Breaking Through Event Guide

During the event, Alliance Officers can choose a starting point to start escorting the caravan. Once the caravan reaches the destination, all Alliance Members wilt get rewards. Members who contribute more during the escort process will get more rewards.

Call of Dragons Breaking Through Event Guide

After the Night of Burning Stars, the trade network of the United Merchants’ Guild of Tegar came under attack. Due to this threat, the Merchants’ Guild has reached agreements with major Alliances, offering different levels of escort contracts, depending on supply value, as well as the degree of danger on the route.

Breaking Through Event Guide

There are six rules in total. I don’t want to explain them one by one (you can read them in detail in the next section), but I’d like to remind you of something you should pay attention to.

  1. Each alliance member can only deploy one legion to participate in escort activities, the extra could not achieve any other effect.
  2. In the process of the escort, you need to click the caravan to select the legion to deploy. If you follow the caravan without selecting the legion, you will not get any personal points, or you will not be able to get the reward. The way to select a legion to deploy is as follows:
deploy caravan
  1. When escorting a caravan, you can choose to give up or wait for a monster to destroy, which usually happens when you challenge a high-level escort task but find it impossible to finish it. You can choose once again the appropriate difficulty in this way. The limited 3 opportunities will not be consumed as long as the escort is not successful. (Only Alliance officials can make this decision.)
protecting caravan
  1. During the escort process, all monster information is shown in the introduction of the activities page. You can make a guaranteed strategy by getting to know monster attributes in advance.

Breaking Through Tips

1. Scheduling preparation before the event starts

It is very crucial to make this preparation. To better protect the caravan, more people are needed to participate. Alliance officials must communicate in advance to ensure that most people try to be online on the day of events.

preparation for break through event

You could give some optional periods of time for the alliance members to vote by email or mutual communication. The available time for most alliance members to be online can be confirmed by voting. Then you can mark the event location on the map with the available period of time.

If the work is done well, it means half success for your escort ranking.

2. Troop deploy adjustment

You need to make a plan for the members’ legions based on their specific situations. Since there are some differences in combat strength for different alliance members, you shall not force each alliance member to send out the same kind of legion.

For example, the cultivation objective of some alliance members is mainly for infantries, you shall not ask them to deploy the legion they are not good at.

breaking through troop deployment

Another example is that some alliance members have very weak combat strength, in such case, you can consider asking them to deploy the melee such as infantry or cavalry. Because some monsters attacking the caravan can be held back, and some of them directly attack the caravan. Therefore, the staff with weak combat strength can help to relieve the pressure of the main force to clean up wild monsters by holding back some wild monsters.

3. Make an operational strategy

You must be clear about the enemy you are facing before making a strategy.

There are two types of monsters attacking the caravan. One can be held back, that is, if you attack it, it will stop attacking the caravan and then turn to attack the enemy that is attacking it.

The second one is that can not be held back, that is to say, no matter how you attack it, it will ignore it completely and directly move toward the caravan. Whether it can be held back or not, you can check the monster information bar in the event interface.

After you know the enemy’s situation, you can command your alliance members to make a response.

To read more about them, please go to the Bandit Guide section below.

strategy for breaking through event

There are many ways to make responses, but the melee troops (cavalry or infantry) are recommended to be outside of the caravan and the long-range troops (mages or archers) to be inside.

The melee troops are responsible for blocking those bandits that can be held back at the edge, while the long-range troops are responsible for concentrating fire on those monsters that directly attack the caravan. The long-range troops come back to cooperate with the melee forces to fight the remaining bandits after killing the bandits close to the caravan.

The advantage of this deployment is not only to reduce the defensive pressure of the inner legions to realize a reasonable firepower distribution, but also enable weak combat staff with low output to play a more important role.

Breaking Through Event Rules

1. During the event, each Alliance has 3 attempts to escort the caravan to its destination. The escort attempt will succeed as long as the caravan’s Supply Integrity is greater than 0, and Alliance Members will get rewards based on the escort results. If all the caravan’s supplies are looted or if the escort is abandoned, Alliance Members will not get rewards, but the Alliance will regain the escort attempt.

2. To escort a caravan, tap the Escort button in the caravan’s pop-up window and select a Legion to deploy. Personal Points are obtained by sending Legions to follow the caravan or by defeating Darklings who attack the caravan. Reach the Personal Point target and complete the escort successfully to gain corresponding rewards. You can claim rewards up to a maximum of 3 times.

