How to Unlock Tier 5 Troops Fast

In Call of Dragons, Tier 5 troops are the ultimate units that everyone wants to unlock as they are the most powerful troops and are twice more powerful as Tier 4 troops.

To unlock T5 troops, players need to max out almost all key building and technologies. You also need a ton of time playing the game and a lot of effort, especially if you are free-to-play players. If you are pay-to-win players, even if you have money, you still need to spend a lot of time waiting for the different stages of the game to get unlocked.

In this article, we will do our best to help you speed up the process of getting Tier 5 units.

The game is also very new so there are a lot of new changes in the future making obtaining T5 troops a lot easier. We will surely update this article accordingly so that you will get the most up-to-date progression.

t5 troops in call of dragons

Tech Requirements To Unlock T5 Troops

To get V troops unlocked, you will need to have all of the Economic Technology and Military Technology maxed out (current patch).

It takes almost a year to max out all of the last few technologies. Well, we all don’t have time to wait for that, so it’s a must to understand how to reduce the waiting time.

You should try to get the T4 units as soon as possible so you can max out the economic technology tree fast as well.

Depending on your daily activities, the time it takes you to finish the upgrades might vary. If you have Honor level 8 unlocked fast and are in a top Alliance, things will be a lot easier for you.

Tier 5 Troops Technology in Call of Dragons
T5 troops are the final technologies you can learn.

Required Buildings for T5 Units

When it comes to building upgrades to getting Tier 5 troops, you basically need all of your buildings maxed out.

Most of the buildings actually don’t need a lot of time to upgrade, but they might eat a lot of resources from your storage.

The most important buildings are, of course, the Main Building (Hall) and the College of Order (for research).

  • City Hall: Gives you an additional Legion queue for battling and farming, as well as more capacity for each Legion. This is incredibly helpful for almost all content in the game. Upgrading City Hall allows you to upgrade the other buildings as well. All other building levels cannot be higher than the Main Building’s level.
  • College of Order: You cannot unlock higher-tier technologies if you don’t upgrade the College of Order. Also, upgrading it helps you research a lot faster while unlocking some special technologies.

Upgrading your College of Order is vital if you want to research. If you don’t, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time.

The good news is that you can use speedups to make the process faster. On top of that, you’ll get a research speed boost from Manastone, which matches the time saved from using speedups, when you upgrade – saving you even more time in the long run.

How to Get T5 Troops Fast in Call of Dragons?

Now let’s talk about strategies to speed up your progression in researching Tier 5 units!

Although you may follow each of our suggestions, it will still take a long time to get there. Just make sure to be active and persevere, especially if you’re a free-to-play player.

1. Gather more resources

Gathering is essential: You must do your best to collect as many resources as possible for research and construction.

Put your gathering force to work, amassing the resources you need, and ensure your gathering talent tree is aptly prepared for the task.

Leage of Order faction
Choosing the right faction is a key in the early game!

2. Pick The Right Faction

For those playing Call of Dragons, there are not many factions available yet, but the great ones to go with in order to unlock tier 5 faster are the League of Order and Wilderburg Faction.

These will increase your gathering and building speeds, respectively.

3. Create farm accounts

Creating a Farm account is essential and vital, unless you have a ton of money.

With it, you can farm resources and send them to your main account to make sure you never lack them.

Even when you reach maximum tier-5 troops, having a Farm account as a backup is extremely useful to keep them trained and your hospital healed.

Pro Tip: Using Call of Dragons on PC allows you to play multiple accounts at once on a screen. Use those small accounts for farming resources then transferring those to your main account.

4. Save Speedups

There are lots of varieties of speedups in Call of Dragons and the ones most sought-after are universal speedups.

These should be saved for researching technology as using them for healing, training, or building is a waste. Building doesn’t take as much time as researching the last few technologies. So save your universal speedups carefully after you hit Town Hall level 21!

5. Join a Top Alliance

A top alliance can be easily recognized by the collective purchases made by its members for items found in the in-game store.

When these purchases are made, an exclusive chest appears that contains an assortment of items intended to give players a leg up when progressing.

These items include gems, speedups, and honor, which will serve to accelerate their progression drastically.

Alliance Technology plays an important role in achieving tier 5 in a timely manner. By donating to the particular technology every day, you are helping to reduce the time it would take to complete certain research and build something from scratch.

Joining an active Alliance is the best way to receive the full benefit.

Don’t delay, start contributing to Alliance Technology each day to get tier 5 as soon as possible!

Upgrading Honorary VIP Membership 1
Honor rank level 8

6. Get Honor Rank Level 8

Having Honor level 8 should be a top priority for any Call of Dragons player.

With this upgrade, you get the added benefit of being able to research two technologies simultaneously, saving precious time.

Investing all your gems in this endeavor is worthwhile, as the price is well outweighed by the advantages: you will gain advantages in combat, reduced building times, and a 50% faster progression speed.

7. Redeem Promo Codes

Usually redeem codes released from developers, which are always shared on our Code Page. They usually get you some great rewards, like gems and speed-ups to help you acquire powerful tier 5 units.

Don’t miss out – take advantage of the codes and make the most of their benefits.

8. Participate in Events

Events are essential to Call of Dragons, as they provide rewards that can be used to accelerate researching and building, as well as other items.

Be sure to complete any and all events that you come across in the game for maximum benefit!


Tier 5 troops are the strongest force in the game and have a huge effect on the battles.

Getting to tier V units requires tremendous effort; you need nearly every element in the max level. It’s essential to remain active, complete all events, and make sure you actually enjoy the game.

Other players appear to reach tier 5 units faster than you? They probably spent money to get where they are and the lower tier players would still be victorious with good heroes.

Always bear in mind that Call of Dragons is a team game and two players at tier 4 with the best heroes could beat tier 5 players.

And together, a united Alliance of normal players could beat any bad Alliance with a few top players.

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