Vale Society Quiz Questions & Answers

All questions and answers for the event Vale Society Quiz in Call of Dragons!

Day 1

Which of the following acts grants you Dark Keys? Defeating Level 5+ Dwarven Patrols and Dark Creatures

Garrison Skills allow Heroes to better command Garrisoned Armies. What is the correct definition of a Stronghold? Passes and other buildings that can be attacked by Rallied Armies or defended by Garrisoned Armies

ncreasing your Alliance’s member capacity is essential for its development. Which of the following is correct about increasing membership capacity? Every 10 Alliance Towers increases the member limit by 1

Which of the following Policies can increase your Elixir Production Speed? Healthcare Reforms

sing the unit advantage system can swiftly turn the tide of a battle. Which of the following statements about unit advantages is incorrect? Cavalry units counter Magic units

Which of the following events contains a “Battle Day” that allows you to fight to your heart’s content? Strongest Lord

Which of the following statements about City management is incorrect? Activating Counterscout will lead enemy Scouts to gather incorrect data about your total number of units when scouting your City

Roads are a sign of prosperity and a symbol of efficiency. Which of the following statements about roads is incorrect? If either endpoint of a road is destroyed, the road will still exist

Which of the following is correct about Alliance Resource Centers? Each player can only deploy one Legion to gather from an Alliance Resource Center

What can an Alliance Beastmaster do? Summon and control Alliance Behemoths

Day 2

Which of the following Heroes spent a year as a visiting scholar at the College of Tiyar? Waldyr

Which of the following Heroes is a blood relative of the Lord of Moonvaie? Gwanwyn

What is the name of the sword of Florin, Knight of Daybreak? Blade of Reproach

Madeline is the firstborn daughter of the King of Jargand. Which of the following statements about her life is incorrect? Her membership of her bloodline was confirmed by a miracle when she came of age

What is the name of the structure the Elves built to commemorate the fallen of the Battle of the Hexwood? Stone of Peace

Which of the following Trolls can use magic? Witch Troll

Which of the following Heroes is a blood relative of Myrsach, Sage of Order? Indis

Which of the following Heroes is ranked #2 on the Assassins’ Guild leaderboard? NIka

Which of the following characters was banished for the misuse of divine power? Atheus

Which of the following statements about severely wounded statements is correct? When your Legions are fighting Behemoths, att severely wounded units witl be sent to your Hospital

Day 3

Which of the following houses hired the assassin Nika? House Scull

According to “The Cat Lover’s Guide to the Apocalypse,” which of the following traits can a cat not help you to develop? A

Which of the following is closest to the holy wellspring of Ffynon, the birthplace of Elven civilization? The Queenswood

One character is a Caravan Captain for the Merchants’ Guild. Where is their hometown? Bandits’ Bay

Legend has it that any adventurer who can solve the riddle of Cortac Isle will gain the treasure buried beneath it. How many Generals are mentioned in the Song in Chapter: Corlac? 5

Who defeated all challengers in the Duel of Honor and became Chieftain of Wilderburg? Kurrata

Hearty Fish Soup is one of the most delicious dishes in Tamaris. Which of the following is not one of its ingredients? Paprika

Where is the Hydra said to originate from? Feathersnare Swamp

Emrys, who always wears a mask, is the leader of the Watchers of the Shadowglade. What is the name of the weapon he carries? Springblades

Which rebellious house did House Remus help Dawngrad to defeat? Riven

Vale Society Quiz

Event Rules

During the event, you will have the chance to answer 10 questions each day.

Complete Event Quests to gain more chances to answer questions. You can use these chances to retry any questions you answered incorrectly.

Your question progress and rewards will be reset daily.

That’s it! Hopefully you can earn all of those insane rewards from the Vale Society Quiz event with our answers fast! Enjoy!

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