3. Each Alliance Member can only deploy 1 Legion to help escort the caravan. Alliance Officers can select where and when the escort starts. Before the escort starts, there will be a period of Prep Time where you can deploy Legions to wait at the designated start point. After the escort starts, the first Legion to score points will be automatically selected to join the escort and cannot be changed until the escort is complete. Alliance Members cannot gain any more points from this escort if their Legion is routed or returns to the city.

4. Alliances that complete an escort successfully will enter the Escort Rankings and will be ranked higher if they complete contracts with a higher difficulty level. If Alliances complete a contract with the same difficulty level, they will be ranked according to Supply Integrity. If the Supply Integrity is the same, Alliances that complete escorts sooner will be ranked higher. Ranking rewards will be issued at the same time a period of time after the event ends.

5. Tap the Bandit Guide in the upper right corner of the event page to view the different types of enemies and their skills and prepare in advance.

6. New escorts cannot be started in the last 15 minutes before the event ends, but escorts that have already started can still be continued, so use the event time wisely.

Bandit Guide

Darkling Infantry Bandit

Darkling Infantry Bandit

  • Danger Level: Low
  • Class: Darkling Bandit
  • Attack Habits: Prioritizes counterattacking
  • Skill: The Darkling Infantry deal Physical Skill damage to a target Legion (Damage Factor 350).

Darkling Warriors seem to have no idea why they are looting caravans, but they will never miss a good opportunity to fight. All they care about is fighting and death, so intercepting survival supplies from caravans isn’t that important to them. These brave warriors just want to fight any who dare to provoke them.

darkling rider bandit

Darkling Rider Bandit

  • Danger Level: Moderate
  • Class: Darkling Bandit
  • Attack Habits: Prioritizes attacking the caravan
  • Skill: The Darkling Riders inflict Slow on a target Legion, reducing its March Speed by 70% for 7s.

Darkling Riders are used to galloping and charging at their enemies, and they love to loot and seize things from their rightful owners. Weak caravans have always been their favorite target, and the sound of their thundering hooves makes caravans’ packhorses neigh in horror. The sight of a horde of Darkling Riders fills any merchant with terror—not just for their own lives, but at the prospect of their own precious cargo being used to further the Darkling invasion.

witch troll bandit

Witch Troll Bandit

  • Danger Level: High
  • Class: Darkling Bandit
  • Attack Habits: Prioritizes the protection of allies
  • Skills:
    • Witchcraft: With a wave of its staff, the Witch Troll deals Magic Skill damage to a target Legion (Damage Factor 400).
    • Blazing Effigy: The Witch Troll grants Keen and Stoneskin to one of their nearby friendly Legions, increasing their ATK by and DEF by for 30s.
    • Dark Invocation: The Witch Troll heals lightly wounded units in one of its nearby friendly Legions (Healing Factor 4,000).
    • Cleansing Totem: The Witch Troll dispels all control effects from all its nearby friendly Legions.

Witch Trolls’ natural intelligence makes them a safe bet for any bandit gang. They are accustomed to hiding behind more reckless Darklings and Creeps and providing support from a distance. Any Witch Troll with a brain will keep themselves safe, but they will retaliate if they are threatened.

shield troll bandit

Shield Troll Bandit

  • Danger Level: Extremely High
  • Class: Darkling Bandit
  • Attack Habits: Prioritizes attacking the caravan
  • Skills:
    • Mean Right Hook: The Shield Troll throws a sweeping punch, dealing Physical Skill damage to all enemy Legions in a forward arc (Damage Factor 400).
    • Shield Storm: The Shield Troll swings its giant shield around, dealing Physical Skill damage to all enemy Legions in a circle around it (Damage Factor 600).
    • Testudo The Shield: Troll grants their nearby friendly Legions Stoneskin, increasing their DEF by 20%.
    • Battering Ram: After a 5s charge-up, the Shield Troll charges forward, dealing Physical Skill damage to all Legions in its path (Damage Factor 1,400) and knocking them Airborne.

Impulsive Hammer Trolls are the most unpredictable enemies in the bandits’ ranks. Their shields are used as instruments for inflicting blunt force trauma rather than for defensive purposes, making them easy to attack. But if you encounter a Hammer Troll when they have nowhere else to vent their fury, prepare to withstand a terrible onslaught.

stone troll bandit

Stone Troll Bandit

  • Danger Level: High
  • Class: Darkling Bandit
  • Attack Habits: Prioritizes attacking the caravan
  • Skills:
    • Stone’s Throw: The Stone Troll hurls a stone, dealing Physical Skill damage to a target Legion (Damage Factor 400).
    • Powerquake: The Stone Troll deals Physical Skill damage to all enemy Legions in a straight line in front of it (Damage Factor 400).
    • Shot-Putter: The Stone Troll increases the ATK of nearby allied Ranged Legions by 30%.
    • Rockfall: The Stone Troll throws a huge boulder, Immobilizing all enemy Legions in a small area wherever the boulder lands for 7s.

