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Are you tired of getting defeated in Call of Dragons every time you engage in combat? Do you want to improve your combat skills and become an expert dragon slayer? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some of the best combat tactics that you should know when playing Call of Dragons.

These tips and tricks will help you to level up your game and dominate the battlefield. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and explore the tactics and strategies that will make you unstoppable in Call of Dragons!

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Call of Dragons tactics

Tactics and Strategies in Call of Dragons

If Rise of Kingdoms is a representative SLG mobile game, the Call of Dragon is a comprehensive MMOG mobile game that combines SLG and MOBA.

Simply understand, Rise of Kingdom is more strategic while Call of Dragon is more tactical.

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What are the differences between strategic and tactical?

The strategy is mainly embodied in fight or no fight, united or desperate which is a decision made by many kings in the future development of the kingdom. The competition among countries is also mainly reflected in the volume. Players are hard to win the fights unless relying on strong top-tier heroes or more powerful equipment.

Tactics, on the other hand, belong to the specific operation under the strategy, representatively in the micro sense of play and operation

Call of Dragons Class Balance Mechanism

Because you won’t be able to play one class to the end like Rise of kingdoms. Call of Dragons has a more detailed division of classes.

The attributes of classes vary greatly, and the restraint relationship is obvious that it is not possible to be changed by a powerful hero.

The following image is the class attribute differences

It can be seen that the infantry has a strong defensive ability, the cavalry has excellent mobility and attack ability, the marksman has an ultra-high basic attack, and the mage has very far-range combat ability.

In addition to the differences in the attributes of each class, each class also has its own skills. Yes, skills, which is ridiculous, but also wonderful, and even more wonderful, the different classes’ skills are different.

tier 5 marksman ability
  • Maskman standing still can continuously add damage to a normal attack, just like an Archer needs to draw the bow to accumulate power. The longer the time, the higher the damage.
  • Mage will constantly provide a health buff to nearby Allies in battle, full support skills.
  • Infantry can bounce damage when attacked by ranged units, and as their units are reduced, infantry can gain a defense bonus over and over again, which means that infantry is very difficult to kill unless attacked by a mage, because the ability only provides defense, not magic resistance.
  • Cavalry can greatly improve its killing ability in a short time of contact combat.

There is no such division in the Rise of Kingdoms, which means you can’t operate a team the way like Rise of Kingdoms.

Otherwise, even if you are stronger side, you will suffer heavy losses due to unit advantage system.

Some Tactical Examples in Call of Dragons

The relationship of unit advantage system has brought about tactical evolution.

Melee is Infantry and Cavalry, and ranged is Marksman and Mage.

When the two Legions are engaged, ranged units have a distance gap over melee units, and melee units suffer more losses due to distance if they are engaged head-on.

But once the melee is close to the face of the ranged unit, the ranged unit is basically helpless.

And this relationship between the near and the far is the basis of tactics.

Such like:

Underhand tactics

Underhand tactics

When the other side chooses to build up their defense in narrow areas with marksmen and mages, if we still use ranged units as the main force, the battle will only be about who is stronger, and the battle will become a stalemate.

If our side decides on a surprise strategy in the process of frontal stalemate, using flying units to circle behind and threaten the enemy’s rear row, it will become a double-team state, and the other side’s strongholds will lose their effect.

Preemptive tactics

Preemptive Tactics

When the enemy is relatively stronger, it will generally launch a frontal attack and use the numbers to suppress.

Due to the poor mobility of ranged units, melee units arrive first when arms march, while ranged units march slowly in the rear.

At this point, a team composed of concessions, marksman, and mage can reach the enemy assembly area first and force the enemy to fight. The infantry can intercept the enemy infantry and cavalry, and the masksman and mage can be output in the back row to form a tactical barrier.

Cavalry units are then used to circle the rear to intercept the enemy’s long-range arms who are slowly marching behind them. After defeating the long-range arms, the cavalry returns to the main battlefield to encircle and destroy the remaining enemy arms.

Is this tactic similar to Hannibal’s Battle of Cannibal?

hannibal battle of cannibal

The above tactics are only tactical deductions using the characteristics of the unit, but the real tactics are much more than that.

