5 Most Important Buildings in Call of Dragons

“Call of Dragons” is a game filled with strategy, planning, and execution. One of the core aspects of the game is upgrading buildings to enhance your gameplay and climb the ranks. But understanding what buildings to upgrade is very hard.

This guide will delve into the five most essential buildings to upgrade, especially during the events that require you to upgrade your buildings.

Call of Dragons buildings

1. City Hall (Sacred Hall)

The City Hall, also known as the Sacred Hall, is the cornerstone of your city’s development. Here’s why it’s crucial:

  • Unlocking Further Buildings: Upgrading the City Hall allows you to unlock additional buildings, increasing your level and opportunities within the game.
  • Legion Capacity: Enhancing the City Hall boosts your Legion capacity and the Legion queue, enabling you to send more marches for battle or farming.
  • Five Marches Feature: Reaching City Hall level 22 allows you to have 5 marches, providing flexibility in battlefield strategies like two fighting and three farming.

2. Alliance Center

The Alliance Center is a hub for collaboration and support. Upgrading this building offers:

  • More Alliance Helps: This reduces the time required for specific research or policies, making it a wise move after upgrading the City Hall.
  • Strategic Importance: The Alliance Center is a vital part of your overall strategy, allowing you to receive more help from allies and reduce building and research times.

3. Research Center (Academy Center)

The Research or Academy Center is the brain of your city. Upgrading this building provides:

  • Increased Research Speed: Level 25 in the Research Center offers a 25% bonus to research speed, reducing time for all research.
  • Unlocking Higher-Tier Units: Upgrading allows you to unlock T3, T4, and T5 units, enhancing your army’s capabilities.
  • Prerequisites for Scholarship: Reaching level 25 is essential for certain research prerequisites, such as the scholarship for Elk Riders.
Call of Dragons hospitals

4. Hospital

Hospitals play a vital role in healing and defense. Upgrading them offers:

  • Power Boost: Hospitals provide a lot of power, with four available for upgrade.
  • HP Bonus: Maxing out hospitals gives a 2% HP bonus within the game to all of your troops.
  • Increased Healing Capacity: Upgrading hospitals enhances elixir production and daily resource healing capacity, which is essential for recovery after battles.

5. Training Camps

Training units are the backbone of your army. Upgrading them provides:

  • Defense and Attack Bonuses: Different units offer various bonuses, such as overall defense for flying units and attack for infantry.
  • Strategic Importance: Upgrading training units enhances your army’s effectiveness, allowing for more robust strategies in battles.

Other Important Buildings

  • Rally Center: Essential for grinding Forts but expensive to upgrade and require a lot of works.
  • Watchtower: Important for progressing to higher levels in the research center, but not as crucial as other buildings.
  • Wall and Watchtower: These add an extra layer of defense but require good Heroes for full protection. Even with maxed-out walls, strong Heroes are needed to prevent destruction.

Strategy and Tips for Upgrading Buildings

  • Don’t Rush to T5: Unless you’re financially ready, don’t rush to T5. Compete in events like City of Splendor to gain rewards gradually.
  • Utilize Manastones and Architecture Research: These can significantly reduce building speeds, aiding in your progress.
  • Balance Your Strategy: Don’t overspend on one event. Compete multiple times for smaller rewards rather than going all out for one big win.
  • Consider Event Timing: For example, waiting for a building power event before pushing herbalists’ huts to 25 can yield more rewards.
  • Only upgrade the Research building when you can speed it up immediately to save your time for upgrading tech.


Upgrading the right buildings in “Call of Dragons” is a complex but rewarding process.

Focusing on the City Hall, Alliance Center, Research Center, Hospitals, and Training Units, and applying strategic thinking, can lead to success in the game.

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