How to Capture Gates & Zones (31 Tips)

If you are finding it hard or a bit tricky when capturing the new gates and zones in Call of Dragons, this guide by RTSMobile is definitely for you.

Every minute counts as you enter the new zone regions. Towers have a maximum build speed of 21.91 per second, with alliance tech maxed out.

Capturing your gate quickly and expanding into the zone as efficiently as possible is EXTREMELY important, and even more so in Zone 3, where you are only a few minute march away from the Enemy Gates.

How to Capture Gates & Zones in Call of Dragons Effectively

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Capturing the Gates

  1. Mages are the recommended unit type to rally with; level 1 and 2 Passes have infantry Infantry & cavalry Cavalry garrisons. marksman Marksmen and cavalry Cavalry can be backup options due to high damage output, but keep in mind that half the garrison units will get bonuses against marksman Marksmen or cavalry Cavalry.
  2. Rally Leader – Heroes with Strong Defense and/or Strong Legion bonuses are recommended.
    liliya Liliya, eliana Eliana, hosk Hosk, gwanwyn Gwanwyn are all great examples.
    Peacekeeping bonuses are also thought to affect Passes, but this is still being tested.
  3. Gate 1: Maximum unit count in the rally is 600,000
  4. Gate 2: Maximum unit count in the rally is 800,000
  5. Gate 3: Maximum unit count in the rally is 1,000,000. For zone 3 especially, the Gate Rally Host hould be as close to the target gate as possible so you can capture the pass quickly and get a few-minute advantage over your enemy.
  6. Rally using the shortest rally duration possible.
  7. The rally performance is determined largely by the Rally Host’s hero and deputy pair and unit composition, but it also helps to designate your priority players in the rally (stronger tier 4 or 5 troops, etc.)
  8. Have an officer set an Assemble Marker a short distance back from the main rally, and keep all extra
    armies staged there for fast reinforcement of the main army. Don’t get too close to the gate or the main rally army; you will take extra damage and may block the visual of the rally army.
  9. When the rally reaches the gate and starts taking losses, if the rally has enough dead troops to make room, you can reinforce the Rally by marching your nearby army into the Rally army. You can also click on the rally itself, and there will be a small Flag Icon with a Plus sign on it.
  10. Make sure players with stronger tier 4 or 5 troops are allowed to reinforce the rally first.
  11. Using a Support March to stand near the Rally March with artifacts like tear of arbon Tear of Arbor (Heal 4 Legions every 2 sec). codex of prophecy Codex of Prophecy (Sacred Shield 2400 to 9 legions) will help you during normal darkling fights & Behemoths, but not during Gate Fights. It does not work on a Gate Rally.
  12. If you have enough troop strength and reinforce the main march fast enough, you will defeat
    the gate very quickly. If you are slow to reinforce, or allow people with Tier 1 and 2 units to reinforce instead of Tier 3 and above, you will kill the gate slowly and take many more losses.
  13. If your gate is contested and you are fighting an enemy on the other side, the speed at which you arrive at the gate will determine who can start the fight with the Darkling Forces. It is much
    harder to steal a Gate once an enemy has captured it than to defeat Darkling Forces and take the gate for the first time.
    When a gate is being stolen, 50% unit DEATH rate for the attackers, 30% unit DEATH rate for the defenders.
  14. Ranged Units can attack OVER the gate!
    If an enemy rally is fighting the gate on the other side, you can stage your Mage Marches close to our side of the gate and attack the enemy rally. This will increase their losses and make it harder for them to capture the gate. You may even defeat their rally and get an opportunity to try for the gate yourselves.

Efficient Expansion into the new Regions

This is a guide about how to efficiently expand into the Level 2 and level 3 Zone Regions.

Level 1 Gate Regions are likely to be contested by enemy alliances on the other side. There will be
towers to destroy and potentially a lot of back-and-forth fighting until one side prevails. This is not
a PvP guide for how to win those fights against enemy level 1 region.

