Forge of Light Event

The Artifact Compendium is available for a limited time!

Enjoy a higher probability of obtaining specific Legendary Artifacts on offer during this event.

Duration: 3 days

Forge of Light Event

Forge of Light Artifact Event Rule

  1. While the Compendium is available, you have an increased chance of obtaining specific Artifacts
  2. You are guaranteed an Epic or Legendary Artifact every 10 draws, and a Legendary Artifact every 90 draws.
  3. It is recommended that you wish for your desired Artifact before making a draw.
  4. Event-specific Artifacts will be added to the Universal Artifact Compendium on the Monday following the end of the event.
  5. You can open the Artifact Compendium up to 2000 times per day.
Event-selected Artifacts0.9093%
Legendary Artifacts0.6062%
Epic Artifacts11.486%
Elite Artifacts23.924%
Advanced Artifacts63.0745%
Artifact drop chance
Wish for Artifact

Wish for An Artifact

Make a wish for your desired Artifact. If you do not receive your desired Artifact after two consecutive draws, the next Legendary Artifact you draw is guaranteed to be your desired Artifact.

  • During the event, you may wish for an Artifact. When you draw a Legendary Artifact that is not your desired Artifact, you will gain 1 Blessing from Leosa, God of Light.
  • When you have 2 Blessings, the next Legendary Artifact you draw is guaranteed to be your desired Artifact.
  • If you receive your desired Legendary Artifact while this Compendium is open, your Blessings will be reset.
  • If you have not wished for an Artifact, you will not receive any Blessings.
  • Blessings cannot be accumulated. Once the Compendium closes, all Blessings will be reset.
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