What Type of Legions & Units Should I Focus On?

This guide unveils the secrets behind each Call of Dragons unit type’s best tactics, roles, advantages, and disadvantages, and how to make the most of them.

There are different types of Legions (or Marches) in Call of Dragons and each of them has their own role/purpose on the field. Below are the general ideas regarding how you should build your Legions and when you should focus on each of them.

Call of Dragons legions and marches

Types of Legions in Call of Dragons

  • infantry Infantry: Best for tanking damage for your other marches. Generally, you want this to be as tanky as possible.
  • cavalry Cavalry: Best to use on open-field combats and destroy the enemy backlines due to their fast march speed and great damage against ranged units. Can be used for farming gatherers. Sometimes be useful in Behemoth raids
  • marksman Marksman: Great DPS against Behemoths after the early game. They offer the best DPS but lower attack range than Mage.
  • mage Mage: Great versus Behemoths in the early stages of the game. Great for PvP due to the attack range and AoE damage. If you are mid-spender and can get liliya Liliya maxed out soon, use Mage as your primary force for PvP in the early game.
  • flying unit Flying: Based on your city location, this could have different uses. Normally you can use them for hit-and-run due to their fast movement speed and they can move over all terrains. You can also use Mage Heroes with Celestials (Human flying troops) and earn more damage!
marches in Call of Dragons
Hall LevelLegion Queue

How Does a Legion/March Work in Call of Dragons

Your march is a team of two heroes and a variety of units. These heroes include the “main hero” and the “deputy”.

It’s important to note that only the talent trees of the main hero are applicable to your march. The talents of the deputy don’t matter at all, and can even be randomly assigned.

However, both heroes’ skills will be utilized in your march. Therefore, it’s just as crucial to level up the skills of both.

Remember that your main hero’s legion capacity is 100%, while only 50% of your deputy hero’s legion capacity is added to the march.

Take a look at our Pairing guide for the best hero combos in the game.

unit advantage system

Which Type of Units should I focus on?

When it comes to choosing between different approaches in the game, there is no definitive right or wrong answer.

It ultimately depends on your preferred playstyle.

For many players, the mage march is a solid choice, particularly since Liliya is the most straightforward legendary hero to awaken, and due to their long attack range in PvP. If you are looking to tank behemoths, then creating a strong infantry could be the way to go. For those who prefer to focus on damage per second, marksmen may be the better option. And for players who want to be a nuisance to others, choosing Cavalry could be the way to go.

Magic Units: The Art of Long-Range Combat

Heroes: liliyavelynwaldyralwynatheus

If you’re a fan of far-reaching attacks, magic units might just be your favorite.

Known for their long-range capabilities, they are perfect for PvP battles (open-field) where you’d rather stay away from the heat of the conflict. They are not really great for the other aspects of the game.

Magic units allow you to launch your assaults from a safe distance. You can hit any kind of target, as long as they are out of range and you must be cautious as your movement speed is very slow.

However, despite their strengths, they aren’t best suited for rally launches. While rallying might seem appealing, remember it drains your troop resources.

Stick to open-field combat with magic units for optimal results.

Marksman: For Fans of Intense Combat

Heroes: kinnaranicogwanwynkregg

Enter the world of marksmen, a class loved for their potent damage output.

Though their range isn’t as extensive as that of magic units, they pack a powerful punch.

For those yearning for high scores in Behemoth raids, marksmen are your ticket to the top.

However, be aware of their medium range, which may leave you susceptible to area-of-effect attacks. Nevertheless, their unparalleled damage output makes them an attractive option for investment.

Marksman is just really good and you can never go wrong in Call of Dragons if you invest in them.

If you use Marksman, you really should avoid Cavalry as it will counter you really hard.

Cavalry: For the Speed and Chaos Lovers

Heroes: bakshiemrysalistairtheia

Definitely, the funniest unit to use in the game.

The cavalry units should be your top pick if you find joy in swift movements and causing mayhem.

Transitioning from magic units to cavalry can change the game dynamics in your favor. The speed and mobility of these units allow them to bully stationary marksmen stationed in the keeps, making them incredibly valuable.

You will want to change your Faction to Springwarden for the bonus march speed to maximize their efforts.

They are especially effective for players who enjoy hunting farmers and disrupting enemy farming efforts.

You can take down the Alliance Keeps easily with Cavalry legions as most of the units in those Keeps are usually Marksmen.

Cavalry units offer a fast-paced, fun-filled gaming experience, especially if you’re part of the high-spending “whale” player group.

Cavalry is probably the best option for all whales because when you do rallying the pass, cavalry is the best option and you can easily hunt players in the early game. Cavalry creates so much chaos in the game.

Infantry: Tanks

Heroes:nikamadelinegarwood 1bakhar

Last, but not least, are the infantry units, the unsung heroes of the “Call of Dragons”.

Infantry units, with their tank roles, may not garner high merits, but they contribute significantly to the alliance.

Remember, without a solid frontline composed of infantry units, your marksmen and magic units are vulnerable. Although they might not be the glory-seekers on the battlefield, they are crucial for raids on Behemoths.

Their roles may often go unrecognized, but the value they add to the team is immense.

As a leader, it is essential to encourage your alliance members to build a strong infantry team. As not many players play Infantry, you will usually get a lot of exclusivity in a lot of activities in the game as we always need tanks for Behemoths, PvP, etc.

If you are a mid-spender, have at least one legion focusing on Infantry for your team!

Whenever you see a Cavalry on the field, you can target it immediately to slow it down a lot while doing some great damage.

Wrapping Up: Choose Your Role Wisely

“Call of Dragons” offers diverse playstyles for all types of players. Whether you prefer the safety of long-range magic units, the marksmen’s high-damage output, the cavalry’s speedy chaos, or the infantry’s frontline tanking, there’s a role for you. Each unit has its strengths and weaknesses, so the choice depends on your preferred style of play.

Tips for Managing marches

Selecting Multiple Legions and Encamping

1. By selecting stay in place after attacking while deploying a Legion, your Legion will encamp in the field after battle instead of returning to your City. Legions may be attacked while encamping, so use this feature with caution.

2. If you have multiple Legions deployed, an option to Multi-Select Legions will appear at the bottom of the Legion Management tab. Enabling multi-select allows you to control the movements of multiple Legions at once.

3. You cannot multi-select Legions that are Rallying, sending aid, or Routed. 4. If one of the above situations prevents you from selecting multiple Legions, the multi-select option will not appear.

Hold and Drag

1. Hold and drag your City to the desired location on 1. the map to bring up the Deploy Legion tab. After confirming your decision, your Legion will immediately begin marching there.

2. You can also hold and drag Alliance Members’ Cities to move your own Legions.

3. Hold and drag Legions in the field to move them.

4. From the Legion Management tab on the right hand side of the screen, hold and drag Hero Avatars onto the map to give move orders to the Legion that Hero commands.

5. Double tap your Legions to select all friendly Legions visible on screen and issue commands.

6. If the destination cannot be reached, your Legion will automatically march to the nearest accessible location.

7. Routed Legions, Rallied Armies, and Transport Legions cannot be moved by holding and dragging.

8. While issuing commands to Legions using hold and drag, tap the screen with another finger to cancel your command.

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