Giant Guide – How to Defeat?

In this article, we’ll be talking about how to capture the Giant in Call of Dragons, which is the second Behemoth in the game. Once you capture this creature, you can use it in the open field to fight against the enemies.

We will be giving you all the tips and tricks you need to capture this Giant fast and easily.

Upon victory, players will receive 500 Gems, a Relocation Teleport, 8h 20m Speedups, 500k Gold & Wood, and 375k Ore. Don’t miss the chance to take on Giant and reap the benefits!

Giant Call of Dragons 1

Giant Basic Information

  • Arrack: 400
  • HP: 300,000
  • Power: 310,000
  • Defense: 2,250
  • Movement Speed: Very Fast
  • Battle Duration: 300s

How to Defeat Giant?

Defeating the Giant Behemoth doesn’t have to be difficult. Make sure to alert your alliance before you launch the attack – more players means a more successful and quicker effort!

Keep in mind that you have 8 minutes to take him down, or else all troops involved will be taken out.


Taking on a giant enemy requires careful strategy. A few melee tank units should be brought along to take all the damage; the rest of the players should equip range units, along with their heavy-hitting commanders.

Every member should stay at a distance in order to reduce the chances of being hit with the giant’s skills.

If you spend a bit in the game or are lucky enough to have nico Nico at 5-1-1-1, use the nico Nico + gwanwyn Gwanwyn combo, which is one of the best at dealing damage at the moment. This will be the best of the best hero pairings for the free-to-play players in the game.

It may be a little difficult to get legendary hero tokens, so you can go with gwanwyn Gwanwyn and then kreggKregg at the beginning. You can get some Kregg tokens by completing events and then work on your Gwanwyn and get her maxed out easily.

If you are free-to-play and you want to use magic, go with waldyrWaldyr primary and atheusAtheus secondary. Atheus will bring a lot of rages that’s going to help you out.

Do not that Behemoth is not getting and extra damage from peacekeeping skills and artifacts.

Make sure you read the specifications of your artifacts before using them to make the most of them. If it says peacekeeping, try not to use it. You should bring something else, something good, like the shadowblades Shadow Blade. It has a marksman unit attack, buff and a legion attack buff. It is going to work well against Behemoth.

Have taunting artifacts harlequin mask handy in case they are needed to pull the giant.

attacking giant Call of Dragons

When you enter the Giant Lair, try to stay away from that red circle. Let your tanks hit first, and then the ranged armies hit.

Say the tank targets the creature, and then you happen to hit it with your long-range hit. It’s going to leave the tank and come straight for you. Therefore, you’ve got to wait for the tank to get the first hit.

When you see a red shape on the ground, just dodge it. It could be a triangle, square, circle, or rectangle. Just dodge it and walk away.

Every time the giant comes close to you, move away.

Stay away from the area of effect, and don’t take a lot of damage.

This giant can swing and has a wider radius. You’ve got to watch out.

There would be two trolls on the side that you should go and kill. Once you kill those trolls, they are going to drop manastones. You can use these manastones to heal your troops.

Remember, the more troops you have, the more damage you inflict.

Giant Call of Dragons 1

Giant Skills

Primal StrengthGiant Bear is immune to all debuff effects and impairment effects.
Reckless BlowGiant swings its mighty arms, dealing Physical Skill damage to all enemy Legions in a forward arc (Damage Factor 300).
Wild SwingGiant swings its hammer, dealing Physical Skill damage to all enemy Legions in a forward arc (Damage Factor 400).
Whirlwind of FerocityGiant raises its stone hammer and spins, dealing Physical Skill damage to all surrounding enemy Legions (Damage Factor 500).
All-Out StrikeGiant charges up briefly before successively hammering the ground in four directions. Legions in an arc in front of the strike are knocked Airborne and take Physical Skill damage (20% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count).
ShockwaveGiant slams its enormous hammer into the ground, knocking all surrounding Legions Airborne.
Feast of GluttonyGiant devours the Legion with the most units remaining in the Lair and gains a Rock Shield for a period of time. If the Shield remains unbroken at the end of its duration, the devoured Legion is instantly killed, and all surrounding Legions take Skill damage (40% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count). If the Shield is destroyed in time, the devoured Legion escapes, and Giant is briefly Stunned.
King of the GiantsDuring the second stage, Giant becomes Invulnerable and summons Hammer Trolls within the Lair. It also casts Mountain Aura, increasing the ATK and DEF of Hammer Trolls within its range. Invulnerability and Mountain Aura last for 90 seconds. Each defeated Hammer Troll drops Healing Manastone; gather it to heal lightly wounded units in your Legion. Giant’s invulnerability expires as soon as all Hammer Trolls have been defeated.
AftershockGiant charges up briefly before knocking all Legions Airborne along three forward straight lines, dealing Physical Skill damage (30% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count).

