Hydra Guide – How to Defeat?

Hydra is one of the toughest Behemoths available to battle in Call of Dragons. This formidable beast can be found scattered across the map, with more than 30 of them, and each alliance should aim to get at least one.

Defeating Hydra can bring in some impressive rewards including 600 Gems, a Relocation Teleport, 25 hours of Speedups, 1M Gold & Wood, and 750k Ore.

Don’t miss the opportunity to obtain the rewards and capture the Hydra in Call of Dragons!

Hydra Basic Information

  • Arrack: 280
  • HP: 300,000
  • Power: 330,000
  • Defense: 2,250
  • Movement Speed: Very Fast
  • Battle Duration: 300s
Call of Dragons Hydra

How to beat Hydra in Call of Dragons

Unlocking Hydra in your alliance is a significant move!

With their high AOE damage capabilities, they can be a major asset in big-field fights.

But be warned as fighting Hydra can be a difficult task if you don’t have an understanding regarding their skill set and mechanics.


Remember, you have a maximum of 8 minutes to take Hydra down – if you fail, all your troops will be taken out, and Hydra’s health will restore to 100%. So, it’s important to utilize all your Alliance members and strategies before the time’s up not to waste time and resources.

When it comes to your attack on Hydra, make sure to choose your heroes and units wisely.

To have the greatest chance of success, inform your alliance members that you’re going for Hydra so you can have as many players as possible. The more players you bring, the more damage you’ll deal, allowing for a much smoother victory.

Have some tanks that will take the brunt of the damage, while your other players use nukers and ranged units to deal massive damage.

The giants bone Giant Bone is an Epic artifact that helps to gain more damage towards the Behemoths with the artifact skill and ATK bonus. Another essential artifact is the spirit bangle Spirit Bangle, which can remove all the debuffs and impairment effects from your legion and surrounding friendly legions. This artifact is very important as there will be debuffs occurring within the Hydra. At least 20% of the participants should have this artifact.

If you are part of the Cavalry, Mage, or Marksman gangs, we strongly recommend that you bring the spirit bangle Spirit Bengal with you. If you are chasing the Hydra around, you can use this artifact to remove the debuff within the Inner Circle and Outer Circle, so everyone will not have a poison stack.

The poisonous will inflict one stack of poison on all Legions who take damage. Therefore, having the Spirit Bengal is essential as it helps to remove the debuff.

Upon your fight with Hydra, there are two separate mana stones that can be found dropped on the ground – the red one has a timer, while the green one has charges.

  • Red stone: If left ignored, its timer runs out, placing a debuff on both you and your alliance members, increasing the damage you take.
    These debuffs are stackable, meaning if there’s a lot of game time left, the damage you will take can become fatal. When players pick up the red stone, they themselves receive the debuff but benefit from a 25% boost in damage. It’s best to pick them up right away to ensure neither the team nor you receive a negative debuff.
  • Greenstone: It has 10 charges. It is important to grab it, as it not only gives you a heal on your troops but it removes all of the debuffs as well. If your team is low on troops or you have a lot of debuffs, make sure to collect the Greenstone.

When fighting the Hydra, it’s important to work together with your alliance and communicate effectively. Capturing the Dispelling Mana Stone requires ten players to gather, so it’s important to coordinate with your team to ensure that everyone is working together towards a common goal. Remember to grab the stone as soon as you see it, and communicate with your team to ensure that everyone is aware of its importance.

attacking hydra in Call of Dragons
Raiding Hydra in Call of Dragons

Agony Blast Agony Blast, a Hydra skill, deals AOE damage. Unfortunately, this damage isn’t avoid-able.

To minimize its effect, acquire the red stone so that your troops receive attack-enhancing buffs and the green stone if they’re on low health or have the debuff. Doing so will ensure your team takes only normal damage, rather than a really huge amount.

Poisonous Crevices Poisonous Crevices are a challenge you’ll want to be sure to keep on top of.

These circular cracks in the ground can cause a lot of havoc if they go off – all allies will take damage and extra stacks of damage debuff, so it’s important to counter them.

To do this, stand directly on top of the cracks – this will stop it from bursting, and no one will get hurt. Make sure everyone on your team is standing on each crack in the ground because everyone that gets triggered increases the amount of damage taken.

Flee if you spot a tremendous Big Red Attack from Hydra. If you stay, you’ll take enormous harm and perish.

