Necrogiant Guide – How to Defeat?

The Necrogiant is an Epic Behemoth in Call of Dragons and it is not an easy beast to take down. As there are few Necrogiants in the game, many alliances will be unable to control one.

Conquering the Necrogiant will net you 1.2k Gems, a Relocation Teleport, 50h Speedups, 3M Gold & Wood, 2.25M Ore, 10 Silver Keys, 6 Gold Keys, and 300 CP. All in all, it is an incredibly rewarding experience.

  • Arrack: 280
  • HP: 300,000
  • Power: 360,000
  • Defense: 2,250
  • Movement Speed: Very Fast
  • Battle Duration: 300s
Call of Dragons Necrogiant

How to defeat Necrogiant

Preparing to take on Necrogiant in Call of Dragons takes a good deal of planning and preparation. As an alliance leader or officer, it is important to ensure that all your members are informed at least one day ahead of the attack and that they know exactly what is expected of them. Necrogiant can be a formidable foe, therefore everyone should be well informed on how to dodge its abilities and what targets to prioritise. Communicating this to all members of the alliance ahead of the attack will help to ensure you are ready for the challenge that lies ahead.

To successully take down Necrogiant, strategizing ahead of time is key. If players are well-prepared and know what to do, the battle has a much higher chance of being won. On the other hand, without good organization and proper planning, the probability of overcoming Necrogiant is almost non-existent. Therefore, it is important to give tactics and advice on how to beat it beforehand.

When playing Necrogiant, it is essential to keep in mind that your troops and heroes will interact differently with each Giant. It is important to note that each Necrogiant and Giant have the same amount of health and any damage you deal to the Necrogiant will count against the Giant as well. Knowing the type of damage your troops and heroes can inflict is the best way to prepare your army. Additionally, understanding how each Giant attacks and defends can help you make strategic battle decisions. With the knowledge of Necrogiants and Giants, you can be sure to win your fights and come out victorious.

Giant: they will only be affected by magical attacks. As such, only units and heroes capable of dealing magical damage should be employed against them.

Necrogiant: these creatures are weak to physical attacks, so only units and heroes with the ability to deal physical damage should be called upon to fight them.

It is wise to separate players into two distinct teams. Since Necrogiant and giant are both taking damage, one group should ideally comprise of magical damage dealers that target giant, while the other go for Necrogiant with high physical damage. Archers possess the highest physical capability, however infantry and cavalry can also be used if the strength of the archers is not a good fit.

Players have to be conscious of Necrogiant and Giant if they appear together since both of them can be buffed if close to one another. In order to defeat them, it is essential to divide the two by having one group pull Necrogiant on one side and the other group draw the Giant to the opposite direction. This separation of the two will significantly increase the chances of a successful victory.

Explaining the Necrogiant’s most pivotal skills, and how to avoid being hit by them, is essential to success in combat. Luckily, we can provide you with a clear and concise explanation of the best tactics to do so. To make sure you understand, watch the helpful video at the bottom of the page.

Malevolence is powerful and can deal a lot of damage if you are hit. To dodge it, locate the narrow opening and move through it as the attack travels from side to side. This may require practice, but you’ll soon get a sense of how to avoid the attack.

The Barrier of Withering can also do considerable damage. You must move along the edge of the arena as the four beams rotate clockwise along one side of the stage. Don’t traverse the middle, as this will leave you exposed.

Within Haunting of Ill Intent, there is a group of purple orbs that must be avoided at all cost. To get out unscathed, make sure you don’t get caught in their line of fire.

Darkfire should prove to be the easiest skill to master when it comes to defense. The entire arena will be filled with a purple vortex, with two spots containing a clear area. Make sure you stand in one of these circles and you’ll be safe from the attack.

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Necrogiant Call of Dragons

Necrogiant Skills

Blood OathNecrogiants and Giants share HP.
Occult ResilienceNecrogiant is immune to Magic damage, debuff effects, and impairment effects.
Dark BenedictionSynergy forms between Necrogiants and Giants when they get close to each other, significantly reducing the damage they take.
Deadly ShadowsNecrogiants and Giants start channeling teleportation and cast a random Skill at certain intervals. They are both Invulnerable while channeling teleportation, and will switch places when channeling finishes.
StaffstrikeNecrogiant swings its giant staff, dealing Magic Skill damage to all enemy Legions in a forward arc (Damage Factor 300).
PunisherNecrogiant slams its giant staff into the ground, dealing Magic Skill damage to all enemy Legions in a forward arc (Damage Factor 300).
Manastone DaggerStrike Necrogiant sinks Manastone Daggers into the ground, dealing Magic Skill damage to all surrounding enemy Legions (Damage Factor 500).
MalevolenceNecrogiant summons a row of Eyes of Ill Intent on a random side of the Lair while channeling teleportation. These Eyes continuously launch orbs towards the opposite side, dealing Magic Skill damage to Legions they touch (8% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count).
Barrier of Withering Necrogiant summons revolving cross-shaped barriers in the middle of the Lair while channeling teleportation. Legions that touch the barrier take continuous Magic Skill damage (1% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count).
Haunting of Ill IntentNecrogiant summons four Eyes of Ill Intent in the Lair while channeling teleportation, launching orbs in random directions. Legions struck by the orb take Magic Skill damage (5% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count).
DarkfireDarkfire covers the Necrogiant’s Lair while channeling teleportation, dealing continuous Magic Skill damage to Legions touched (3% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count). Meanwhile, Necrogiants and Stone Giants create circular Twisting Seals around targeted Legions; Legions inside them are immune to Darkfire damage.
Disruptive Necro-CurrentsWhile channeling teleportation in the third stage, random currents generate within the Necrogiant’s Lair, affecting Legions’ March Speed.

Alliance Necrogiant Skills

  • Grievous Attack: Necrogiant deals Magic Skill damage to all enemy Legions nearby or those in a forward arc (Damage Factor 600).
    Upgrade Preview: Skill Damage Factor / 1200 / 1800 / 2400 / 3600
  • Shadowsphere: Necrogiant charges up briefly before casting a huge, slow-moving magic orb at the target Legion, dealing continuous Magic Skill damage (Damage Factor 600) when it touches its target. The orb vanishes after moving for some time.
    Upgrade Preview: Skill Damage Factor 600 / 1200 / 1800 / 2400 / 3200
  • Tome of Infernal: Secrets Necrogiant increases all damage dealt by 5% every 30s after being summoned.
    Upgrade Preview: Damage dealt bonus 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%

Necrogiant Locations & Buffs

ATHERAN608:596Destruction Engineering +10% | Hero Stamina Recovery Speed +5%
ATHERAN725:501Destruction Engineering +10% | Hero Stamina Recovery Speed +5%
ATHERAN741:609Destruction Engineering +10% | Hero Stamina Recovery Speed +5%
AGORU842:542Melee Unit DEF +5%
AGORU905:488Ranged Unit DEF +5%
AGORU780:407Melee Unit DEF +5%
LORCAN936:840Melee Unit DEF +5%
LORCAN874:731Ranged Unit DEF +5%
LORCAN850:609Melee Unit DEF +5%
HOLLENDALE522:582Melee Unit DEF +5%
HOLLENDALE585:663Melee Unit DEF +5%
HOLLENDALE577:596Ranged Unit DEF +5%
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