Darkling Patrols, Dark Creatures, and Darkling Forts

Call of Dragons has a variety of neutral units across its map, including Darkling Patrols, Darkling Forts, and Dark Creatures.

By defeating these enemies, you can reap various rewards such as speedups, resources, and experience points.

Additionally, each of these units has levels that can determine the quality of the rewards you will earn. The higher their level, the better the rewards after successful engagement.

To help you make the best out of your battles, we explain the differences between darkling units and what units will grant you the best rewards after being destroyed.


  • Darkling Patrols:
    • Try to target Infantry, Heavy Infantry, and Rider targets. This is because they cannot attack ranged units and you can use your Infantry to tank damage. Your range units can freely hit the targets.
    • As only Infantry takes damage, you can just call them back to the city to heal back while the other Legions are at full HP. Keeping your Legions on the field decreases the CP cost by a lot.
  • Dark Creatures:
    • Try to target only Hammer troll & Shield troll.
    • Use your Infantry to tank damage and ranged units to deal damage from far behind back.
    • Use harlequin mask Harlequin Mask artifact on your Infantry march to attract the target whenever it moves to your ranged units.
    • Dodge their skills easily as they have a delay.
    • As only Infantry takes damage, you can just call them back to the city to heal back while the other Legions are at full HP. Keeping your Legions on the field decreases the CP cost by a lot.
  • The first attack after leaving the city costs 50 CP, keep attacking without going back to the city costs 5 CP less every time. The lowest cost for a single attack is 30CP.
  • Darkling patrols could provide hero XP and Watch Tower materials.
  • Dark creatures for upgrading artifacts level, the same cost to Darkling Patrols.
  • Attack Darkling Fort gives materials for upgrading Rally Center and Tactic Manuals and costs 150CP for each attack.
  • Darkling Forts offers the best value for Command Points when there isn’t any event giving rewards for defeating Darlkings running.
Darkling Patrols

What are Darkling Patrols?

Darkling Patrols are the most common enemy units encountered in Call of Dragons. They span the entire map and come in different levels, ranging from level 1 to level 25.

To attack a Darkling Patrol, players will need to spend 50 CP (command points). Players can effectively reduce the cost to 40 points when employing a peacekeeping hero with the correct talent tree build.

It is easy to locate Darkling Patrols by using the search function of the map. Searching the levels 1 – 12 near your city will reveal spawn locations, while levels 13 – 25 may require you to search farther from your city.

Defeating a Darkling Patrol will provide you with rewards such as EXP, resources and speedups, with higher-level patrols rewarding higher amounts of items.

Even Tier 3 units should find dispatching Darkling Patrols relatively easy with enough time.

farming exp with your alliance members
Farming Dark units with your Alliance members to reduce time while everyone getting the same rewards.

It is also a good idea to attack Darkling Patrols with multiple Legions at the same time – all marches will gain experience and rewards, reducing time spent and troops lost. Teaming up with someone from your alliance is also beneficial as both players will receive the same rewards.

dark creature Call of Dragons

What are Dark Creatures?

Dark Creatures are an elite breed of dark unit that you’ll encounter while playing Call of Dragons.

Found throughout the map, there are fewer of them than Darkling Patrols, and they range from Levels 7-25. Command Points are needed to take them down, though you can reduce this number by opting for a Peacekeeping Commander.

With your technology at a decent level and your heroes equipping good enough artifacts, they should be relatively simple to defeat. You will get EXP and resources, as well as valuable Arcana Dust – critical in powering up your artifacts.

Call of Dragons Dark Chests
Darkling Guards protecting Dark Chest

What are Darkling Guards?

If you’re playing Call of Dragons, then you’ll likely be familiar with Darkling Guards. It’s a combined effort between Darkling Patrols and Dark creatures to protect the Dark Chest.

To call upon these Guards, you’ll need a Dark Key, which can be obtained from successfully completing a daily task referred to as the Defeat Darkling Legion challenge.

Summoning and defeating the Darkling Guards is essential for progressing in the game and should be tackled on a daily basis. However, don’t forget that only two Dark Keys can be used each day, and no more than five can be stored.

Every day you must vanquish the Darkling Guard if you wish to reap the exceptional rewards they guard within their Dark Chests. Arcane dust, artifacts (which include a chance to acquire a legendary artifact), resources and legendary essences, used to upgrade artifacts, are all up for grabs! So, don’t miss out and make sure you defeat them each day!

darkling fort

What are Darkling Forts?

Darkling Forts are special forts with dark units to be found inside.

Unlike normal fortresses, you can only attack Darkling Forts when part of an alliance. Leadership may start a rally for the participants.

There are six different levels, ranging from basic levels 1, 2 and 3 to more difficult levels 4, 5 and 6.

To succeed against the upper tiers, a few alliance members, decent tech and the best heroes in Call of Dragons is recommended.

Each rally requires 150 command points, but there is a chance to reduce the cost by 10 points with the peacekeeping talent.

Free-to-play players can ask their pay-to-win alliance members to start the rally and thus experience fewer casualties.

Upon successful annihilation of Darkling Forts, experience, arcana dust and keys are awarded, but the main gain is a treaty. This is the main resource for upgrading the rally building – if the player is having trouble acquiring one, our guide on how to get a treaty quickly can help.

Which is better: Darkling Forts or Darkling Patrol and Dark Creatures?

The answer is, in most cases, Darkling Forts.

When starting out playing Call of Dragons, many newbies may ask which is the better option; to fight Darkling Forts or Darkling Patrols and Dark Creatures?

There are a few advantages of battling Forts rather than Patrols and Creatures.

For one, Forts require twice as many Command Points (CP) to attack as a Patrol/Dark Creature. Even if you defeat 3 Darkling Random Encounters or Dark Creatures, you will get fewer rewards than if you were to defeat one single Fort.

Doing so will grant you experience, arcane dust, and keys, which are essential for obtaining new heroes and treaty upgrades for the rally building.

Because of these bonuses, it is highly advised to engage in each exploration of Darkling Forts when possible.

That being said, it does not mean that you should avoid Patrols and Creatures altogether.

You should still engage in several battles daily to obtain dark keys, as well as to complete events that may require them.

All in all, Darkling Forts are the way to go when playing Call of Dragons.

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