Hydra Boss Skills

Hydra Call of Dragons
Primal strengthHydra is immune to debuff effects and impairment effects.
Unstable ManastoneIn the first phase, multiple pieces of Unstable Manastone periodically appear within Hydra’s Lair. Shortly after appearing, ungathered Unstable Manastone will explode, dealing Magic Skill damage to all Legions within the Lair (Damage Factor 1,200) and inflicting one stack of Poison on all Legions who take damage. If Unstable Manastone is gathered, the Legion that gathered it will take one stack of Poison and one stack of Mana Infusion. Each stack of Mana Infusion increases’ Legion’s damage dealt by 25%.
Fang StrikeHydra tears at enemies with its deadly fangs, dealing Magic Skill damage to all enemy Legions in a forward arc (Damage Factor 300).
Tail sweepHydra sweeps its powerful tail, dealing Magic Skill damage to surrounding Legions (Damage Factor 500).
MiasmaHydra’s three heads unleash a cloud of poisonous vapor, dealing Magic Skill damage to all Legions in a forward arc (20% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count), and inflicting one stack of Poison on all Legions who take damage.
Poisonous PulseHydra launches a poisonous globule at a random Legion’s location, dealing Magic Skill damage to all nearby Legions (Damage Factor 800), and inflicting one stack of Poison on all Legions who take damage.
Rancorous StrikeAfter a short charge-up, Hydra rushes forward, knocking all Legions in its path Airborne and dealing Magic Skill damage (Damage Factor 500).
Poison BarbsHydra unleashes a series of poisonous barbs, dealing Magic Skill damage to all Legions hit by them (Damage Factor 800), and inflicting one stack of Poison.
Dispelling ManastoneEach time Hydra casts Poisonous Barbs, two pieces of Dispelling Manastone will appear in its Lair. Once gathered they can heal a Legion’s lightly wounded units and clear all Poison and Mana Infusion effects.
Poisonous CrevicesIn the second phase, Hydra opens up multiple poisonous crevices in the ground. Shortly after opening up, crevices where no Legions are standing will explode, dealing Magic Skill damage to all Legions within the Lair (Damage Factor 1,200), and inflicting one stack of Poison. If Legions are standing on a crevice, this will prevent it from exploding; the Legion will absorb the poison from the crevice, inflicting one stack of Poison.
Agony BlastEvery 20s, Hydra deals Magic Skill damage to all Legions within its Lair (1% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count). Legions take increased damage for each stack of Poison.
Plaguebearer8m after entering battle, Hydra becomes Enraged, unleashing Agony Blast with much greater frequency.

Alliance Hydra Skills

  • Hydra Stinger: Hydra deals Magic Skill damage to all enemy Legions nearby or those in a forward arc (Damage Factor 600).
    Upgrade Preview: Skill Damage Factor 600 / 1200 / 1800 / 2400 / 3600
  • Poison Barbs: Hydra unleashes a series of poisonous barbs, dealing Magic Skill damage to all Legions hit by them (Damage Factor 2,000).
    Upgrade Preview: Skill Damage Factor 2000 / 4000 / 6000 / 8000 / 12000
  • Poison Cloud: Hydra casts Poison Cloud 1m after being summoned, dealing Magic Skill damage to surrounding enemy Legions (Damage Factor 300) for 30s. The Legion taking damage also gains Decay, reducing their DEF by 5%. Decay adds an extra stack every 3s.
    Upgrade Preview:
    Skill Damage Factor 300 / 600 / 900 / 1200 / 1800
    DEF reduction: 5% / 7% / 9% / 11% / 15%

Hydra Locations & Buffs

AGORU990:419Legion HP +2%
AGORU928:419Legion DEF +3%
AGORU974:500Legion ATK +3%
AGORU912:554Legion DEF +3%
AGORU881:608Legion ATK +3%
AGORU873:405Legion HP +2%
BURNING LANDS1029:243Legion ATK +3%
BURNING LANDS873:270Legion HP +2%
BURNING LANDS709:284Legion ATK +3%
DARALAN842:972Legion HP +2%
DARALAN928:1148Legion DEF +3%
DARALAN1060:1080Legion ATK +3%
FORGOTTEN LANDS1052:635Legion HP +2%
FORGOTTEN LANDS1177:770Legion DEF +3%
FORGOTTEN LANDS1224:905Legion HP +2%
HOLLENDALE429:689Legion ATK +3%
HOLLENDALE437:540Legion HP +2%
HOLLENDALE468:783Legion HP +2%
HOLLENDALE476:500Legion ATK +3%
HOLLENDALE546:702Legion DEF +3%
HOLLENDALE569:527Legion DEF +3%
LORCAN795:702Legion HP +2%
LORCAN811:621Legion ATK +3%
LORCAN857:837Legion DEF +3%
LORCAN1006:797Legion ATK +3%
LORCAN943:689Legion DEF +3%
NUVOLA608:864Legion DEF +3%
NUVOLA476:905Legion ATK +3%
NUVOLA725:824Legion ATK +3%
SOFROSTIA327:513Legion DEF +3%
SOFROSTIA382:743Legion DEF +3%
SOFROSTIA281:648Legion HP +2%
ZOLAND1333:554Legion ATK +3%
ZOLAND1216:351Legion DEF +3%
ZOLAND1161:527Legion DEF +3%
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