Call of Dragons Alliance Guide

When start playing Call of Dragons, you should join an Alliance as soon as possible if you don’t want to fall behind.

You are placed on a huge open map with a ton of other players. Together, players create different Alliances to capture territory, buildings, and creatures in the game.

As a lone wolf, you cannot do anything, no matter how strong you are.

Call of Dragons Alliance Guide Summary

Benefits of Alliance

  • Having a team to protect you
  • Alliance help reduce time to complete research, building, and policies
  • Teamwork to capture behemoths and defeat enemies you may encounter in the game
  • Summon purified behemoths in combat


  • Donating to the alliance technology, the behemoth will earn member points
  • member points earned through donations can be used to purchase items in the alliance shop


  • Earn gifts through purchase bundles, destroy darkling forts, or defeat dark Eliana’s Armies
  • Alliance gifts contain key points that will be used to receive blessings chest
  • Recommended to rally darkling forts consistently to procure blessings chest


  • The territory is the basis of your alliance, once territory is established alliance members can teleport within the alliance territory
  • Territory earns resources through the territory tiles that the fortress or the alliance towers capture, villages also provide some resources for the alliance
  • Roads are built to increase the marching speed of legions, roads can be upgraded
  • Alliance towers can be upgraded to unlock the skill city barrage, this will automatically attack the nearby enemy cities, gradually reducing the durability of its wall even if the city has a shield

Merits Store

  • This is where you can spend your earn merits through pvp battles
  • Highly recommended to purchase Unit medical supply and stock pile them and use as needed.
Call of Dragons Alliance

How Important Is Alliance in Call of Dragons?

In Call of Dragons, Alliance is definitely the most important feature that you need to care about while playing the game.

This is not because an Alliance gives you a ton of buffs and resources, but also friends.

Although you can buy everything in this game with real money, no matter how strong you are, you cannot win anything as a lone wolf.

Even if you are the most pay-to-win player in the server, but your Alliance is not big enough, you can be easily outplayed by a well-formed F2P Alliance.

You cannot be a king without an elite and loyal Alliance.

Alliance Member Roles

Alliance Help✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Alliance Chat✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Send Alliance Mail✔️✔️✔️✔️
Quit Alliance✔️✔️✔️✔️
Online Status (Titled Officers Only)✔️✔️
Adjust Member Rank✔️✔️
Join Applications✔️✔️
Remove Members✔️✔️
Build / Upgrade Alliance Buildings✔️✔️
Alliance Marker✔️✔️
Research Alliance Technology✔️✔️
Restock Alliance Store✔️✔️
Check Member Position✔️✔️
Toggle Alliance Siege Tower Auto-Attack✔️✔️
Summon Behemoths✔️✔️
Set Garrison Captain (Titled Officers Only)✔️✔️
Dismiss Garrison Legion (Titled Officers Only)✔️✔️
Union Management✔️
Edit Alliance Info✔️
Appoint Officers✔️
Remove Alliance Buildings✔️
Disband Alliance✔️
Initiate Behemoth battle preparation✔️✔️

How to Run a Great Alliance

Author: watermelon rabit

To create an alliance first of all you need to know what an alliance means.

An alliance is the uniting of multi-player ideas. If players in the Alliance have different opinions naturally will lead the Alliance to dissolve.

For example, if your alliance just wants peace farming, and does not like to fight but there are more players in an alliance like battles, normally this part of players will leave because of the different goals.

And leaving will make your alliance become vulnerable.

So an alliance has to be built with the same goal.

First, create an alliance

An alliance can be created by costing gems and requires your city hall to be Lv 4 or above. While creating an alliance, you need to think of a nice name with a good announcement.

The announcement should be simple but should show good characteristics, letting players know your alliance’s specialty.

After Step 1, you can recruit your alliance members by setting requests to manage players who join.

creating alliance

In the early stage, you can set it so that anyone can join, and the system will notify those players who haven’t joined alliances. In the late game, based on the situation, you can change the requests.

In the early game, you can broadcast or talk 1-to-1 through the public channel.

In the late game, base your management and operations on attracting players.

Running an alliance

Running alliance is divided into daily management and event organization.

1, Donations

Manage alliance member donations to alliance tech.

Early-stage alliance building is mostly based on building donations, and it’s very important to have your buildings read asap.

building alliance tower

2, Build Alliance Fortress

When an alliance has enough points, the leader could decide to build a fortress, one alliance has a total of 3 fortresses with conditions.

After finishing the fortress build, players could build an alliance tower. It’s the symbol of the alliance. And it could help the alliance sustainably get resources. Remember, the tower can only be built if the requirements are met.

building alliance tower 1

Try to build the tower in a rich resource area, but normally it is surrounded by behemoths.

