How to get Command Points CP in Call of Dragons

In Call of Dragons, Command Point (CP) is a super important resource that allows players to attack the neutral units in-game and to do some other activities that reward a lot of resources.

By making the most of CP, you can easily strengthen your account progression, hero power, and more!

Call of Dragons CP Command Points

What is Call of Dragons Command Point (CP)?

Command Points (CP) are a type of energy in Call of Dragons that you will use to attack various Non-Player Character (NPC) enemies, such as dark units and darkling forts.

After attacking the Darklings using CP, players will receive a lot of rewards like speed-ups, resources, hero medals, and gems.

rewards for defeating darlkings

At the beginning, the CP limit is 1200. When this limit is reached, you won’t be able to regenerate more until you spend your CP.

At the moment, the max CP cap is 1800 when your tech is maxed.

The amount of CP can earn in a certain amount of time is determined by your CP recovery speed, which can be increased in various ways.

The beginning CP recovery speed is 1 CP every 36s. Max tech increases the Recovery Speed by 15%. The alliance that captures the Flame Dragon successfully gets 10% more CP Recovery Speed.

Remind yourself that all CP-increasing items will be removed from the game at the end of the season. Make sure to spend them all on darkling units and forts before the season resets, which will help you grow a lot faster and eventually get tier-5 units!

If there isn’t any Darlking farming event ongoing, spending CP on Forts always give better rewards.

Also, keep an eye on the CP recovery timer – when it’s full, click on the CP icon to see how long until it refills again.

Upgrading Honorary VIP Membership 2
Basic CP Recovery in the Honor Store

How to get more CP?

It’s critical to understand how to acquire CP when playing Call of Dragons since it’s something you’ll use constantly. Right now, there are a few ways for regenerating CP and obtaining CP items.

Events in Call of Dragons offer a huge amount of rewards, and many events grant CP items. As such, make sure to complete all events in order to reap the full benefits – not just CP and skyrocket your progression.

The VIP/Honor shop offers a great deal for gold-holders – 10x 100-CP recovery items a week! It doesn’t require a lofty VIP status to purchase, so don’t miss out on this weekly opportunity to get your hands on as much CP as you can!

At Alliance stores, you can use your Member Points to exchange for CP recovery items. But be warned, it won’t be worth your while – there are far better options for you to spend your Member Points on such as Teleports, Speedups, etc.

Alliance Gifts: Being part of a whale alliance that is spending a lot can be beneficial when opening an Alliance gift. This gift is typically obtained when someone purchases a bundle within a game, open dark chests, or destroys a fort. Whenever you open it, you have the chance of getting CP items.

There are 2 types: 100-CP and 500-CP Recovery items. The 100-CP items can be obtained from the activities above. 500-CP items are season rewards and can be obtained around 20 items max.

How to Recover CP Effectively?

Command Points Recovery is an essential stat to upgrade; the more it increases, the more enemies you can attack – and the greater the rewards!

With improved CP recovery, you’re able to take on more enemies for the same amount of waiting time.

When it comes to technology, the tech tree is essential to increasing your CP. It’s important to do research on this, but as a new player, you don’t need your full focus on this during the early and mid-game.

If you wish to further increase your CP, you can look into technology that will help you hold more of it. While this is still beneficial, it’s not as important as other technologies, so it’s best to leave it until you can easily take down level 24/25 Darklings.

The map in Alliance Territory has some structures which can speed up your CP recovery. So you want to seek out the top alliance on the server, and benefit from the best possible CP recovery.

When slaying small units around a behemoth, you may be rewarded with a manastone. These stones will provide a bonus to your CP recovery rate for a specified length of time, so it’s always worth keeping an eye out for them if you want to reap the benefits of the extra CP regeneration.

How to Spend CP Effectively

It’s important to spend as many command points as possible on darkling forts and units.

This is because, at the end of the season, any CP items you haven’t used are removed.

CP Recovery Items

You can use CP to get a ton of rewards and items, which will help you advance.

For maximum effect, your best option is to spend your CP on farming Forts (this is a hack that most people don’t know) and work on only one hero at a time so you can level them up quickly.

Darkling patrols could provide hero levels and flag materials. The first attack costs 50CP, keep attacking without back city cost 45CP, and so on the lowest cost for a single attack cost 30CP.

  • The first attack after leaving the city costs 50 CP, keep attacking without going back to the city costs 5 CP less every time. The lowest cost for a single attack is 30CP.
  • Darkling patrols could provide hero XP and Watch Tower materials.
  • Dark creatures for upgrading artifacts level, the same cost to Darkling Patrols.
  • Attack Darkling Fort gives materials for upgrading Rally Center and Tactic Manuals, and costs 150CP for each attack.
  • Dark Eliana’s Army offers Epic hero Eliana’s tokens and other resources.

CP recovers from 0 to max in 12 hours. It is recommended not to never let it overflow, and it can be fully consumed twice a day at a fixed time.


It is vital to use all your CP in Call of Dragons to quickly progress. All CP items will be wiped out when the season ends so take advantage of them.

Don’t fret about them too much though, as with time and participation, you will accumulate a good amount of Command Points in Call of Dragons…

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