What to Do After Season Resets in Call of Dragons?

If you are wondering what you should do for a better start after each Call of Dragons season reset, this guide will help you out.

But first, you must understand how server reset works. A lot of things will get reset, so a lot of players will have the same fresh start. This is a great opportunity for everyone to build up again from their mistakes.

Call of Dragons season reset

1. Farm Darklings

In the dawn of a new Call of Dragons season, your first challenge will be to face off against the Darklings.

A word of caution – Darklings have ramped up their game and are tougher to beat than in the previous season. It’s possible you’ll need to bring multiple Legions into battle. But remember, you must progress sequentially through levels 1 to 10.

If you can make it through the initial rounds using just one or two armies, you’ll be well-positioned for the later stages.

When battling level 10 Darklings, feel free to bring as many as 5 armies to the fight. If you have to rely on a full brigade to take down the lower-level Darklings, go ahead!

It’s the more challenging Darklings that grant you the most experience. And don’t forget, level 11 Darklings will appear after the first day, promising even more experience!

As you face off against these formidable opponents, don’t forget to assign Talent Points to your Heroes. These points are indispensable for various in-game tasks, including Darkling combat.

For an effective early-game strategy, consider leveling up a diverse selection of Heroes, such as one for each troop type.

For instance, madeline Madeline is a powerful early-game infantry Hero. Her second skill lets you deploy an additional 15,000 troops, which is a game-changer since you start a new season with limited troops.

Other Heroes worth investing in include liliya Liliya, bakshi Bakshi, kinnara Kinnara and theiaTheia.

liliya Liliya has a peacekeeping tree that offers bonus experience.

bakshi Bakshi serves as the Cavalry primary and also taps into the peacekeeping tree.

theia Theia allows you to activate your celestials.

kinnara Kinara will aid in strengthening your archers.

Don’t forget about the important task of gathering for experience.

After launching your Dragon Trail, you can apply some experience to your Gathering Heroes. As you gather from nodes, they’ll start providing experience if you’ve applied Talent points in Earth’s Grace.

Remember, it’s all hands on deck at the start of a new season. Engage in multiple activities – battling Darklings, building your Center Fortress, Gathering, and progressing through the Dragon Trail.

2. Dragon Trail

Dragon Trail has reset, and yes, it’s quite a bit tougher now. But fear not, as you’ve accumulated enough experience battling Darklings to level up your Heroes. When fighting through the early stages of the Dragon Trail, you only have room for 3 Legions, so it might be strategic to level up just three Heroes initially.

By progressing through the Dragon Trail, you’ll earn prestige Prestige for Policies and tactic manual green Tactic Manuals. These are a handy way to level up your gatherers swiftly.


If you navigate to your policy board, you’ll notice your policies have reset.

At the start of the season, we recommend enacting the Military expansion and free healing policies. Increasing your legion capacity early in the game is a significant advantage.

3. Alliance Activities

Alliance activities you should do at the start of the season:

  1. Donate to your alliance and be active. Every little bit counts towards making your alliance stronger.
  2. Collect Alliance rewards, and do your donations. If you’re a spender, even the 10 gems of donation can provide a significant boost to your alliance.
  3. The Divine Covenant Alliance: Leaders should aim to increase the member capacity as fast as possible. More members mean more donations, which means more technology. This should be the primary focus at the start.
  4. After these steps, teleport onto Alliance territory before your Shield wears out. Building flags will be a critical next step.

In this season, there are some new additions like Village management, which we’ll cover in another guide. This guide is primarily focused on the immediate steps you should take at the start of a new season.

4. New Events

Next, let’s talk about the in-game events. There are a lot of them, each one offering unique rewards and bonuses.

Riches of the Forest‘ event, you spend gems for a chance to get some exciting artifacts. These can include rare items like the ‘Infernal Flame’ and ‘Rattle Spear’. However, keep in mind that pulling artifacts from this event can be expensive. It’s mostly targeted towards high spenders.

Ts the ‘Compendium’ rewards are much better in ‘Riches of the Forest’. So, between ‘Compendium’ and ‘Riches of the Forest’, it’s advisable to prioritize the ‘Compendium’.

wheel of destiny event

The ‘Wheel of Destiny‘ is the event where you can unlock Syndrion and Fraegar. Syndrion is particularly useful as he’s a Strongest Lord event hero, making him a prime target for those seeking to boost their combat power. Fragar, on the other hand, will appear later in the ‘Lucky Spin‘ and will be relatively easier to acquire.

dragon trail race event

The ‘Dragon’s Trail Race‘ is another compelling event. It challenges players to reach and complete Dragon stage 55 as quickly as possible to claim lucrative rewards. While it may urge you to act promptly, remember that you have a 14-day window, so there’s no need to rush.

heeding the call event

Heeding the Call‘ event offers rewards as more members join your alliance. This event, along with ‘Behemoth Hunter’, ‘The Great Reveal’, and ‘The Revival’, all work towards strengthening your alliance and establishing your presence on the server.

5. Bundles

Now, what about the bundles and events for mid-spender?

A key feature to note is the recharge event for initial spending has reset, providing extra goodies for raw gem purchases. This includes the first purchase of double gems over in the gem market.

New Heroes have appeared in the daily deals. Prioritize those not available in gold keys. Also, consider the Joy of Destiny and Blaze of Glory bundles for early-game advantages.

Events such as Riches of the Forest and the artifact key pulls offer unique rewards, although they can be quite costly. Aim for 90 draws to get a guaranteed legendary.

Let’s move on to bundles. The ‘Joy of Destiny’ and ‘Blaze of Glory’ bundles are back for purchase in the new season. These bundles offer great value, especially the ‘Blaze of Glory’ bundle, which is better than the regular Super Value bundles. It can be bought at the 100 tier three times. Consider purchasing these bundles if you’re a spender.

The ‘Treasures of Tamaris’ is another bundle that can provide an early advantage in fights with its Arcane dust offering. However, it might be considered a whale move due to its cost.


Remember, preparation is key to success in any season, so check out our Call of Dragons guides that discusses everything you should do before your current season wraps up.

A successful season involves a careful balance of battling, researching, gathering, and of course, strategic spending. With these tips in mind, you should be well-equipped to tackle the new season and lead your troops to victory!

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