Dragon Trail Guide & How to Defeat Difficult Stages

Dragon Trail, a campaign-type game mode in Call of Dragons, offers many unique rewards and benefits.

To earn these rewards, players must fight and complete different stages. It might be hard for you to manage the battles at first, but once you’ve got high-tier troops, everything will be a lot easier.

Dragon Trail is also a great way to test your new combat strategies, new heroes, and to learn how to manage the Legions effectively.

Another great thing about this game mode is that you don’t have to worry about your troops getting destroyed. Think of this like a sandbox, and none of your troops will be affected in the real game. This means you can re-play any Dragon Trail battle over and over without worrying about getting your troops ready.

Dragon Trail gives players a certain amount of resources based on the number of defeated stages. Using these resources, players can purchase hero tokens, speedups, and other valuable items from the Shop.

Call of Dragons Dragon Trail Map

Dragon Trail is super important!

The Dragon Trail is a crucial part of Call of Dragons due to the number of resources it offers per hour, so you want to complete as many stages as possible in the shortest amount of time to maximize the rewards.

Also, using Dragon Trial is a great way to see if you are on the right track of developing your army.

This game mode gives you different currencies:

Complete Guide to Winning Dragon Trial


The main battles, it is mainly a test of the Legions and basic operation, and it is easy for the well-developed players at their corresponding main hall level, which will give you some sense of achievement and also give them some development resources.

The branch line, small quests, often give you preset operations based upon the unit advantage system between troops:

unit advantage system

Strategies and Combos

Because the troops are divided into melee and ranged in Calls of Dragons. The ranged troops can deal damage far away when attacking the target.

Use kite tactics with melee troops to pull the enemies within the attack range of the ranged units.

The Call of Dragons basically covers three types of heroes:

  • Leading commanders for different types of troops.
  • The heroes excel at taking damage.
  • Heroes who are great at controlling.

To achieve kite tactics, it is necessary to take damage. Controlling and damage heroes make the tactics even better.

Tank Legion

Legion #1: Madeline & Garwood

The double tank combination of madeline Madeline & garwood 1 Garwood is undoubtedly the optimal pairing for damage bearing and monster pulling.

Their skills offer a lot of resistance probability and HP bonus effects. They win over the best outputting environment by ensuring the longest resistance time by maximizing the tanking ability.

Legion #2: Emrys & Bakshi

As a cavalry combination, emrys Emrys and bakshiBakshi are more suitable to lead cavalry Legions due to their flexibility and kill-ability.

Actually, the purpose of taking damage is to get the attraction of the enemies and try to extend the survival time as much as possible to create a good battle environment for the back.

The combination of Madeline and Garwood is mainly responsible for standing on a pile to bear injuries and holding hatred, while the T1 combination of Emrys and Bakshi not only brings high damage to gain attraction but also extends their survival with high flexibility. There are two different options.

If you don’t have a very powerful combination, it is also acceptable for you to use the Support and Cavalry commanders you already have.

nika elania combo for dragon trail

I have adopted the balanced combination of Nika and Eliana to lead the melee force and equipped them with purple axes. The core skills and characteristics are to reduce the target attributes and use shields, skills, and control effects to improve their ability to avoid injuries. Eliana can also be replaced with Bakhar, and exchange some tanky with the target’s vulnerability.

Furthermore, Eliana’s skills are wildly matched. First, it has the longest distance. Second, it increases the team’s tank. The team with insufficient tanky can be matched as general support, no matter whether the distance is near or far.

Stable damage output

Legion #3: Nico & Gwanwyn

nico Nico & gwanwyn Gwanwyn

As the most critical and core output, the Archer / Marksman team is to output damage, either pursuing great passive bonus, such as troops bonus or high probability damage, or to increase the frequency of skill release, or high active skill damage.

As the only Legendary hero for Marksman (as of now), Nico causes a lot of damage by reducing the target’s defense and increasing her own output with her simple but effective skill.

In addition, Gwanwyn causes a lot of damage with her active and passive skills.

Nico breaks the defense and Gwanwyn brings the damage, which together makes them very stable and powerful Marksman combination.

Besides these two heroes, there is another one named Kregg. He is very good at explosion and engineering.

The wind and bomb combination of Gwanwyn & Kregg, equipped with the artifact Rapid Crossbow, makes the damage output more stable.

Remote control support

Legion #4: Alwyn & Waldyr

alwyn Alwyn & waldyrWaldyr

Two Epic Heroes this time, because they are able to weaken the effects by providing many great debuffs. And it is very good for kite tactics.

