Policies Guide – What To Enact?

In Call of Dragons, policies play a critical role in increasing your military and economic power. Crucially, remember that policies are different from technology because when the season ends, your policies reset while your tech remains intact.

Consequently, it’s important to understand which policies provide the most value so that you can quickly prioritize their research.

notice board policies Call of Dragons
Player can apply new policies from the Notice Board

Which Policies should I Enact in Call of Dragons?

In Call of Dragons, players have the ability to access two types of policy options – military and economic. Enacting these policies cost prestige Prestiges.

At the top of the list are military policies and the bottom of the list are economic

It all depends on the player’s desired in-game objectives; the policies one invests in should be carefully considered in order to achieve optimal results. Here we will explain the benefits of each policy and what the best choice is for a successful game.

Call of Dragons Policies

When policies are reset, you should prioritize researching the bottom row. Doing this will provide the most experience possible and help level up those heroes and artifacts quickly.

Starting the new season at level 0, it is of the utmost importance to max them out as quickly as possible in order to progress faster and clear more content. Investing in bottom row research will speed up that process considerably.

You should invest in Military Expansion to maximize your army capacity, which is very helpful in both farming and combats. Once you have put five or more points in Targeted Tactics, War Studies, and Artifact Expertise, you can begin to strengthen your war-making prowess. Next, pick the Free Healing policy for saving resources, while helping you a lot throughout the early-game progress.

Although there is no such thing as a universal optimal set of Policies, the right choice for your character will depend on preference, mission, and the units you typically use.

Maxing out all 3 Legion Capacity Policies should be a priority for every player. With increased Legion Capacity, your hero can lead more units into battle and deal more damage. This also serves to better equip your team when defending objectives. Make sure to research these policies if you are engaged in PvP content, as it can give you the edge over your opponents.

farming prestige in Call of Dragons

How to get prestige for upgrading policies?

Farming Prestige is very straightforward; just play Dragon Trail.

Your prestige production rate is based on the number of stages you complete – the more you complete, the higher your rate. This means you should always complete as many stages as possible each day because you’ll secure a fixed amount of prestige and a higher production rate per hour. By taking advantage of these bonuses each new season, you’ll be able to quickly generate a large number of policies.

Attacking Behemoth Acolytes sitting nearby the Behemoth Lairs also gives a decent amount of prestige Prestiges.


Creating a plan of action is key to finding success in Call of Dragons. Choose your content, units, heroes, and decide how large a role combat will play. Even if something doesn’t go according to plan, you can make adjustments when the season resets.

Additionally, participate in the Dragon’s Trail and Behemoth Acolytes farming as much as possible to earn the necessary Prestige to start researching policies. Keep an eye out for codes that grant useful advancements, as well.

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