Direbear Guide – How to Defeat?

Direbear is a kind of advanced Behemoth in Call of Dragons and is little known to many. Only a few alliances find this beast roaming the map and so conquering it is not only difficult but also special.

The Dire Bear can be accessed after completing the capture of the pass in the next zone. With the right strategy and preparation, players can take down the Dire Bear and get the rewards.

After defeating Direbear, each Alliance member will get 1k Gems, a Relocation Teleport, 40h Speedups, 1.5m Gold and Wood, 1.125M Ore, 10 Silver Keys, and 300 CP.

All this is waiting for those brave enough to take on this rare and powerful creature – so who will stand a chance?

direbear call of dragons
  • Arrack: 280
  • HP: 300,000
  • Power: 350,000
  • Defense: 2,250
  • Movement Speed: Very Fast
  • Battle Duration: 300s

How to defeat Direbear in Call of Dragons

The Dire Bear has several skills that players need to be aware of in order to defeat it successfully.

The first skill to watch out for is the Claw Strike, in which the bear brandishes its deadly claws and deals magic skill damage to all enemy Legions in a forward arc. Players can avoid getting attacked by leaving the red forward arc shape area right in front of the bear.

Another skill to be wary of is the Berserker Cyclone, where the bear spins with the whirling claw attack and deals magic skill damage to all surrounding Legions. This skill can be particularly challenging to dodge, so you need to be quick.

The most deadly skill is the Dark Rush Dark Rush, in which the bear charges in a straight path and leaves behind a purple seal that deals continuous damage to anyone in its path. If the Dire Bear does not hit any Legion while charging, it will be stunned. Players should avoid attacking during this time and focus on evading the bear’s charge. Once the bear is stunned, its defense will be reduced by 40, and the healing Manastones will appear. It’s important to grab the Manastone as soon as possible to heal up and increase your troops for stronger attacks.

When the bear charges and hits players, it will become briefly frenzied and continuously cast Rend Rend, which tears at the enemy with its teeth and deals magic skill damage to all Legions in a forward arc. Players should avoid getting hit by the bear’s frenzied attacks and keep their distance.

raiding direbear in Call of Dragons

It’s also important to pay attention to the bear’s purple mist, which it releases during its charge and frenzy. This mist accumulates over time and can hinder players’ movements if left unchecked. Players should avoid letting the whole map turn purple and limit the bear’s use of these skills as much as possible.

To increase the chances of successfully defeating the Dire Bear, players can equip artifacts that can aid them in battle.

For tank players, the harlequin mask Harlequin Mask is a highly recommended item as it allows the player to taunt the bear and steer it away from other players. For damage dealers, the phoenix eye Phoenix Eye is the best artifact to use as it provides a significant boost in magic damage.

Free-to-play players who do not have access to the Phoenix Eye can opt to use the giants bone Giant Bone instead, which still provides a good boost in damage.

In conclusion, defeating the Dire Bear in Call of Dragons requires careful strategy and preparation. Players need to be familiar with the bear’s skills and know how to avoid them to minimize damage. Equipping the right artifacts can also make a significant difference in battle.

By following these tips, players can take down the Dire Bear and reap the rewards it offers.

So gear up, get ready, and take on this mighty beast!

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Direebear Call of Dragons

Dire Bear Skill Informaion

Primal strengthDirebar is immune to debuff effects and impairment effects.
Claw StrikeDirebear brandishes its deadly claws, dealing Magic Skill damage to all enemy Legions in a forward arc (Damage Factor 300).
Berserker CycloneDirebear unleashes a whirling claw attack, dealing Magic Skill damage to all surrounding Legions (Damage Factor 500).
DarkseatDirebear smashes the ground with dark energy. Seconds later, a Darkseal forms in a circle on the ground. Legions within the Darkseal take Magic Skill damage every second (3% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count). The Darkseal can be dispelled.
Dark RushAfter a short charge-up, Direbear rushes forward, dealing Magic Skill damage to all Legions in its path (50% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count) and creating a Darkseal along its path. All Legions within the Darkseal take Magic Skill damage (3% of the Legion’s maximum Unit Count) every second for 100s. The Darkseal can be dispelled.
DumbstruckIf Direbear does not hit any Legions while charging, then it is briefly Stunned, and its DEF is reduced by 40%. Healing Manastone also appears in its Lair; gather it to heal lightly wounded units.
FrenzyIf Direbear hits Legions while charging, it is briefly Frenzied, and will continuously cast the Skill “Rend”.
RendDirebear tears at the enemy with its teeth, dealing Magic Skill damage to all Legions in a forward arc (Damage Factor 1,800), then immediately bites all Legions in the same range, dealing Magic Skill damage a second time (Damage Factor 1,800). All targets in range of the two attacks take equal damage.
Heating ManastoneEach time Direbear loses 25% HP, its Lair produces Healing Manastone. When gathered, it heals a Legion’s lightly wounded units.
Dark Brutality8m after Direbear enters battle, it becomes Enraged, increasing all damage it deals by 1,000%.

Alliance Direbear Skills

  • Dark Strike: Direbear deals Magic Skill damage to all enemy Legions nearby or those in a forward arc (Damage Factor 500).
    Upgrade Preview: Skill Damage Factor: 500 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000
  • Phantom Charge: Direbear conjures a phantom that rushes forward, dealing Magic Skill damage to all enemy Legions in its path (Damage Factor 2,200).
    Upgrade Preview: Skill Damage Factor 2200 / 4400 / 6600 / 9000 / 13000
  • Boiling Blood: Direbear casts Boiling Blood 1m after being summoned, causing its surrounding friendly Legions to gain 10 Rage every 30s.
    Upgrade Preview: Extra Rage gained 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 80

Direbear Locations & Buffs

AGORU865:526Melee Unit ATK +5%
AGORU842:486Ranged Unit ATK +5%
AGORU811:432Melee Unit ATK +5%
AGORU787:446Ranged Unit ATK +5%
HOLLENDALE514:540Ranged Unit ATK +5%
HOLLENDALE452:567Melee Unit ATK +5%
HOLLENDALE577:621Melee Unit ATK +5%
HOLLENDALE499:648Ranged Unit ATK +5%
LORCAN1021:904Ranged Unit ATK +5%
LORCAN935:864Melee Unit ATK +5%
LORCAN959:769Ranged Unit ATK +5%
LORCAN896:769Melee Unit ATK +5%
LORCAN881:634Ranged Unit ATK +5%
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