Call of Dragons Update v1.0.14

Hiya hon, It’s your old pal and trusted trading partner Kella here, bringing you the latest news from across Tamaris! The latest announcement from the Merchants’ Guild is that version 1.0.14 “Call of Dragons” will be released on (UTC 2023/03/03 02:00)

Ain’t you heard? Rumor has it that the invasion of the Darklings and the reappearance of dragons are connected. If we can’t stop ’em, you, me, and all of Tamaris will be dragon food! The scholars at Dawngrad Academy are doing all they can to find out more. They’ve thrown open the doors of the city to anyone who’s willing to help their research efforts. This is our chance to make a name for ourselves, hon. We can’t miss out!

The Guild says that the servers will be downfor (2.5) hours to update. But don’t you worry, there’ll be a special gift waiting for you when the update’s complete! I noted down all the new content myself. No need to thank me. Take a look! Don’t miss your chance to make a killing… ahem, I mean, to save Tamaris!

Call of Dragons Patch Notes

Call of Dragons Update v1.0.14

A Smoother Route to Prosperity

1) Improved the new player tutorial experience.
2) Simplified certain Main Quests and improved the order and difficulty of
Main Quests.
3) Reduced the difficulty of Daily Challenges in Titan’s Legacy to improve
player experience (particularly for lower-level players).
4) Adjusted Policies. Policies that increase damage dealt by units have been
replaced with Policies that increase gathering or production.
5) Improved the Artifact Ascension screen, making it easier to understand.
6) Adjusted unlock conditions for certain buildings, such as the Augurstone.

An Even Richer Combat Experience

1) Improved playability and slightly expanded the skill range of the following
Artifacts: “Phoenix Eye”, “Tear of Arbon”, and “Breath of Jargentis”.
2) In the interests of balance, the following changes have been made to Hero
—Hosk Skill Plateau Tactics: Legion Capacity increase is now
(was 2000/4000/6000/8000/10,000).
—Madeline Skill Glorious Bloodline: Legion Capacity increase is now
(was 2000/4000/6000/8000/10,000).
—Indis Skill Rejuvenating Blessing: Legion Capacity increase is now
1500/3000/4500//6000/7500 (was 1000/2000/3000/4000/5000).
3) Reduced the difficulty of certain Behemoth raids (excluding Elite Raids).
4) Added First Victory Rewards for Darklings and Dark Creatures. The first
time you defeat Darklings or Dark Creatures of a certain level, you will gain
additional rewards.
5) Improved the combat experience for Resource Points. Legions gathering
from Resource Points within Alliance territory can now be attacked, and
Legions can enter Resource Points while in battle.
6) Improved Legion Capacity bonuses gained from leveling up Heroes and
enacting Policies. Your Legion Capacity will also be increased once your Hall
reaches a certain level.
7) Improved Artifact Skill casting. The camera now moves more smoothly
when casting Artifact Skills.

An Improved Alliance System

1) Removed the Union feature. All Unions between Alliances will be
automatically dissolved.
2) Added levels for Blessings Chests as part of Alliance Gifts. The higher the
level of the Blessings Chest when opened, the better the rewards. Also
adjusted the number of Key Points granted for destroying Darkling Forts of
differing levels.

More Enjoyable Events
1) The all-new Trial of Light event is about to begin. Brave warriors must
undergo trials to banish the darkness in the name of the Light. Defeat as many
Darkling Legions as you can within the time limit!
2) Improved the Crucible of Courage event. You must spend Command Points
to participate in the event; however, you will gain more EXP and greater

A More Accessible Map

1) The mist surrounding Serenity Bay in Caltia has lifted, revealing the
glorious city of Dawngrad. The Human capital is now yours to explore.
2) When the Augurstone Chapter “Lightbearer” ends, the Mist will no longer
be dispelled across all of Tamaris. Instead, it will only be dispelled in the
Atheran Region and on the ocean.
3) Adjusted Exploration Progress. When moving to the same Realm, your
Exploration Progress will be retained.

A More Beautiful Tamaris

1) Improved building visuals to better match their respective Factions.
2) Improved visuals for City Shield. Each Faction has its own unique City
3) The armies of Wilderburg have undergone significant restructuring. Orcish
Spearmen have been replaced by Tavrosi Spearmen from the Ironhide Clan.
Their attributes will remain the same.

Incredible Story Content

1) Updated animation for Season Adventures 1 and 2, and voice acting for
Season Adventures 3 and 4.
2) Added 11 Conversations which will be unlocked as the Augurstone
3) Added voice acting for Theia, Garwood, Nika, Velyn, Kinnara, Alistair, and
4) Added exploration rewards for Tales. Unlocking Creatures, Anecdotes, and
Letters will all be rewarded with Gems.
5) Improved the Explore tab on the Narrative Map. You can now more easily
view Mist Progress and Exploration Progress across the Regions of Tamaris.

Other improvements

1) Added new languages: Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Simplified
and Traditional Chinese.
2) Improved Battle Reports and information regarding Darkling Forts and
Alliance Tech in the Mail screen. Mail with similar content will be grouped
together for clarity. For example, Battle Reports for a Legion that fights
multiple battles during a single deployment will be combined together,
showing information such as Merits gained and wounded/dead units.

Adjusted Dark Chests. Dark Chests now have three levels: Common, Elite,
and Superior. Artifact Luck Points have also been introduced. Artifact Luck
Points increase your chances of receiving Legendary Artifacts from Chests.
When you reach 100 Artifact Luck Points, you are guaranteed to receive a
Legendary Artifact. Once you receive a Legendary Artifact, your Luck Points
will be reset.
4) Added unit tabs, allowing you to see the classification and attributes of
5) Added a button on the Hero screen that allows you to replay the animation
you see when you first receive a Hero.
6) Adjusted increases to building area when you expand your City Size.
Building area for Town and Citadel Sizes has been reduced to a more
appropriate size.
7) Improved Group Chat management. You can now quit and delete Group
Chat messages with a single tap.

Ya know hon, it’s been a pleasure to fight alongside you. I truly mean it.
Me and Dronkey are looking forward to carrying on the fight against the
Darklings by your side, and hunting down some dragons too.
So I hope you hold up your end of the deal!

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