Magma Daemon Guide – How to Defeat?

The Behemoth Magma Daemon of Call of Dragons is an especially tricky enemy to conquer and own. As it is a very rare beast, not all alliances may have the chance to gain control of one.

However, the rewards for defeating this Big Boy are massive. 1,500 Gems, as well as Relocation Teleport, 60 hours’ worth of Speedups, 6 million Gold & Wood, and 4.5 million Ore, plus 10 Silver Keys, 6 Gold Keys, and 300 CP are yours to claim,.

Victory over Magma Daemon certainly pays off!

magma guide call of dragons
  • Arrack: 280
  • HP: 300,000
  • Power: 380,000
  • Defense: 2,250
  • Movement Speed: Very Fast
  • Battle Duration: 300s

How to defeat Magma Deamon

Taking down the mighty Magma Daemon in Call of Dragons is no easy feat. To ensure success, it requires a great deal of advance planning, communication, and teamwork. If you’re the group’s leader or officer, it’s your responsibility to inform the members of your alliance and share your strategy with them at least one day before the raid. This will help make sure everyone knows what to do and when to be online. Remember, defeating this behemoth requires all hands on deck, and without proper teamwork and communication, the endeavor is all but doomed to fail.

If you dive into the Magma Daemon layer, there are four distinct magma demons which can be seen. Two of them wield magical abilities and the other two are physical in nature. To cope with this situation, it is necessary to have at least eight tanks for support and the rest of the units should be archers.

When battling magma demons, be aware that each of them has a marked circle around them. Entering inside this boundary will cause your units to be affected by stacks, and should you happen to get five of these, it will result in instant death. To prevent this, it is advised to move away from the circle once you approach four stacks. You may choose to go to the middle or switch to another demon, which will result in your stacks being cleared, yet attaining stacks from the new demon you are attacking. To make sure you are safe, fleeing when you are at four stacks is highly recommended.

Having eight tanks is necessary in order to effectively take on demons. Every demon has a powerful, long-range attack that can quickly cause damage to players, which is why two tanks are needed to protect allies. When one tank reaches four stacks, they must move to the middle to be given a break and their stacks cleared, while the other tank takes their place to resume attacking the demon. This procedure must be repeated until all of the demons are defeated. Doing this in an organized way can help ensure that the entire team stays safe and is able to overcome the challenge victoriously.

Understanding how to defeat it requires teamwork, with everyone fully aware of what they need to do – particularly tanks. This can be quite tricky to explain. To ensure everyone is on the same page, we recommend you watch an instructional video, which provides an excellent example of what should be done when tackling this challenge. With this visual guide, you and your alliance members will have the knowledge to defeat it. So watch it, put it into practice and share it with your alliance.

Are you having trouble defeating the magma demons in Call of Dragons?

Well, worry not, for this guide will show you everything you need to know to take them down.

Magma demons are tough enemies to beat, but with the right strategy, they can be defeated easily.

First off, let’s talk about the four types of magma demons that are available in layer two.

Two of them use magic skill damage, while the other two use physical skill damage. Understanding the difference between these two types of damage is crucial in defeating these enemies.

Troops with good magic defense are effective against demons that use magic skill damage, while troops with good physical defense are better suited to fight against demons that use physical skill damage.

  • Physical damage: Magma Reaper, Magma Devastator
  • Magical damage: Magma Manipulator, Magma Devourer

Knowing which troop type to send to a specific enemy is important in equipping your troops with the right artifacts. If you’re not sure which troop type to use against a particular magma demon, check out a tutorial guide that covers the topic.

magma deamon guide call of dragons

During battle, the four magma demons create a circular perimeter around them.

Every 18 seconds, they will put a stack on players. If your stack number reaches 5, the next stack that shows up is going to kill you right away.

So, make sure to switch circles when your stack number reaches four or five to avoid getting killed.

The circles overlap, which means that if you get caught between them, you’ll get stuck between two demons.

Therefore, you need to watch out for this. Whenever a demon puts a stack on you, you’ll take a lot of damage.

There are safe zones on the battlefield (screenshot above, between the circles). If you collect a lot of stacks, you can always come to the safe zone and protect yourself at all times.

When fighting these magma demons, it’s crucial to have at least one player in each circle.

If there is no player in the circle, the demon will spread its stack across the whole arena, hitting everyone.

It’s important for your alliance members to know this. Make sure you enter the circle to do a lot of damage.

If you try to attack from outside the circle, you won’t inflict much damage.

All the magma demons have different fighting techniques.

If there is nobody in the circle and everybody’s in the center, the magma demons are going to switch into a long-range attack that can do a lot of damage.