The building needs alliance members to join.

Alliance will obtain a large number of resources from fortresses and towers. It will unlock more buildings, such as gold mines, wood factories, and others.

3. Alliance Tech

Alliance tech is divided into three routes: battle tech, territory tech, and development tech.

The early game should focus on developing technologies; the late game could focus on battle technologies or territorial technologies.

With alliance technology progress, it could increase the alliance member limit and increase alliance member powers. The decision is based on the alliance leader and officers.

4, Behemoths

Alliance could train the behemoths they captured, just like with alliance tech donations, but only alliance leaders and officers could decide when to release them. Behemoths will be very useful with good training.

doing alliance events

5. Events organizations

This is the core of alliance: a good alliance needs strong members, and the best way to improve player power is through events such as capturing behemoths, defeating dark creatures, defending other alliances, or invading.

By organizing these events, members of the alliance will gain more power and get a different game experience.

However, never suggest invading other alliances without good reason, as it will lead the alliance to become a villain.


Current War activities will get displayed here:

  • Rallies from Alliance members attacking any target.
  • Alliance members getting scouted by the enemies.
  • Alliance structures getting attacked by the enemies.
Alliance Behemoths


Contain everything about the Alliance Behemoths: Captured behemoths, Training Technologies, and Overview Buffs from them.

Summoning Rules

  1. When summoning a Behemoth, you must select a Stronghold for it to attack or defend.
  2. An Alliance can only summon one Behemoth at a time.
  3. A Behemoth’s attributes, Skill strength, and Duration are determined by its Training Level.
  4. A summoned Behemoth will enter cooldown after battle. You must wait for this cooldown to end before summoning it again. Alliance Members can continue to donate Behemoth Points during this time.
  5. Summoning more powerful Behemoths requires additional Behemoth Points.


  1. Donate resources to help your Alliance gain Research Points and Behemoth Points, and you will receive a corresponding amount of Member Points.
  2. Reach a daily total of 10,000 Member Points to be ranked in your Alliance’s Daily Points Leaderboard, and get rewards.
  3. Reach a weekly total of 50,000 Member Points to be ranked in your Alliance’s Weekly Points Leaderboard, and get rewards.


All of your captured Behemoths are displayed here, alongside with their buffs. Each Behemoth offer different types of buffs.

A filter is available here as well, helping you find all of the Behemoth positions easier. You can also check out our Behemoth guide for more details.

Alliance Help
Alliance Center


Help your fellow Alliance Members build/upgrade buildings and research technologies.

Each act of assistance will increase the progress bar by 1%, increasing progress by a minimum of 1 minute.

To increase, the amount of helps you receive from Alliance mates, upgrade the Alliance Center inside your City.

Alliance Center Level# of Helps
Alliance Storehouse


Alliance resources come from Alliance territory

Alliance territory will continuously produce Alliance resources, as well as producing extra individual resources for all members.

The more terrain types covered by an Alliance’s territory, the greater their resource production.

Alliance Help, Alliance Tech contributions, and building Alliance Buildings will greatly increase Alliance Points.

Alliance Tech can increase the Alliance Storehouse storage limit.

Alliance Technology

Alliance Tech

One of the most important sections of the Alliance feature in Call of Dragons.

Here is where you can donate to the Alliance Technology every day using basic resources like Gold, Wood, Ore, to increase the Alliance power together.

All the Alliance members will take the effects from these techs while playing the game.

There are 3 main sections inside the Technology menu:

  • Development Tech: Everything regarding gathering, producing, and using resources, You can increase the number of Alliance member limit here as well.
  • Territory Tech: Everything about the properties of Alliance territory like building Alliance resource buildings, farming speed inside the Alliance Territory Resource Nodes, etc.
  • Battle Tech: Everything about doing combats, from increasing ATK, DEF, to Shield, Buffs, etc.
Alliance Gifts


Another section that really makes a difference if you are in a top Alliance. The bigger your Alliance is, the more gifts you get from this section.

  1. When Alliance Members purchase Bundles, destroy Darkling Forts, or defeat Dark Eüana’s Armies, atl members will receive an Alliance Gift.
  2. Alliance Gifts contain items and Key Points.
  3. Key Points can be used to receive Blessings Chests.
  4. When you max out your Key Points, all Alliance Members will receive Blessings Chests.
member points shop

Alliance Store

This is where you can spend your Member Points and Merits to purchase valuable items, and even some limited items.

For more details regarding this specific topic, please take a look at our Member Points & Merits section.


