Eliana’s Crisis Event

Dark Eliana’s Army has set out from Laveille to raze its way across the land. A battle between Light and Darkness has begun. Defeat the Darklings, track down her army near your City, and rally with Alliance Members to resolve Eliana’s Crisis. Your heroism will be greatly rewarded!

Elianas Crisis Event

Eliana’s Crisis Event Information

1. During the Event, after you defeat Darkling Patrols or Dark Creatures of any level, you will receive a Ceremonial Mask Ceremonial Mask in the mail, with a chance to receive a special item: Abandoned Puppet Abandoned Puppet.

2. When you use the Ceremonial Mask, you will receive a generous amount of basic resources, and have a chance to receive an Abandoned Puppet. Use the Abandoned Puppet or tap “Summon” on the Events page to pursue Dark Eliana’s Army near your City.

Dark Elianas Army

3. Dark Eliana’s Army can only be attacked by using an Alliance Rally. After each successful battle, all those who participated will receive generous War Spoils in the mail, and have a chance to receive Eliana Tokens, which can be used to upgrade your Heroes’ Skills.

4. After defeating Dark Eliana’s Army a certain number of times, you will receive Eliana’s Thank-You Note.


After the Night of Burning Stars, Eliana returned home, only to be ambushed by the Darkling Lord Manicus. In the face of his sinister, ritualistic invocations, she held fast to her faith in the Light to resist the Dark Lord’s corruption.

“How strange. This young girl’s desires are simple, and yet I cannot bend her to my will.”

Manicus’s plan to steal the holy blade Aurora had failed. But he was skilled in the art of creating magical simulacra and manipulating them like a puppet-master. Taking what he had learned, he decided to play a cruel new game. very well. Let those who you wish to protect teach you the meaning of betrayal and fear.”

Embedding a shard of Manastone in its heart, Manicus created a figure that resembled Eliana in every way, and set it loose upon the land. Setting out from Laveille, their Darkling armies ravaged the towns and villages. No one could believe that the young girl who wielded Aurora could betray the League of Order.

On hearing the news, Eliana was filled with anger and guilt. Desperate to resolve the situation, she gathered her sword and armor, and set out without so much as a word of explanation.

But her dark doppelganger’s army have already razed their way across the land like a swarm of locusts. Eliana and her militia don’t know how much time they have left to stop them…”‘

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do the puppet reset at the end of season?