Peacekeeping Guide: Do More Damage & Earn More Resources

Peacekeeping plays a huge role in Call of Dragons as you have to defeat the Darklings every day for hero XP and resources.

By understanding how to have the best possible peacekeeping setups, you can easily take out the Darklings fast while saving a ton of CP, as well as getting extra rewards.

peacekeeping guide call of dragons

How Peacekeeping Works

The peacekeeping icon peacekeeping talent tree works when you are defeating Darkling Patrols and Dark Creatures. And as well as if you look into the past, they are also going to be the Dark Links in Darkling patrols.

The peacekeeping attributes also do work on the pass.


But the peacekeeping attributes will not work for the Behemoths. So if you’re going to try to raid the Behemoth, make sure that you are not using the Peacekeeping talent tree for the maximum effort.

Or if you have to fight a Behemoth once it’s summoned by an alliance, do not also fight the Behemoth with the peacekeeping talent tree for the best results.

peacekeeping talent tree call of dragons

Talent Tree for Peacekeeping

You will want to work on the overall attack, overall defense, and then overall health. All peacekeeping talent trees should follow this same setup.

This is the best peacekeeping talent tree that you should be using for your setup.

There should be no other setup that you should be doing. It’s because you are going to maximize the damage output while gaining extra rewards.

Rage is so important in this game.

The biggest existence of your hero in Call of Dragons is their active skill – the skill that will cast rage.

Here, have two choices as you move forward. You can either go for Shield if you want to absorb, or you can use the Duet which is going to give you 10% chance to deal hero skill damage when attacking Dark creatures and dark links.

I would rather go for attack damage (Duet) and just eliminate it right away rather than absorbing the damage as you can just return home for healing. Anyway, If you still want to pick the Shield, it’s better to do so with melee heroes like Infantry or Cavalry as they always take more damage.

After that, you can focus on increasing the attack of your legion.

Go for Morale – your legion has a 10% chance to gain 100 rages when hit with a normal attack by Dark links and dark creatures. And then get the Bane of Darkness – your legion deals 5% more damage to the Darklings and dark creatures.

You also have another choice. You can go for the Predestination. But in season one, I don’t think that is crucial because you won’t have all the heroes worked well. You don’t want to use every single hero anyway, and the tactic manuals will get scrapped anyway at the end of the season. So I think that’s more practical in a later season where you have more peacekeeping heroes.

War Trophy – This is your final destination. If you select Sunbaiter, you’re probably doing it wrong as it has no great value in the long term.

war trophy talent tree

You have to put it into the War Trophy because you are going to get more resource tokens every single time you attack the enemy.

Every time that you kill Dark Darkling patrols and Dark creatures, you’re going to get a resource chest that contains either 5,000 gold, 5,000 wood, 3750 ore, or 2,500 Mana.

war trophy chests

You are not going to get that from killing the Darkling guards though.

If you are rallying the Dark Fortress and you’re the rally leader, you are also going to be able to get that resource chest box.

Imagine your Command Point will eventually expire. They will get reset every season. If you do not learn War Trophy, you are wasting a huge amount of resources. Imagine how many Darklings and Dark Patrols you kill every season.

It doesn’t matter what level of the Darlkings you kill, you are going to gain extra resources. However, I still recommend killing higher levels because you get more rewards by killing them.

So basically the War Trophy is so crucial because you are going to convert all your CP into a further amount of resources, which you can carry over into the next seasons, especially for healing in the late game.

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