How to create a Union

  1. Alliance Leaders can invite other Alliances to form Unions. Ifthe Leader of the other Alliance agrees, 1. both sides will enter a 24 hour Union Preparation Phase.
  2. During the Preparation Phase, both Alliances officially form a Union.
  3. Each Alliance can have a maximum of 3 Unions with other Alliances.

Effects of creating a Union

  1. Unions cannot launch attacks against each other. held by the Union will not prevent Union Members’ Legions or Cities from passing or Relocating
  2. Passes between Union-held territories.
  3. Unions cannot share Alliance Tech, Alliance territory, or Behemoths.

How to disband a Union?

Alliance Leaders who are part of a Union can dissolve it by going to the Union Management screen and pressing the Disband button.

Alliance Buildings & Structures

Alliance Fortress


Fortresses are the starting point of any territory, and the Core Fortress is an Alliance’s first step in opening up and expanding its lands. It is a mark of the Alliance’s ambitions towards the land, and a key symbol of the Alliance itself.

  1. Building Alliance Core Fortresses enables the Alliance to gain territory.
  2. Alliance Core Fortresses can only be built on open, unclaimed land.
  3. Alliance Core Fortresses can only be built beyond Level 2 Passes.
  4. Members must be Rank 4 or higher to initiate construction of Alliance Core Fortresses.
  5. Alliance territory must be adjacent to Core or regular Fortresses in order to be valid.
  6. Alliance Core Fortresses must be built within two days. If this time is exceeded, they will be scrapped by the system and the Alliance will have to start building them again.


Roads are a symbol of prosperity, efficiency, and order.

  1. Roads must be built completely before they can be used.
  2. Roads increase the March Speed of Alliance Legions traveling along them.
  3. Alliance Members can choose to use one of your Alliance’s Roads when deploying Legions to areas connected by a Road. Using a Road will increase a Legion’s March Speed.
  4. If any building connected by a Road becomes inactive, the Road will also become inactive. Inactive Roads can be destroyed by other Alliances. 5. If either endpoint of a Road is destroyed, the Road will also be destroyed.


  1. Your Legions cannot pass through a Pass that does not belong to your Alliance or Union.
  2. Your City cannot relocate through a Pass that does not belong to your Alliance or Union.
  3. Scout can pass through Level 1 Passes. As the Augurstone progresses, they will be able to pass through Level 2 and Levet 3 Passes.
  4. Defeated Legions can pass through any Pass.
  5. Your City cannot relocate to territory within a certain distance of a Pass.
  6. The maximum capacity of Rallied Armies differs depending on the level of the Passes they attack.
Alliance Resource Center

Alliance Resource Center

When Alliance Resource Centers are exhausted, gathered resources will be proportionally converted to a smaller amount of corresponding Alliance resources.

You can unlock an Alliance Resource Center by researching the corresponding Alliance Territory Tech, and can increase its reserves by leveling it up.

Alliance Tower

Alliance Tower

Alliance Towers can be built to expand Alliance territory, but must be built on the border of existing Alliance territory.

Alliance Keep

Alliance Keep

Alliance Keeps are highly suited to defending your Alliance’s territory. Place them in narrow passes or on steep slopes for maximum impact.

Alliance Keeps are powerful defensive structures, which can be defended by deploying a Ranged Legion. They can be used to pin down advancing enemy Legions and defend your territory.

Advance your Alliance Tech to increase the damage that defending legions in Alliance Keeps deal and reduce the damage they take, making them even stronger.



When connected to an Alliance Fortress by a Road, Villages can provide massive bonuses to your Alliance.

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How do you extend an alliance road to a village? The village is not producing for us because it is “unconnected”


If you haven’t found it yet, click/tap the gear on the fortress or tower you want to build a road from, click/tap the build road option, then select which alliance structure or village you want to build a road to. I have been dealing with the whale alliance family, now in the second region we have been in, bullying us to steal our resources and mine the nodes in our territory rather than the ones in their own territory, se we never got far enough to build a keep or do a pass takeover, or be given a shot at obtaining anything, really, to know if you can build a road to a pass or from keeps and other alliance structures. Maybe you can build off from an alliance resources point rather than just having the road it builds when you build one, but I didn’t get to try that out when the alliance as it was in the former zone had one, and not yet able to build one in the alliance as it is now.


I want to know, from the language used, does the roads only boost the march speed of the owning alliance’s legions, or does it work for the legions of all alliances, to which, then did they just use a bad choice of words and legions from players not even in a legion would also get the march boost?


Does creating more bases increase territory limit?

rich brian

Do you know how to make vote on a decision letter?