Alliance Giant Skills

  • Tremor Attack: Giant deals Physical Skill damage to all enemy Legions nearby or those in a forward arc (Damage Factor 2,400).
    Upgrade Preview: Skill Damage Factor 600 / 1200 / 1800 / 2400 / 3600
  • Aftershock: Giant charges up briefly before knocking all Legions Airborne along three forward straight lines, dealing Physical Skill damage (Damage Factor 8,000).
    Upgrade Preview: Skill Damage Factor 2000 / 4000 / 6000 / 8000 / 12000
  • Mountain Aura: 2m after being summoned, Giant casts Mountain Aura, increasing damage dealt by itself and its surrounding friendly Legions for 60s.
    Upgrade Preview: 30/45/60/75/90
    Duration Damage bonus: 5% / 8% / 11% / 15% / 20%

Giant Locations & Buffs

BURNING LANDS1099:231Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
BURNING LANDS631:258Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
BURNING LANDS670:109Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
BURNING LANDS725:366Legion March Speed +5%
BURNING LANDS756:69Legion March Speed +5%
BURNING LANDS772:258Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
BURNING LANDS811:217Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
BURNING LANDS920:298Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
BURNING LANDS927:204Legion March Speed +5%
BURNING LANDS990:204Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
CALTIA234:352Legion March Speed +5%
CALTIA257:420Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
CALTIA312:298Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
CALTIA382:420Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
CALTIA390:298Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
CALTIA397:177Legion March Speed +5%
CALTIA444:366Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
CALTIA483:82Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
CALTIA514:190Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
CALTIA553:285Legion March Speed +5%
DARALAN1052:1122Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
DARALAN1091:973Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
DARALAN725:1122Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
DARALAN787:1014Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
DARALAN826:919Legion March Speed +5%
DARALAN865:1095Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
DARALAN928:1176Legion March Speed +5%
DARALAN943:1041Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
DARALAN982:973Legion March Speed +5%
FORGOTTEN LANDS1084:717Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
FORGOTTEN LANDS1123:811Legion March Speed +5%
FORGOTTEN LANDS1162:960Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
FORGOTTEN LANDS1185:1027Legion March Speed +5%
FORGOTTEN LANDS1193:744Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
FORGOTTEN LANDS1255:717Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
FORGOTTEN LANDS1302:933Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
FORGOTTEN LANDS982:649Legion March Speed +5%
NUVOLA351:933Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
NUVOLA452:973Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
NUVOLA460:825Legion March Speed +5%
NUVOLA553:825Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
NUVOLA561:973Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
NUVOLA631:771Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
NUVOLA663:879Legion March Speed +5%
NUVOLA795:838Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
SOFROSTIA109:622Legion March Speed +5%
SOFROSTIA171:622Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
SOFROSTIA195:474Legion March Speed +5%
SOFROSTIA210:771Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
SOFROSTIA210:852Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
SOFROSTIA226:663Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
SOFROSTIA265:541Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
SOFROSTIA320:852Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
SOFROSTIA351:663Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
SOFROSTIA359:784Legion March Speed +5%
ZOLAND1083:501Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
ZOLAND1115:339Legion March Speed +5%
ZOLAND1177:582Legion March Speed +5%
ZOLAND1286:447Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
ZOLAND1309:622Hero Skill Damage Dealt +6%
ZOLAND1403:460Counterattack Damage Dealt +6%
ZOLAND1411:609Legion March Speed +5%
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