Tactical Artifacts

Artifact is the most brilliant design in Call of Dragons.

Among all kinds of artifacts, the tactical artifact has the highest impact on the battle situation.

Using artifacts can create many wonderful fighting methods.

Such like

cloak of stealth

Cloak of Stealth

Cavalry | Mobility

Cavalry Unit ATK +20%
Legion ATK +18%

Skill: Subterfuge
Cooldown: 1h
Rage Cost: None

Casts immediately. Grants Legions Stealth for 1,800s, reducing their March Speed by 15%. While in Stealth, Legions cannot be normally detected, and can only be seen if they move too close to the enemy. Actively attacking, taking damage, or opening Chests will cause Stealth to expire.

In war, speed is crucial. The maker of this cloak believed that remaining unseen is just as important.

If the enemy sees the Cavalry, it’s easy to alert them, but if you have a Cloak of Stealth?

From the two views below, you can see that the cavalry will be completely invisible to the other side when the cloak of stealth is launched, and the arms will seem to disappear into thin air.

This is a great help for the cavalry to round and cut back the rear, and the cloak gives a maximum duration of 1800 seconds, which is enough time to organize an effective assault.

cloak of stealth in action

This is a great help for the cavalry to round and cut back the rear, and the cloak gives a maximum duration of 1800 seconds, which is enough time to organize an effective assault.

Since the cloak is a rare artifact, basically everyone could has, the battle is almost over when enough invisible units appear in the enemy’s back row.

staff of the prophet

Staff of the Prophet

Magic | Mobility

Magic Unit HP +20%
Legion HP +17%

Skill: Toward the Light
Cooldown: 8h
Rage Cost: 1,200

Casts on a selected friendly Legion within the current Region and within Alliance territory. After a 15s charge-up, 6 surrounding friendly Legions (including the target) are teleported to that Legion’s location. Teleportation will prioritize your Legions.

Legends speak of a prophet who accepted a great mission from the God of Light. With his staffin hand, he led Humankind out of the Endless Night.

The Staff of the Prophet can teleport 6 friendly arms to the front line. When the mage uses this artifact, you can easily change the situation of one-on-one combat into more than one enemy.

Using this artifact can achieve the enemy deep, let the enemy rest assured that the bold into our preset encirclement.

Is a sublimation of empty city tactics artifacts.

storm arrows

Storm Arrows

Cavalry | Mobility

Cavalry Unit ATK +24%
Legion ATK +22%

Skill: Blink
Cooldown: 1m 30s
Rage Cost: None

Immediately teleports your Legion to a designated empty area (range 30) and grants them Rampage, increasing their damage dealt by for 4s.

A magical arrow used during the’ Night of Storms that changed the history of Jargand.

Cavalry can use this artifact to perform a flash-like flash in “League of Legends”, not only to cross terrain but also to flash in front of enemy arms to intercept.

(Interception is an army marching mode where touching your opponent’s face will cause them to stick and make them unable to move)

wolf woman of haelor

Wolf-Woman of Haelor

Cavalry | Mobility

Cavalry Unit HP +20%
Legion HP +17%

Skill: Wolfshadow
Cooldown: 1m 30s
Rage Cost: None

Immediately teleports your Legion to a designated empty area (range 24). Legion returns to their original position when the Skill is cast again, or 15s after casting.

The Wolf-Woman of Haelor Glacier is a well-known tale. Beneath her wolf mask, she was a true wolfrider.

The function is very similar to the “League of Legends” Zed ultimate skill

Can make the cavalry suddenly flash into position to kill the enemy’s rear row. And then instantly back to the original position.

All of these artifacts have a “League of Legends” like competitive atmosphere, to make an otherwise ordinary battle full of cunning.

Call of Dragons tacticals

The tactical possibilities of Call of Dragons

The evolution of tactics from the arms character and the role of the artifact is only part of the story, but the introduction of the Behemoth will make the change of tactics more colorful.

You might think that in the Rise of Kingdoms, the outcome is decided the moment before the season, but in the Call of Dragons, it’s all unknown.

If I had to judge the two games, I would say that they just look similar, that’s all… It’s just.

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