How to Capture Villages & Get Buffs!

The latest system addition to the popular Call of Dragons game is definitely worth your time and effort!

In Season 1+, a new Village System has been unveiled that notably amplifies the gameplay. Let’s investigate the specifics and see how it could improve your Call of Dragons journey.

The Village System presents an enticing incentive to engage in more combative strategies within Call of Dragons. The potential to rapidly level up your heroes and benefit from significant buffs can tip the game’s scale in your favor.

Also, keep in mind that the number of available spots in a village is limited, and they can quickly run out. Therefore, speed is of the essence.

Call of Dragons village buff

What does the new Village System offer?

It rewards you with more Elixir Capacity, Elixir Production, Peacekeeping damage, and Hero EXP bonus! Which are all crazy!

This could be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for in your journey through Call of Dragons.

When you first play Call of Dragons, you might notice there are a lot of these villages on the map. But they are only accessible from Season 1+ and they give you a lot of extra buffs!

But how can you leverage these buffs?

Keep an eye out for a small ‘new home’ icon at the top of your screen.

village management icon

Clicking on it transports you to the Village management screen, where you’ll see a detailed overview of your captured Villages and the benefits they provide.

village management menu

How to Find Villages

alliance territory icon

It needs to be in your alliance’s territory to raid the village.

The alliance screen is a great way to find potential villages to target.

Just get to the Alliance screen, go to the Territory menu, and you will see the coordinates of all of your Alliance’s villages.

Note: If you leave your Alliance, you will not lose the buffs. Only If you abandon the villages. So theoretically you can join different Alliances to get more buffs in a short time.

How to Capture Villages in Call of Dragons

You just need to capture these villages by raiding them and gaining the buffs that last forever until you remove them.

However, there is only a limited number of people who can raid a specific village. Level 5 village is only available for 70 occupiers.

These buffs are huge just like Behemoth buffs, so you don’t ever want to miss the chance!

So it’s a race against time to snatch up these valuable buffs.

raiding village Call of Dragons

Get your troops towards the village. When ready, press the ‘Raid’ button and prepare for battle. Each hero participating in the capture costs 40 Hero Stamina, so be sure to strategize and make every point count!

village occupied

If you have T4, you probably want to have at least 2 Legions to raid level 5 villages.

Village LevelStaminaLimit

How many villages can I capture?

In the beginning, each player is able to capture 5 villages. But later, after Necrogiant is unlocked, the cap is increased to 25.

Wrapping Up

The new Village System introduces an exciting layer of strategy to Call of Dragons. Villages don’t just give you buffs; they help you level up your heroes and increase your capacity for Elixir, making them a high-value target in your gaming journey. So, get into action, and may the strongest player win!

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