Season Reset: Which Will Be Erased?

After a certain period of time, a new season in Call of Dragons starts with a lot of items, and stats get reset. If you understand how it works, and what you should prepare for the new fresh start, you can easily get ahead of other players.

select region in the new Call of Dragons season

What will be reset when Call of Dragons Season Ends?

These kinds of stuff will be reset right when the new season starts: Hero levels, Tactic Manuals, CP items, Artifact levels, Arcane Dust, Policies, Prestige (Policy upgrade materials), Merits (Get from attacking other players, used for exchanging items). Legion medical supplies, dragon trails, and Alliances.

Call of Dragons Season Reset Items

After a season, all Alliances from the last season will break up. In the new season, players could find new friends to start a new alliance. Alliance name and short name will get saved for 7 days when the new season starts.

During this time the alliance leader has the right to continue the same alliance name and short name.

The Major Changes After Call of Dragons Season Reset

1. Hero Levels, Tactics Manuals, CP Items

After the season resets, the hero levels, CP items, and tactic manuals will get reset.

However, hero skills and star level do not get reset.

So making the right order to level heroes up will be very important.

hero after season resets

tactic manual Tactics manuals are very hard to get at the start, level heroes basically depend on defeating dark troops. Beat dark creatures are the must to do things in every season.

Command Points will reset too, which means saving CP for events doesn’t work here. Our advice is to spend as much CP as possible on defeating darklings. Do not waste CP on other things yet.

You want to level up some of your gathering heroes first as they can gain Hero XP when gathering resources. You can use them to level up the other heroes as well when not having enough CP for attacking Darklings.

If you have Abandoned Puppet Abandonned Puppy, use them to get Manual Tactics and other resources. Super valuable after the reset.

2. Dust & Artifacts

Artifact only resets level, not skill & star level.

Artifact is very similar to heroes, needs arcane dust Arcane Dust to level up, and a fast way to get Arcane Dust is to defeat dark creatures.

Darkling patrols provide more hero experiences while dark creatures give arcana dust.

These Darkling units are the things you have to face every day. The suggestion is to spend 70%-80% CP on darkling patrols because hero experiences are harder to get during this time, and spend the rest of CP on dark creatures.

Take darkling guards at last because defeating them does not require CP, but try to fight it with the alliance, because it is very hard at first.

artifacts after season reset

3. Policy and Prestige

Dragon Trail provides prestige Prestige for upgrading the policy techs, and prestige prestige cant be bought from anywhere else.

Try to get to the highest possible level in Dragon Trail in the early game. You need Prestiges to level up the Policies.

4. Legion medical supplies and merits

Legion medical supplies and merits are related to battles. These two items are quite balanced. Legion medical supplies could help you heal legions using fewer resources, and winning more PvP battles gives more merits.

High-power players could enjoy battles, and normal-power players could spend fewer resources on healing.

The goal to reset these two items is to help players fight more.

Call of Dragons Dragon Trail Map

5. Dragon Trail and Alliance Reset

The last two things are dragon trail and alliance reset, also the least affected.

Dragon Trail reset is not really hard but just a waste of time.

Alliance reset is trying to balance every alliance as some alliances may have their own civil wars. And upgrading alliance tech is quite an exhausting thing to do, normally it takes 2 months to max tech levels.

About the season reset, focus on heroes and artifacts level and beat darklings. After all, players still need to continue farming them.

The good side is that players could try new different talent trees for different game content.

The season reset could be quite a shock, but after some understanding, it is quite acceptable and fun as everyone somehow has a fresh start.

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Acceptable and fun? All our hard work is just…gone. How is that acceptable OR fun?


when will be next season coming ?


Can i bring forward arcane dust and tactics manual for next season.. The one that hasn’t been use..


Does honour points and honor level reset?