Call of Dragons Update 1.0.15 “Brave New World”

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It’s your old pal and trusted trading partner Kella here, bringing you the latest news from across Tamaris!
The latest announcement from the Merchants’ Guild is that version 1.0.15 “Brave New World” will be released on [2023/04/20] .

Some big news: in order to get everybody ready for the expedition to Belleron, the Guild is launching a migration scheme to help everybody move to the places where they truly belong! Me and Dronkey reckon you should get the new update as soon as you can.

We’ve got a long road ahead of us-but don’t worry, wherever you go, we’ll be right by your side!
I noted down all the new content myself. No need to thank me. Take a look!

Don’t miss your chance to make a killing… ahem, I mean, to save Tamaris!

A Smoother Route to Prosperity

1) Added the new Division Migration system, which will be rolled out to servers once they have completed two Seasons. You will have a limited time period to move to other servers in the same Division as you. Please note that every server has a player limit, and you will not be able to migrate to servers that have reached their limit. You will begin the next Season playing alongside other Lords on your new server.

2) Added a new item: Reserve Legions. Use this item on the Legion training screen to greatly increase the number of units produced by your current training effort.

3) Improved display for information regarding sources of Artifact Emblems, and added a feature to skip directly to the Forge of Light event. When the event begins, the “Go” button displayed next to the information regarding event begins, the “Go” button displayed next to the information regarding the source of the Emblem will take you directly to the event.

download cod pc version

4) Adjusted the Augurstone progress for Season 1. The Resurgence feature will be unlocked once Chapter 1 “Faith Above All” has been completed.

An Even Richer Combat Experience

1) Improved Behemoth combat. Previously, only Alliance Leaders and Officers could summon Behemoths, and there was no ability to control their actions. In the new update, you will be able to control a Behemoth’s actions within range of the Behemoth’s targeted building.

2) Added a new Officer title: Beastmaster. Only the Beastmaster will be able to summon and control Behemoths; Leaders and other Officers will no longer be able to do so.

3) Improved display of information regarding Legions on the map, adding a unit type icon. The unit type icon will display the unit types of all Legions currently marching or fighting on the map.

4) Added a “Merit Distribution” table for battle reports involving Rallied Armies or Garrisoned Armies. The Merit Distribution button will be located next to the Kill Rewards button on battle reports, and will allow you to see the number of Merits gained by each player whose Legions join the Army.

5) Improved the share feature for battle reports. You can now share multi-battle reports directly to the chat window.

An Improved Alliance System

1) Added the ability to directly zoom in on the Alliance Leader’s location. The button located next to the Alliance Leader’s name on the Alliance screen will take you to the Alliance Leader’s current position.

download cod pc version

2) Adjusted rules for replacing Officers. There will be a 15 minute cooldown after changing any Officer role. After the cooldown ends, you may change roles again.

3) Adjusted rules for building Alliance Core Fortresses. Alliance Core Fortresses must be built in an Alliance’s Affiliated Region (i.e. the Region where the Leader’s City is located).

A More Beautiful Tamaris

1) Improved Springwarden building visuals to better match the Faction’s design.

2) Improved visuals for the technologies screen. To help you master your research, your level of progress in each technology has been made more visible, and key technologies have been more prominent.

Incredible Story Content

1) Added the ability to rewatch narrative content. You can rewatch Hero Dialogues in the Heroes screen, and revisit Main Stories or Village Stories in the Tales screen.

2) Added the ability to skip Hero Dialogues that you have already seen.

Other Improvements

Bakshi has been added to Gold Chests, and can be summoned by opening Gold Chests.

download cod pc version

That’s all I got! Oh, and the Merchants’ Guild always welcomes any feedback or suggestions.

Ya know hon, it’s been a pleasure to fight alongside you. I truly mean it.
Me and Dronkey are looking forward to carrying on the fight against the Darklings by your side, and hunting down some dragons too.
So l hope you hold up your end of the deal!

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