an Affiliated Region. Alliance will not be disbanded when the new season starts.
  • The Resurgence feature can only be used for the first 7 days of Season 2 and will be opened again after the final Augurstone stage.
  • Behemoth Raids: You can now take part in a brand-new cross-server event.
  • Dragon Trail no longer grants Prestige. However, you can gain Prestige by defeating Darklings, Story Quests, and other activities.
  • No combat section added to the map.
  • Pet respawn time is now shorter.

Season 2+ “Hearts of Ice” is coming!

After completing Season 2, players will begin a whole new Season filled with new surprises and challenges!

1) The terrain of Belleron has changed, making exploring the land an even more exciting experience.

2) Mysterious Spires have appeared across the map. Spire are powerful ancient defensive structures scattered across the realm, which can help occupiers to launch devastating attacks against enemies in their territory.

3) You can now build Turrets. Turrets will automatically attack enemies within range.

4) The Policies system has been carefully redesigned to provide greater strategic depth.

A Smoother Route to Prosperity!

1) New Legendary Heroes: Added two Legendary Heroes: Skogul (Infantry, PvP, Tank) and Goresh (Infantry, Rally, Precision). Skogul can be recruited from the Lucky Spin and Wheel of Destiny events, while Goresh can be recruited from the Wheel of Destiny and Strongest Lord events.

2) New Legendary Artifact: The new Legendary Artifact Spiritbone Torc (Infantry, PvP, Control) is now available from Artifact Compendiums in the Forge of Light and Riches of the Forest events.

3) New Beast: The mysterious Night Roc haunts the shadows, waiting for the right time to strike. You can now fight it and purify it to make it your War Pet!

4) New Wonder: New Wonder: The Mines of Kalon, the largest mine in the Dwarven Kingdom, and battlefield of the War of the Last Snows. Uncover its story now!

5) Dragon Trail Improvements:

  • Reduced the difficulty of Dragon Trail Stages 61-80 in Season 1.
  • The currency used to buy items in the Trail Store has been renamed from Dragonglass to Trail Coins.
  • Adjusted Hero EXP gained for completing Dragon Trail stages in Season 1, and changed the number of Trail Coins obtained from certain Stages (no change to overall rewards).
  • Dragon Trail no longer grants Prestige. However, you can gain Prestige by defeating Darklings and Dark Creatures, donating Alliance Tech, and by purchasing it from the Merits Store. The Quick Loot feature has also been removed from Dragon Trail.

6) War Pet Gameplay Improvements:

  • Changed the amount of EXP needed to level up your War Pet from Level 53-60, making the process easier.
  • Improved War Pet Skill descriptions. Descriptions will now show numerical values for Skills after factoring in attributes and buffs from other Skills.
  • Added a new feature to quickly unlock War Pet Skill slots. Tap a locked Skill slot and spend Skill Cards with lower Star Ratings to quickly and conveniently unlock the slot.
  • Changed the Augurstone rules for “Strongest War Pet”. When the stage ends, your chances of finding higher-rarity War Pets will increase. Get ready to beef up your pet collection!
  • Note: War Pet Skill Cards will now be temporarily stored in the mail system for 7 days (previously 1 day). Please remember to claim your Skill Cards in good time.

7) PvE Improvements:

  • After reaching Level 50, Heroes will now obtain EXP for defeating Darklings and Dark Creatures, allowing you to level up your Heroes more quickly.
  • Rewards for defeating Darklings and Dark Creatures are now the same.
  • When multiple players work together to defeat Darklings and Dark Creatures, all players will receive the full amount of EXP. EXP will no longer be shared according to the amount of damage dealt.
  • Changed Hero EXP and Arcane Dust rewards for defeating Darklings and Treasure Guards and destroying Darkling Forts during Season 1. Defeating Darklings and destroying Darkling Forts will also now grant Prestige.

8) Other Improvements:

  • Significantly reduced EXP requirements to level up Heroes in Season 1.
  • Reduced the difficulty of defeating Darklings, Dark Creatures, Beasts, and Treasure Guards at certain levels during Season 1.
  • Changed the Hero EXP reward for the Eliana’s Crisis event in Season 1.
  • Season Stories now grant large amounts of Prestige as a reward.
  • Adjusted the costs of Policies during Season 1 (overall cost has not changed), and reduced the time requirement for enacting certain Policies.

An Even Richer Combat Experience

1) Rallied Army Improvements:

  • mproved UI visibility and convenience.
  • When a Legion launches a normal attack against your Rallied Army, it will launch a counterattack, but will not attack any surrounding Legions. If the Legion ceases its attack or is defeated, your Rallied Army will also cease its attack and continue marching to its destination.

2) Stronghold Changes: In order to provide a more tactical combat experience, Alliance Keeps are no longer counted as Strongholds.

3) Combat Improvements:

  • After casting the Artifact Skills for Oath of Stormpeak, Wolf-Woman of Haelor, and Storm Arrows, your Legion will carry on its previous action. You no longer have to re-issue previous commands.
  • If your Legion is Stunned or Airborne while fighting Dark Creatures and Behemoths, it will carry on its previous action when the effect ends. You no longer have to re-issue previous commands.

A More Accessible Map

1) Terrain Improvements: Improved low-lying areas in sandstone cliffs. Your Legion will no longer accidentally enter low-lying areas where Dark Chests are stored and come under attack from Treasure Guards.

2) Season 2 Truce Zone: A Truce Zone where all combat is forbidden has been added to the Season 2 map. If you do not wish to fight other players, you can leave Belleron and move to the Truce Zone to continue playing.

3) Changes to Trolls and Beasts:

  • Trolls will only appear as Treasure Guards and Behemoth Acolytes.
  • Reduced the respawn rate of Trolls on the map, and significantly increased the respawn rate of Beasts to allow players to more easily catch their desired War Pets.

