Manastones: Tricks For Using Effectively

In Call of Dragons, collecting Manastones (runes) is an important trick that all players must do every day to gain some significant buffs for different activities in the game.

In this guide, we are going to show players where to find manastones, how to use them, and how to make the most of them.

There are a lot of mana stone types in Call of Dragons: Production Boost, ATK/DEF/HP/March Speed Up, Building Speed, Researching Speed, Training Speed, Farming Speed, etc. No matter which one is available, they definitely give you Huge great boost in the game.

Call of Dragons Manastones on the ground
Manastones on the ground

Where can I get Manstones?

Manastones are available by defeating Acolytes next to Behemoths.

Every time you drop an Acolyte, a manastone will get dropped on the ground. You will gain some additional rewards as well such as arcane dust Arcane Dust for upgrading Artifacts or tactic manual Tactic Manuals for leveling up heroes.

There are different types of Manastones that can be dropped out: Production Boost, ATK/DEF/HP/March Speed Up, Building Speed, Researching Speed, Training Speed, Farming Speed, etc.

Higher-level Behemoths have higher-level Acolytes, meaning more higher-level Stonemanas, offering better Buffs and rewards.

farming Acolytes in Call of Dragons
Acolyte Rewards

Most Acolytes are hard to take, so it’s always recommended farming them with your Alliance members to save troops and kill them faster while rewards remain the same. It’s also a great opportunity to help you connect with the Alliance friends easier. Always follow the Alliance chat to see when people start farming Acolytes.

Take a look here for the complete list of Behemoth locations, where you can find Manastones.

How to use Manastones Effectively?

Collecting Manastones give you a lot of passive buffs, which could be game-changing in a lot of situations.

All you need to do is just send a Legion to collect the Manastones. The collecting process would take a few seconds, and you will be great. It’s always recommended to use a fast hero (cavalry) to collect it so you can save a lot of time.

Call of Dragons manastone

Once you have collected it, the Manastone icon will be displayed under your Power on the top left of the screen, allowing you to see which Manastone is taking effect.

You can only pick 1 Manastone effect at the same time. They don’t stack and don’t work together.

Manastone EffectGreat For
+ Training SpeedTraining Events
+ Building SpeedNormal upgrades, building events
+ Researching SpeedNormal tech research, tech researching events
+ Marching Speed
Attacking Darklings, Behemoths, or combats.

To make the most of the Building/Researching Manastones, make sure to collect them before you start the upgrade. It will decrease the upgrade time significantly, especially when you do the huge upgrades in the late stage of the game, which usually takes days to weeks to finish.


    So, remember to always check the Alliance chat and take the chance of getting them as soon as possible.

    If you’re playing Call of Dragons and want to have a little hack to skyrocket your progression, Manastones are a great way to increase your power and progression.

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    I have a question, does the bonus for research applies when to research already on the queue or only new research? And how does it get applied, is it at the end of the bonus timer?


    every manastone only take effects before any building/training/research/gathering. what it does is that it simply reduces the time taken (and not resources needed) to complete the action, so you’ll see a shorter queue length after manastone has been collected, but no change in any ongoing queues


    the final and most important tip can be improved. production and gathering manastones are often seen as useless but are actually very useful in mid-late game when collected in sequence with the other stones. for example, assuming you found a excellent manastone drop zone, collect in this order, at one go:
    10% building > start upgrade 2 buildings,
    then 10% research > start 2 research queues,
    then 10% training > start training all troop types,
    then 10% resource-specific gathering > send out a gathering legion to farm that resource,
    then 7% universal gathering > send out remaining troops to any other farms/alliance resource center,
    then finally 10% resource-specific production,
    then go afk/sleep
    of course the order for all but the last one can be changed. i find this to be the best for growth. too bad i only realised this during mid of season 1+ lol