Moreover, they can passively obtain shields, which is very helpful for their own survival and is very suitable for training as a fixed combo for Dragon Trail.

Legion #5: Liliya & Atheus

liliya Liliya & atheusAtheus

Although Liliya has a high output of all skills as a Legendary hero, we all know that if she really wants to output explosion, she needs all-around enchantments to reach remarkable effect, like levels, skills, equipment, technology, and VIP, etc.

Atheus, commanding the air force, his skills are decent.

There is no distance limit for the skill casting range. It is excellent for Marksman which simply helps to increase attack.

Tips for Defeating Dragon Trail Easier

First, you want to join a great Alliance as soon as possible. Alliance is the biggest part of the game. It offers a ton of advantages that you cannot find anywhere else.

Read more: Call of Dragons Alliance Guide

Here are some of the buffs you can get to increase your power within Dragon Trails:

  • ATK/DEF boost items in your Inventory.
  • Manastone buffs, which can be found on the map, next to Behemoths.
  • Troop capacity boost items
  • War Frenzy Buff (+3% ATK): Obtain by scouting other’s city.
  • Get Alliance Title: Warmaster or Envoy
  • Get High tier troops
  • Get the correct artifacts.

Further in the game, you can unlock 5 Legions, get the best Heroes (check our tier list), level Heroes up and use the best talent trees to maximize your army power.

Do note that your buffs don’t work in small trial stages where you can get only 1-star max and have to use the preset troops.

Pay attention to the distance and type of hero skills!

When the hero skills’ inconsistency occurs between the damage type and distance, there will be a prompt of an exclamation mark. Then you should pay attention to how to adjust it. Besides that, the same problems may happen to the artifact, however, without any prompt. For example, if the Bow and Arrow are equipped by a ranged hero, the artifact skill may not reach the target.


Before starting to attack, it is better to set the position based on their roles and attack range, as well as from near to far according to the distance from you to the target.

After entering the battle, you manually select the melee team to kite the targets.

The first time you get to the targets, you can use artifact skills to pull them, and then try to pull all the enemies towards melee Legion, especially the monsters that attack your ranged Legions.

Long-range troops move flexibly.

Take down the enemies attacking the long-range Legions as soon as possible, and then focus on fire for the remaining targets.

After fighting a target, the troops might stop. You need to manually select another target.

Finally, you need to pay attention to the other two small details.

First, some enemies release control skills, and sometimes your Legions might not be able to move. Don’t panic, take down the targets that rush in and the ones which are under control; and then, when the enemies are weaker and their damage output is low, it is not necessary to pursue three stars immediately.

It is wise for you to first take the reward to continue to the next level, even if only get one star, as you can get the full 3-star any time later.

dragon trial loot

Dragon Trail Loot

Every hour, you earn dragonglass Dragonglass, prestige Prestige, and Experience depending on the number of stages you have cleared.

The more stages you defeat, the more rewards you get every day.

Take advantage of the quick loot option as well; it rewards you with two hours’ worth of loot each day so don’t forget to make use of it.

Call of Dragons Dragon Trail Store

Dragon Trail Store

The Dragon Trail Store in Call of Dragons is stocking a wide selection of items, such as speedups, resources, and, most importantly, hero tokens.

Novice players should prioritize buying Chakcha tokens to boost their gathering skills, followed by Epic tokens (since the latter are much easier to upgrade).

When maxed out, these heroes can help clear the game’s stages more quicker. Indis tokens might be tempting too, but they are quite pricey; thus, we advise newcomers not to purchase them.

Ultimately, it’s your call to decide what you need from the store.


  1. After clearing a Main Stage, you will receive a 1-3 star rating, along with corresponding Loot bonuses.
  2. You will receive Rewards for clearing Main Stage for the first time.
  3. Main Stages, you will use your own Heroes combat units and buff effects. In Side Stages you are only able to use preset Heroes, combat units, and buff effects.
  4. The higher your Loot bonus, the longer your waiting time, and the greater the amount of Loot you can receive. Loot will accumulate for up to 24 hours, so remember to claim it in time.
  5. Use Quick Loot to gain 2 hours worth of collected Loot.
  6. During Dragon Trail, feel free to allocate your Legions as you please, as they will not die or have their numbers reduced.
  7. Trail Store items and Quick Loot will be refreshed at midnight each day.
  8. Dragonglass can be used at the Trail Store to buy various Hero Tokens and items.
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question: does this go away at some point or is it a permanent source of resources?