Lucky Spin Guide

Lucky Spin is a premium event that allows players to obtain a huge amount of high-quality items, including specific Legendary Hero tokens, Legendary Medals & Custom Tokens.

Lucky Spin Event Call of Dragons

The Goblin Market in Blackcrow Gorge is a mysterious place where incredibly rare items, including Hero Tokens, can be found. Nobody knows where the Goblin merchants get their wares from! Participate in the Goblin Merchant’s Lucky Spin Event for the chance to win valuable Hero Tokens!

Lucky Spin Event Rules

1. During the event, you get 1 free spin every day, which will not count towards the spin limit. Subsequent spins will cost Goblin Market Vouchers. You will not be allowed any more spins after reaching the spin limit.

2. After a certain number of spins, you will receive an additional reward from the Goblin Merchant. You are also guaranteed to receive a Premium Reward after 50 spins. The initial chance of getting a Premium Reward is 2.5%, which becomes 3% after factoring in the guarantee (receiving a Premium Reward will reset your progress). The initial chance of getting other rewards is 97.5%, which becomes 97% after factoring in the guarantee.

Lucky Spin Calendar

Season 1

Server # dayHero
8th daybakshi Bakshi
19th daybakshi Bakshi
48th daynico Nico
61st daynico Nico
75th daynico Nico
89th dayGeneral Hero Token

Season 1+

Server # dayHero
8th dayFFraegar FFraegar
19th dayFFraegar FFraegar

Lucky Spin Chances & Rewards

Legendary Hero2.5%
Legendary Hero Token x125%
3-Hour Speedup x511%
500,000 Gold x57%
500,000 wood x57%
375,000 Ore x57%
200,000 Mana x56.5%
3-Hour Training Speedup x512%
Legendary Medal x214%
Seasonal Custom Token xl8%

For 10, 25, 45, 70, and 100 spins, players also obtain extra rewards:

  • 10 Spins: 5 Hero Tokens & 5 Level 3 Choice Resource Chests
  • 25 Spins: 5 Legendary Custom Hero Tokens, 2,500,000 Gold & 2,500,000 Wood
  • 45 Spins: 10 Hero Tokens & 10 Level 3 Choice Resource Chests
  • 70 Spins: 10 Legendary Custom Hero Tokens, 24-hour Speedup & 18-hour Building Speedup
  • 100 Spins: 15 Hero Tokens & 15 Level 3 Choice Resource Chests
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