Ready to Fight Event

Danger can strike from anywhere. We must be prepared.

Duration: 2 days

Ready to Fight event Call of Dragons

Ready to Fight Event Rules

1. Complete Quests during the event to receive Quest Rewards.

2. Quests will be refreshed every day at midnight UTC. Existing Quest progress will be reset, and Quests can be completed again to receive Quest Rewards.

Train units x8,0001xLegendary Medal Legendary Medal
1xepic hero token Epic Hero Token
1x blue choice chest Lvl 3 Choice Resource Chest
Train Ballistas x1,6001x gold key Gold Key
2xgreen wood 50,000 Wood
1xgreen wood boost 8-hour Wood Boost
Train Vestals x1,6001x gold key Gold Key
2xgreen ore 50,000 Ore
1xgreen ore boost 8-hour Ore Boost
Train Swordsmen x1,6001x gold key Gold Key
2xgreen gold 50,000 Gold
1xgreen gold boost 8-hour Gold Boost
Train Knight x1,6001x gold key Gold Key
2xgreen mana 15,000 Mana
1xgreen mana boost 8-hour Mana Boost
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