Top 10 Call of Dragons Mistakes To Avoid

If you are new to Call of Dragons and don’t know what are the worst mistakes to avoid, unless you want to slow down your progression, please follow this guide!

Many new players struggle to make the most of their experience due to a lot of simple mistakes.

Call of Dragons Mistakes

Follow our tips to stop doing these mistakes, saving your time and effort!

Top Call of Dragons Mistakes to Avoid

Call of Dragons Hero

Focusing on multiple heroes at the same time

When playing Call of Dragons, it is very important to invest in only one hero at a time.

When starting out with the game, it can be difficult to decide which hero to invest in so we strongly recommend you take a look at our Call of Dragons Tier List for general ideas of the greatest heroes.

Also, many players make the mistake of not maxing out the first skill first. The first skill is almost always the strongest skill, and is super important when it comes to doing combats as heroes cast it multiple times during the right.

When you upgrade your hero to 2-star, the 2nd skill gets unlocked. However, when you upgrade the skills, a random skill will be upgraded, so you cannot be sure which one it is.

Therefore, make sure to make the first skill maxed out first by not upgrading the hero past 2 stars.

spending gems on honor points

Randomly Spend Gems

Gems are the only real money-cost currency in Call of Dragons, also the most important currency in this game.

It can be obtained by completing missions or a few events.

Many new players normally waste it on hero recruitment chests, and it’s the worst choice in early games.

So how to manage your gems?

  1. Save 5000 gems to unlock the second builder queue.
  2. Save 35,000 gems to get to Honor 8 and unlock the second research queue and honor’s daily gifts will give 1 Legendary hero token in the current season.
  3. Save gems for Honor 10, it will give 2 Legendary Hero Tokens every day.
  4. Save gems for Honor12, it gives 3 Legendary Hero Tokens every day.
  5. After reaching Honor 12, if there are gems, you could spend them on Hero events or Artifact Events.

Note: Currently there isn’t any event that costs gems to finish.

rare hero in Call of Dragons
Maxing a rare hero in Call of Dragons is very easy.

Upgrading Rare Heroes and Rare Artifacts

Rare Heroes and rare Artifacts are very easy to get in the early game. Many new players will spend their items to level up them, even exchange them with Goblin Stores, but it’s not worth it.

The rare hero could be awakened just by season rewards. There is no need to exchange rare heroes tokens.

Call of Dragons City

Wasting Gems on Building Post Hall Level 22

When your Main Building reaches levels 5, 11, 17, and 22, each stage will allow you to launch an extra Legion (squad on the battlefield). This speeds up the resource-gathering speed and helps you fight a lot easier.

So the suggestion is to get City Hall to reach Level 22 first. After that, spend gems to upgrade your Honor level and saving those for researching tech later.. The tech needs a lot more time than buildings to upgrade in the end game.

Donating Alliance Tech

Not Doing Alliance Donations

The Alliance relies on the support and donations from its members, and making sure that you donate regularly is a great way to help it.

When you donate, you will be rewarded with daily donation points which can be used to purchase rewards.

It’s important to remember that donating to the Alliance is imperative to its growth, so if you can spare some money, please donate and help the Alliance to reach its goals. By donating, you can ensure that the Alliance continues to thrive and prosper, and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

So, do your part and donate!

saving speedup

Not Saving Speedups

After City level 16, you generally want to save as many speedups as you can, no matter what type it is. In the game, there are a lot of events requiring players to spend speedups.

The Strongest Lord event offers the top 1 player 200 Legendary Tokens, which is quite a lot. You need save them to get high ranks in these events.

Sometimes, it’s even worth it to skip some events for a better rank next time.

Call of Dragons Resource Tokens

Opening All Resource Tokens

One common mistake new players make when playing a strategy game like Call of Dragons is opening up too many resources before they are adequately prepared for attacks. When you have a lot of resources that are unprotected, enemy players will attack and loot you of all your hard-earned treasures.

Any resources you gather should be stored in your storehouse, as some of them will be protected while some of them won’t. It is important that you use these resources only when needed and not keep overflowing amounts of them.

Without an alliance, individual players are an easy target for attack and may not be able to defend their base in the event of an attack. In order to help with protection, it is best to join an alliance with other like-minded players. This will help you against other players and help you to make the most of your resources.

Overall, it is important to remember to be careful and not to open up all of your resources. As you play, store enough of your resources in the storehouse and don’t use too many at once. Also, join an alliance for protection and to make the most out of the game

training low tier troops

Upgrading low-tier Troops

Many new players, when they have done the researches of high-tier troops, will level up their low tier troops to higher tier,

This will cost the leak of troops at the mid-game. Even lead to situations when you cannot fully set army. This will also decreases player’s power very badly.

You must wait until you have enough amount of troops to upgrade them.

Call of Dragons Policies 1
Free Healing or Resource Healing?

Randomly picking free Healing or Resource Healing

In-game there are free healing and resource healing. Different polices could increase their upper limits.

Players can only choose one of them and cannot change in the seasons.

Many players chose resource healing cause leaks of resources at mid-game, and free healing limits are not enough, while it cost days to recover after fights.

In the early game, pick free healing to save resources.

mana pool

Spending a lot of time for gathering Mana

Only tech researches need Mana, Many new players think that Mana cant trade, so more is better, This is a big misunderstandingbecause in the late game, players can gather a few millions of Mana easily, but tech researches only cost around 1.5M. There will be a huge overflow at the late game if you spend a lot of time on gathering Mana.

Tip: Play some farming accounts using Call of Dragons PC version so that you will never have to worry about farming.

merits store

Not Spending Merits

The Farm Account allows players to accumulate Merit Points by doing combat in-game. Merit Points can then be used to purchase special items in the Merit Store, such as 50,000 units of Medical Supplies which can instantly heal your wounded troops in the hospital.

  • You can get Merits from battles. Merits can be used to purchase items in the Merits Store.
  • There is no limit to the amount of Merits that can be gained, but Merits will be reset at 00:00 UTC every Monday, and up to 20,000 Merits can be kept till the next week.
  • Your Merits will not be reset upon leaving your current Alliance.

This is a great feature for players who want to buy special items in the Merit Store or want to heal their wounded troops quickly. Having a lot of Merit Points also allows you to gain an upper hand on the battlefield in combat.

However, Merit Points will be reset at the end of the season, so make sure not to hoard too much of it.

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