  1. The maximum tower build speed is going to be 21.91. If your alliance has enough activity to reach this maximum build speed on your first new tower, call this Tower (A), then you should have builders focusing on the new roads as well.
  2. Once you have captured the gate into the new, empty region, immediately set your first tower, and build the road to the capture Gate on your starting side.
  3. You can only build up to 5 alliance structures at 1 time, so don’t have any other things being built on your Old side.
  4. If you have enough activity to reach 21.91 speed on 1 towers, and 7 builders each on the 2 new roads, START A SECOND TOWER, Tower (B), and road in the new region.
    This will help you get more members teleported in right away as well as expand your territory and road network. This is especially important in the Zone 3 region, where you will probably have PvP before your first tower is done building. Having a large footprint where you get bonus movement speed and bonus legion attack + defense due to alliance technology is the essential.
    If you do not have enough builder activity to support this much, that is fine. Always focus on at least 1 tower + 2 roads.
  5. Once your first towers are created, do not waste any space making barricades. Do not allow members to teleport on top of the road. Do not allow members to teleport in an unorganized manner. A poorly organized teleport layout will reduce your teleport positions by as many as 10 less spaces, and it will also create barriers for your road which will dramatically slow down your legion movements inside your territory.
  6. You can optimize this by having members teleport to the outer borders of the new tower territory, and work their way in.
  7. If your first tower is complete, you can now start building forward toward whatever choke point or objective you are planning on reaching. It may be a good idea to continue with at least one more double-wide tower at the starting region, if your alliance has activity to support that much building.
  8. As you start to stretch out your territory and reduce back to 1 tower at a time for progressing forward, don’t forget to start upgrading your roads in the new region.
  9. Level 2 road increases movement speed from 25% to 30%. Level 3 road increases to 38%. Max level road, level 5, gives 60% movement speed.
  10. Level 5 road costs a significant amount of Alliance Mana resources, so save those upgrades for later. But all main alliance highways should be minimum level 3, for a 38% movement speed bonus. This will be important for PvP as it will allow you to respond to anywhere in your alliance territory like a speeding bullet, as well as reinforce troops at the battle front.

Zero Day PvP Pressure

The goal of this guide is not to teach you META PvP Strategies or Hero Pairings, but to remind you of the basics that you can have in place to make good use of your actual PvP Strategies.

Watch my videos on Youtube for more information on Hero Pairings and META Strategies!

  1. You need a few basic PvP groupings for Zero Day defensive and offensive ops. If your enemy has experience, or has read this guide, they will also understand the basics. Do not underestimate the enemy at any point.
  2. The first PvP grouping will be the builder Builders and armies defending the builders. This will be the group of armies that can counter cavalry Cavalry / flying unit Flying from the enemy. Have a few strong Infantry PVP marches hidden among the builders to intercept enemy Cavalry. Have long-range mages set up nearby to respond to flyers.
  3. The second PvP grouping will be the flying unit Flying Squad. This should be self-explanatory. Use your flying squad with Movement Speed Artifacts and Skill Builds and go harass the enemy builders.
  4. The third PvP grouping will be the cavalry Cavalry squad. Having 3 people with cavalry won’t do much against your enemy. If you have 15 people with a strong cavalry march, you can use this squad to decimate enemy ranks once large pvp starts. You can either use this grouping to harass enemy builders, or you can use this grouping to flank the enemy mage Mages & marksman Marksman once large PvP begins.
  5. The fourth and final of the basic PvP groups will be your general fighting force that will defend the edge of your territory or push into enemy territory for Pew-Pew. You want your main fighting group to have infantry Infantry tanks and a strong mix of mage Mages and marksman Marksman.
    Having additional support armies with healing or movement speed artifacts that can support your main fighters will significantly improve your group’s ability to fight.
  6. Watch my videos for more detailed Hero PvP builds, but you will be fighting against large groups of enemies. Area of Effect Hero and Artifact damage, crowd control abilities and positioning of your forces will be very important. If your allied armies are grouped and standing directly on top of each other, you will get wrecked by Area of Effect skill damage. Spread out and use the terrain around you to your advantage (Cliffs, Rivers, Rocks, etc.)
  7. Behemoths are important if your enemies are starting to overwhelm you. Do not get baited into summoning your Behemoth too soon, or they will simply stand outside the radius and wait for it to despawn. Remember that Alliance Behemoths can only protect a fully built Alliance Structure or attack a partially/fully built enemy Alliance Structure that is touching your alliance territory. If you try to summon a Behemoth to a previous tower flag in order to protect your own Partially built structure, you will most likely end up out of range of the combat and waste your behemoth summon.

Thanks for taking the time to read RTSMOBILEGAMING’s guide on Gates and New Regions. May the
power of the Pew-Pew be with you always. If you’ve enjoyed these strategies, please feel free to Like
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