4) Search Feature Improvements:

  • Removed the ability to search for Dark Creatures in order to improve the efficiency of the search feature.
  • Added the ability to filter while searching for Treasure Guards. You can now search for Treasure Guards according to the rarity of their Chests, allowing you to more easily obtain the Chest you desire.

Exciting Seasonal Content

1) Season 2 Reset Adjustments:

  • When the new Season begins, if your Hero is under Level 30, their level will not change. If they are above Level 30, they will be reset to Level 30.
  • Artifact Levels will not be reset, and Arcane Dust will not be scrapped.
  • Dragon Trail challenge difficulty will no longer be reset. More Stages will be unlocked as the Season progresses.

2) Higher-Level Enemies: After Season 2 begins, higher-level Darklings, Dark Creatures, and Darkling Forts will appear on the map, providing you with a greater challenge and greater rewards.

3) Other Improvements:

  • Season 2 Policies System Adjustments: Resource production buff Policies have been removed, and Policies that reduce the cost of healing have been added.
  • Affiliated Region Pre-Selection: Alliance Leaders may select their Alliance Members’ Affiliated Region in advance at the end of the Season. Alliances who have selected their Affiliated Region in advance will not be disbanded when the new Season begins. Players who are not members of an Alliance may select their own Affiliated Region.
  • Resurgence Feature Adjustments: The Resurgence feature can only be used for the first 7 days of Season 2. During the Season, you will not be able to join Alliances in other Affiliated Regions until the final Augurstone stage has finished at the end of the Season.
  • Village Occupation Buff Changes: Once Season 2 begins, the types of buffs you receive from occupying Villages will change.
  • Augurstone Changes: In order to improve the experience for players who are not part of an Alliance at the end of the Season, you will now be able to achieve the Season Grade “Enduring” without being a member of an Alliance.
  • Server Info: In order to make late-Season Alliance management more convenient, from Season 2 onwards, information regarding other servers will be displayed when the Migration Preview phase begins.
  • Improved Announcements: In order to make the late-Season process easier to navigate, the content of each phase of the late-Season will be announced in advance in accordance with a timeline.

An Improved Alliance System

1) Merits Rankings: In the Merits Rankings section of the Alliance Rankings, you can now switch between overall Merits and weekly Merits, which will be automatically displayed in numerical order.

2) Opening Multiple Rare Alliance Gifts: When opening Rare Alliance Gifts, you can now save time by opening 10 Gifts with a single tap/click.

3) Alliance Donations: In order to increase the effectiveness of your Alliance donations, the benefits received for each Alliance resource donation have been increased. For balance purposes, the resource donation cooldown period has also been increased. However, please note that maximum daily resource donation benefits have not changed, and you will still receive the same amount of rewards as before.

More Enjoyable Events

1) New Event

  • Behemoth Raids: You can now take part in a brand-new cross-server event. Form teams with other players in the same Season as you to take on mighty Behemoths! Each player can deploy multiple Legions. The Behemoth you fight will be chosen randomly from Behemoths available during your current Season. Invite friends to the fight and share the spoils!

2) New Event

  • Treasure Hunt: Got a nose for gold? Put your skills to the test in the new Treasure Hunt event! Piece together Treasure Map Fragments and scour the darkest corners of the realm in search of bountiful booty.

3) Black Friday Events: Get ready for amazing deals in our Black Friday events!

4) Trial of Light Event Changes: In order to bring you a better gaming experience, certain enemies and buffs have been changed in the Trial of Light event.

5) Titan’s Legacy Event Improvements: The reward for maxing out your Insight Rune level in Titan’s Legacy now includes two new City Themes to choose from, and the difficulty of certain Quests has been changed. Rewards for any Quests you are currently pursuing during the current Season will be changed. If you have already maxed out the Insight Rune, or maxed it out in a previous Season, you will not be able to claim this reward. If this applies to you, we will issue compensation to you after the version update. Please keep an eye out for future announcements.

6) Celestial Battlegrounds Event Changes: In order to provide greater variety and challenges, certain Battleground Effects have been changed in the Celestial Battlegrounds event.

Other Improvements

1) Alliance Building and Relocation Improvements: To improve usability, when choosing a location, buildings are now fixed to the center of your screen. If you move your viewpoint, the building will also change position.

2) Content Sharing Improvements: The look and feel of content sharing has been improved. You can also share content to your most recent chat window and to your Friends List. When sharing information such as coordinates, you can also edit message text contents before sharing.

3) New Union Chat Feature: You can now chat to members of your Union in a dedicated chat channel.

4) Important Message Reminders: You can now see reminders of important messages in the chat window, such as messages you’ve missed, mentions, and new messages. Now there’s no need to worry about missing important chats and messages ever again!

5) Building Resource Collection Changes: When you upgrade resource production buildings in your City, the amount of resources that you can collect at once will also be increased, making the resource collection process more convenient and effective.

6) New Message Blocking Features: Tap the “More” button on a Mail message for the option to block messages sent by the player who sent you the message. You can also see a list of players you’ve blocked on the Settings page.

7) Honorary Membership Page Improvements: You can now see whether your selected Hero is eligible to be Awakened when claiming that Hero’s Tokens.

PC Improvements

1) New Shortcut Mode: In the new Shortcut Mode, key bindings will be displayed on the bottom of the screen in order to avoid erroneous key presses. You can change back to the default mode at any time by visiting the Settings page.

2) Improved Mouse Scroll: Mouse scrolling in the PC version is now more fluid and responsive.

That’s all I got! Oh, and if you got any suggestions, I can always pass ’em on to the Merchants’ Guild for ya!

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