How to Unlock T4 Troops Fast

If you’re a new player looking to step up your gameplay, unlocking Tier 4 (T4) units in Call of Dragons should be your next move. T4 units are powerful, providing an upper hand against your opponents and are a unit you’ll be working on for an extended period.

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Understanding the Tiers in Call of Dragons

In “Call of Dragons,” there are multiple unit tiers ranging from tier one to tier five.

These units’ color coding is as follows: light blue (T1), green (T2), blue (T3), purple (T4), and gold (T5).

This article will focus on unlocking the T4 units – the powerful purple troop type. Check this article for tips on unlocking T5 units.

There are five different unit types in “Call of Dragons”: Marksman, Infantry, Mage, Flying, and Cavalry. Interestingly, the Cavalry unlocks at T2 and the Flying unlocks at T3.

Upgrading your units from T3 to T4 offers a ton of more stats:


Unlocking T4 Units: The Strategy

Unlocking T4 units requires an efficient approach to building and research management.

Start by leveling up your city hall to level 21, then move on to level up your Research Center or Academy.

Hitting level 22 is beneficial as it provides 5 Legion queues, which can be used for various tasks, such as resource farming, dark creature hunting, or battling other players.

Next, focus on your Military Technology. It’s here where you can unlock T4 units. The trick is not to rush the process. Take your time to understand each unit’s stats, as each unit possesses different attack modes and ranges.

Try to maintain forward momentum in your research, focusing on unlocking new technologies and only going back to max out previous technologies when necessary.

Prioritize Conscription technology, as it increases all unit training speeds by 10 percent, thereby getting you more units faster. You also want to work on cp CP related technologies as well.

You don’t need to max out everything else in the Military Technology immediately, leave them at the bare minimum.

Don’t neglect your Economic Technology, though. Two significant research areas are Architecture and Scholarship, which reduce building upgrade times and research times by a lot, respectively.


  • Focus on upgrading 1 building of a type to the max level so you can get to the next Hall level faster. For example, you can totally focus on upgrading only 1 Lumber Mill and get it to the highest possible level.
  • Don’t forget to collect Manastones for upgrading faster.

Unlocking the Right Units First

Given there are five units, you might wonder which one to unlock first.

Based on seasoned player recommendations, prioritize unlocking the marksman Marksman first.

They deal a substantial amount of damage and are particularly useful in the Behemoth challenges.

Following the Marksman, you can choose whichever unit aligns with your gameplay, but Mages and Cavalry units are generally the next best picks.

In the “Call of Dragons” world, T4 units are a game-changer, making you a formidable player.

The journey to unlocking T4 units requires an efficient strategy, but with the tips above, you’re well-equipped to climb the ranks and become a pro “Call of Dragons” player.

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