Time to Act Event

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Spend any type of speedups to strengthen your City while also gaining a lot of valuable rewards.

time to act Call of Dragons

Time to Act Event

Minutes of Speedups SpentRewards
300green gold Gold x 50,000
green wood Wood x 50,000
green speedup 5-minute x2
900epic medal Epic Medal x2
green gold Gold x 50,000
green wood Wood x 50,000
green ore Ore x 37,500
2,700gold key Gold Key x1
epic lucky medal Epic Lucky Medal x1
green wood boost 8-hour Wood Boost
green ore boost 8-hour Ore Boost
5.400Legendary Medal Legendary Medal x1
blue building speedup 60-minute Building Speedup x1
blue training speedup 60-minute Training Speedup x1
blue research speedup 60-minute Research Speedup x1
10,800Legendary Medal Legendary Medal x2
universal artifact key Universal Artifact Key
silver key Silver Key
blue mana Mana x 50,000 x5

Ranking Rewards

Rank 1custom legendary token Seasonal Custom Token x20
blue speedup 60-minute Speedup x15
gold key Gold Key x5
silver key Silver Key x10
Rank 2custom legendary token Seasonal Custom Token x12
blue speedup 60-minute Speedup x12
gold key Gold Key x4
silver key Silver Key x6
Rank 3custom legendary token Seasonal Custom Token x8
blue speedup 60-minute Speedup x9
gold key Gold Key x3
silver key Silver Key x4
Rank 4-10custom legendary token Seasonal Custom Token x4
blue speedup 60-minute Speedup x6
gold key Gold Key x2
silver key Silver Key 26
Rank 11-20custom legendary token Seasonal Custom Token x2
blue speedup 60-minute Speedup x3
gold key Gold Key x1
silver key Silver Key x1
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