It’s essential to have tanks fighting each demon all the time so that they don’t use long-range attacks, which can hit a lot of players.

magma stacks

The most important thing to watch out for when fighting this demon is the number of stacks. If you know how to protect yourself from the stack, you’re going to defeat these creatures right away.

Once you get 4 stacks, you should get out and try to move to the next circle or go to the center. Don’t wait for the stacks to reach five, as this can result in the demon spreading its stock across the whole arena, killing everyone.

In terms of gameplay, the recommended strategy is to bring 50 archers who are physical units and 10 tanks. The 2 cavalry units are there to cover up for someone’s mess-up, such as when there is nobody in a specific circle. The 8 tanks should swap each other out, and the safe zone is in the middle.

In conclusion, defeating the magma demons in Call of Dragons requires strategy, an understanding of the different troop types and defense, and knowing how to protect yourself from the stack. With this guide, you should be able to take down these tough enemies with ease.

Magma Deamon Call of Dragons

Magma Deamon Skills

Primat StrengthMagma Daemons are immune to all debuff effects and impairment effects.
GluttonyThe Magma Devourer indulges its boundless hunger, dealing Magic Skill damage to all enemy Legions in a forward arc (Damage Factor 1,500).
AvariceThe Magma Devourer releases a shower of lava with a wave of its hand, dealing Magic Skill damage to all enemy Legions in a forward arc (Damage Factor 2,000).
BacchanalThe Magma Devourer summons torrents of lava that rush around it, dealing Magic Skill damage to all surrounding enemy Legions (Damage Factor 1,200).
Blazing WaveWhen its target Legion is too far away, the Magma Devourer switches to ranged attacks, launching a wave of lava at the target, dealing Magic Skill damage (1% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count) to all Legions caught in its wake, and to all Legions at its endpoint (2% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count).
Sacrificial RitualThe Magma Devourer summons 3 Acolytes, which move toward it and eventually sacrifice themselves to its flames, healing it by 2.5%.
Scourging Field: Devourer’s MarkThe Magma Devourer creates a circular Scourging Field around itself, launching a Scourging Strike every 18s at Legions within the field. Scourging Strike applies a stack of Devourer’s Mark to the target, lasting 90s and dealing Magic Skill damage (1% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count). The more stacks of Devourer’s Mark there are, the more damage is dealt. When Devourer’s Mark reaches 5 stacks, the Magma Devourer’s next Scourging Strike instantly kills the Legion. When Legions are located outside the field, damage dealt to the Magma Devourer is significantly reduced. If there are no Legions in the Scourging Field, the effective range of Scourging Strike is extended to the entire Lair.
Magma CovenantWhen a Magma Daemon is defeated, all remaining Magma Daemons gain one stack of Magma Covenant, increasing their ATK and DEF.
Heating ManastoneEvery time a Magma Daemon loses 20% of its HP, its Lair produces Healing Manastone, which can be gathered to heal lightly wounded units.
Magma Manifest: Devourer’s Rage10m after entering battle, the Magma Devourer becomes Enraged, and continuously casts a strengthened version of Blazing Wave.
Magma Daemon

Alliance Magma Daemon Skills

  • Hand of the Devourer The Magma Devourer deals Magic Skill damage to all Legions surrounding it, or in a forward arc (Damage Factor 600). When its target Legion is too far away, the Magma Devourer switches to ranged attacks, launching a wave of lava at the target, dealing Magic Skill damage to all Legions caught in its wake, and to all Legions at its endpoint (Damage Factor 600).
    Upgrade Preview: Skill Damage Factor 600 / 1200 / 1800 / 2400 / 3600
  • Hot Spring: The Magma Devourer heals all its surrounding friendly Legions (Healing Factor 300).
    Upgrade Preview: Healing Factor 300 / 400 / 500 / 600 / 800

Magma Locations & Buffs

AGORU881:553Damage Dealt +2%
ATHERAN624:405Damage Dealt +2%
ATHERAN694:661Damage Dealt +2%
ATHERAN733:567Build Engineering +10% | Hero Stamina Limit +5%
BURNING LANDS858:216Damage Dealt +2%
CALTIA522:256Build Engineering +10% | Hero Stamina Limit +5%
DARALAN889:1053Build Engineering +10% | Hero Stamina Limit +5%
FORGOTTEN LANDS1138:864Damage Dealt +2%
HOLLENDALE491:580Damage Dealt +2%
LORCAN998:864Build Engineering +10% | Hero Stamina Limit +5%
NUVOLA616:931Damage Dealt +2%
SOFROSTIA226:607Build Engineering +10% | Hero Stamina Limit +5%
ZOLAND1372:621Build Engineering +10% | Hero Stamina Limit +5%
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