Stone Trolls will never put themselves in danger when looting supplies. They are cunning and know how to keep their distance from the caravan, and will lob their stones at just the right time to catch enemies off guard. Although they might have lousy aim, their mission and purpose are very clear: trap the caravan or smash it.

thunder lizard bandt

Thunder Lizard Bandit

  • Danger Level: Extremely High
  • Class: Darkling Bandit
  • Attack Habits: Prioritizes attacking the caravan
  • Skills:
    • Arcvott: The Thunder Lizard deals Magic Skill damage to all enemy Legions in a straight line in front of it (Damage Factor 400).
    • Shock and Awe: The Thunder Lizard smashes the ground with a mighty stomp, dealing Magic Skill damage to all Legions in a circle around it (Damage Factor 600) and inflicting Gloom, reducing their ATK by for 4s.
    • Jumping Bolt: After a 5s charge-up, the Thunder Lizard launches a chain of lightning thatjumps between up to 5 enemy Legions, dealing Magic Skill damage (Damage Factor 1,600). The damage dealt decreases with each additional target.

Bandits like to use the lightning released by Thunder Lizards to intimidate caravans. Their terrifying electrical arcs may damage your supplies at any time. The range of their lightning will keep growing, so eliminate them as soon as possible or the supplies of your caravan will be completely ravaged by lightning.

ice lizard bandit

Ice Lizard Bandit

  • Danger Level: High
  • Class: Darkling Bandit
  • Attack Habits: Prioritizes counterattacking
  • Skills:
    • Ice Shards: The Ice Lizard fires razor-sharp shards of ice, dealing Magic Skill damage to a target Legion (Damage Factor 400).
    • Frozen Claw: The Ice Lizard slashes with its icy claws, dealing Magic Skill damage to a target Legion (Damage Factor 400).
    • Frostfury Aura: Legions friendly to the Ice Lizard gain Rage 40% faster when nearby.
    • Call of the Cold: The Ice Lizard summons 2 water elementals for 400s. The water elementals launch magic attacks against all nearby enemy Legions.

The bandits have not had as much success in training Ice Lizards. As soon as they are attacked, they will completely forget their target and attack the enemy they think is more threatening to them. Although they may seem slow, don’t take them lightly or they’ll freeze you and the supplies you’re protecting into a bulky block of ice.

venomous lizard bandit

Venomous Lizard Bandit

  • Danger Level: Extremely High
  • Class: Darkling Bandit
  • Attack Habits: Prioritizes attacking the caravan
  • Skills:
    • Caustic Spray: The Venomous Lizard spews venom, dealing Magic Skill damage to a target Legion (Damage Factor 400).
    • Venom Slash: The Venomous Lizard slashes with its venom-soaked claws, dealing Magic Skill damage to a target Legion (Damage Factor 400).
    • Malevolent Gaze: The Venomous Lizard stares at an enemy Legion. The piercing gaze dispels all of the target’s buffs and debuffs and inflicts Breach, reducing its DEF by for 12s.
    • Toxic Bog: The Venomous Lizard sprays venom at 2 target Legions, dealing Magic Skill damage (Damage Factor 400) to the targets and all Legions around them every second for IOS.

The bandits have tricked the reclusive Venomous Lizards into thinking the caravans are invading their territory. Encountering a highly poisonous creature in the middle of the road is, to say the least, something of an inconvenience. Take extra care when eliminating them, and remember to protect yourself when protecting your supplies.

Breaking Through Event Rewards

Individual Rewards

Breaking Through Event Rewards

Alliance Rewards

Each Alliance’s ranking is based on Contract Difficulty, Supply Integrity, and when they finished their escort. The top 20 Alliances will get ranking rewards.

  • Rank 1: 3x Legendary Custom Tokens + 3x Gold Key + 5x 60-minute Speedups
  • Rank 2: 2x Legendary Custom Tokens + 2x Gold Key + 4x 60-minute Speedups
  • Rank 3: 1x Legendary Custom Tokens + 1x Gold Key + 3x 60-minute Speedups
  • Rank 4-10: 1x Gold Key + 2x 60-minute Speedups
  • Rank 11-20: 1x Silver Key + 1x 60-minute Speedup
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