War Pet Tier List – Best Beasts To Pick!

Today, we’re diving deep into war pets and their talent skills.

This guide is a must-read if you’re looking to optimize your gameplay with an optimal War Pet tier list.

If you’re new to the war pet system in Call of Dragons, I highly recommend checking out our War Pet overall guide. It covers all the basics you need to know.

Call of Dragons War Pet Tier List

March TypeRecommended War PetsBest ForNote
mage MageSapphire Faedrake Sapphire FaedrakeVersatilityAll-rounder for various situations
Ice Lizard Ice LizardArea DamageEffective for crowd control
Thunder Lizard Thunder LizardSingle-Target DamageIdeal when you need to focus on one enemy
marksman MarksmanSnowpeak Roc Snowpeak RocDefense BreakingPairs well with Nico and Kinnara
marksman RangedSand Lizard Sand LizardHealingBest suited for Syndrian and Ffraegar
infantry InfantryFrostbear FrostbearTankinessRecommended for Madeline and Nika
cavalryCavalryBerserk Faedrake Berserk FaedrakeDebuffingExcellent choice for Forondil-led marches

By carefully selecting your war pets based on these recommendations, you can optimize your marches for maximum effectiveness.

Call of Dragons war pet tier list
war pet tier list in Call of Dragons

Why Talent Skills Matter

First things first, let’s talk about why talent skills are crucial. These unique abilities set your war pets apart and dictate which heroes they synergize best with.

Unlike passive skills that you can purchase, talent skills are only acquired when you tame a pet.

So, no, you can’t just throw money at the game to get these skills—well, not yet, anyway.

Best War Pets and Their Talent Skills

Sapphire Faedrake

Sapphire Faedrake: The Mage’s Best Friend

Talent Skill: Painbloom (Rage Skill)

  • Deals damage to the target Legion and 1 Legion surrounding it.
  • Damage Type: War Pet Skill damage (Magic)
  • Damage Factor: 50 Determined by Intelligence

Best For: Mage Marches like liliya Liliya, velyn Velyn, or waldyr Waldyr

The Sapphire Phaedric is all about area damage. Its talent skill, Pain Bloom, targets not just one but two legions, dealing magic damage.

If you’re into mages, this pet should be on your radar.

Berserk Faedrake

Berserk Faedrake: The Debuff Specialist

Talent Skill: Arrogance (Passive)

  • Attack Range: Near
  • Each debuff effect inflicted on an enemy Legion grants 1 stack of Fierce Mark. Inflicting Cowardice grants an extra 2 stacks (max 9 stacks).
  • All stacks of Fierce Mark are consumed 2s after your Deputy casts a Rage Skill, dealing damage to the target.
  • Damage Type: War Pet Skill damage (Physical)
  • Damage Factor: Fierce Mark stacks x6 Determined by Intelligence
  • All stacks of Fierce Mark are removed when battle ends.

Best For: Cavalry units, especially Forondil

This pet is all about stacking debuffs on your enemies. The more debuffs you inflict, the more damage you deal. It’s a perfect match for Forondil, who specializes in the cowardice debuff.


Frostbear: The Shielded Tank

Talent Skill: Frost Armor (Passive Skill)

  • Legion gains Primitive Strike upon gaining a shield. 40% chance to deal damage to the target Legion on being hit by a normal attack for
    Damage Type: War Pet Skill damage (Physical)
  • Damage Factor: Shield Factor/2
  • Determined by Strength

Best For: Infantry units like madeline Madeline

If you’re running an infantry unit, the Frost Bear is your go-to pet. Its talent skill, Frost Armor, triggers when you gain a shield, dealing counter-attack damage to enemies.

Snowpeak Roc

Snowpeak Roc: The Marksman’s Choice

Talent Skill: Concentration (Passive Skill)

  • Attack Range: Medium
  • Legion Physical ATK +0.6% (determined by Luck).
  • 30% chance to deal damage to the target Legion when inflicting DEF Break.
  • Damage Type: War Pet Skill damage (Physical)
  • Damage Factor: 36
  • Determined by Luck

Best For: nico Nico and kinnara Kanara

This pet is all about boosting your physical attack, especially when you inflict defense breaks. It’s a perfect fit for marksmen like Nico and Kinnara.

Ice Lizard

Ice Lizard: The Mage’s Friend

Talent Skill: Icecore (Rage Skill)

  • Attack Range: Very Far
  • Summons Ice Orbs that follow the target Legion whenever a Hero casts a Rage Skill. Ice Orbs deal continuous damage to up to 1 nearby enemy Legions for 3s.
  • Damage Type: War Pet Skill damage (Magic)
  • Damage Factor: 30 Determined by Intelligence
  • Damaged Legions are Frozen: March Speed -15% for 3s.

Best For: Mage Marches like liliya Liliya, velyn Velyn, or waldyr Waldyr

The Ice Lizard is a game-changer for mage units. Its skill, Icecore, has a far range and deals continuous magic damage to enemy legions for three seconds. What makes it even more interesting is its synergy with Velyn, who deals extra damage to frozen enemies.

If you’re running a mage setup, this pet is a must-have.


Stripedbear: The Healer’s Companion

Talent Skill: Friendship (Passive Skill)

  • Every time your Legion is heated by a Hero Skill, it gains Vigor: HP bonus for 5s. Every 100 Healing Factor increases Vigor’s effect by 0.16% (determined by Strength).

Best For: Heroes that heal, like garwood 1 Garwood

The Striped Bear is all about healing. Its Friendship skill boosts your legion’s Vigor every time it’s healed by a hero skill. This makes it a perfect match for heroes like Garwood, who specialize in healing.

Golden Roc

Golden Roc: The Cavalry’s Wingman

Talent Skill: Exuberance (Rage Skill)

  • Attack Range: Near
  • Grants your Legion Passion: Rage Accumulation Speed +5% for 5s. If Legion already has Passion, deals damage to the target Legion.
  • Damage Type: War Pet Skill damage (Physical)
  • Damage Factor. 58
  • Determined by Agility

Best For: Cavalry units like emrys Emrys, bakshi Bakshi, and alistair Alistair

The Golden Roc is ideal for cavalry units. Its skill, Exuberance, boosts rage accumulation and deals physical damage to enemy legions. If you’re into cavalry, this pet is worth considering.

Lizard Venom

Venom Lizard: The Poison Master

Talent Skill: Infection (Passive Skill)

  • Attack Range: Very Far
  • 12% chance to inflict Poison on an attacker when your Legion is hit by a normal attack, dealing damage every second for 3s. Can be triggered once every 1s.
  • Damage Type: War Pet Skill damage (Magic)
  • Damage Factor: 8
  • Determined by Agility

Best For: Infantry units

The Venom Lizard is unique for its poison-inflicting abilities. When your legion is hit by a normal attack, there’s a chance to inflict poison on the attacker. This makes it a great choice for infantry units that are often on the frontline.

Thunder Lizard

Thunder Lizard: The Single-Target Specialist

Talent Skill: Tempest (Rage Skill)

  • Attack Range: Very Far Deals damage to the target Legion.
  • Damage Type: War Pet
  • Skill damage (Magic)
  • Damage Factor: 29 Determined by Intelligence

Best For: Mages

The Thunder Lizard is another excellent choice for mages. Unlike the Ice Lizard, which focuses on area damage, the Thunder Lizard specializes in single-target damage. If you’re looking for a pet that can help you focus down specific enemies, this is the one for you.

Sand Lizard

Sand Lizard: The Backline Healer

Talent Skill: Stone Aura (Passive Skill)

  • Your Legion heals up to 4 of your nearby Legions every 6s while in battle (Healing Factor 27, determined by Intelligence).

Best For: Ranged units

The Sand Lizard offers a unique healing ability that benefits your backline. Every six seconds, it heals up to four nearby friendly legions. This is particularly useful for ranged units that often take counter-attack damage.

War Pet Synergies

War pets offer more than just their primary skills.

They come with secondary abilities that can be enhanced to create synergies with your heroes.

For example, the Frost Armor skill can be extended in duration by investing in the Enduring Frost Armor ability. Understanding these synergies can give you an edge in battles.

Your pet’s attributes play a crucial role in maximizing its potential. Whether it’s strength, agility, or intelligence, you need to align these attributes with your gameplay strategy. For instance, if you’re focusing on dealing heavy damage, you might want to invest in strength-based attributes.

Berserk Faedrake & Forondil

If you’re looking for the ideal pet for Forondil, look no further than the Berserk Faedrake. This red dragon is a game-changer, especially when paired with Forondo.

But why is this duo so special? Let’s break it down.

The Berserk Frederick comes with a unique skill called “Arrogance,” which stacks “Fierce Marks” on your enemies. These marks significantly amplify the damage you deal. But wait, there’s more! There’s another skill called “Terrible Arrogance” that takes this to the next level. This skill is activated by a debuff called “Cowardice,” which, as of now, only Forondil can trigger.

Now, here’s where luck comes into play. The “Terrible Arrogance” skill requires a certain amount of luck points to activate additional stacks. The higher the star level of your “Terrible Arrogance” skill, the fewer luck points you’ll need. So, if you’re lucky enough to get a high-star “Terrible Arrogance,” you’re in for a treat!

The Market Impact

As more players realize the power of the Berserk Frederick and Forondo combo, expect the in-game market prices for these characters and their skills to soar. So, if you’re planning to invest, now’s the time!


War pets add an extra layer of strategy and excitement to Call of Dragons. By understanding the importance of talent skills and how to pair them with the right heroes, you can significantly enhance your gameplay.

So go out there, tame some pets, and let the battles begin!

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