Top 10 Ways to Get Free Gems

Being the ultimate resource, players are looking for all possible ways to get free gems in Call of Dragons every day. Whoever has more Gems in this game can easily get ahead of everyone else.

If you are struggling at farming gems, give our tips above a try to earn up to 1000 Gems daily with ease.

Call of Dragons Daily Quests Rewards

Your Daily Routine Rewards

Start simple – complete your daily challenges. It’s easy and probably something you already know.

Your reward chest gives you important goodies and 100 free gems.

Not a bad deal for simply logging in and playing the game, right? Make it a daily habit, and you’ll see those gems pile up quickly.

The Tales & Codex

Call of Dragons tales

As you progress through the story, each completed chapter gives you a number of free gems.

Keep track of where you are in the story and progress further to gather these rewards.

The Codex inside has different sections: Artifacts, Anecdotes, Creatures, Heroes, Letters, Villages, and Tutorial. Collect these, and voila, more free gems!

Call of Dragons

Here is an example: Select ‘Letters’, scroll down, and claim your reward from the item with red dot – a gift box showing you five free gems!

codex free gems

You only get this once per new creature, item, letter, etc. discovered, so get out there and explore the world.

While five gems might not sound much, it stacks up considering the multitude of collectibles you can claim from. An easy 500 to 1,000 gems are within reach!


Got a scout camp? Let your scouts roam the world and bring back treasures. Almost everything your scouts discover in the misty world gives you free gems. I can’t stress this enough – keep scouting until your map is clear of fog!

free supply reward

You’ll occasionally find gems among your rewards, from supplies to villages and camps.

Read more: How to open all supplies on Call of Dragons map

Besides, discovering the map also grants you a free gem-filled gift box! See the red bubble on your map section (inside the Scout Camp)? Click on it and cash in on your gems.

free gems from map

Remember, every explored map helps find free gems from the supplies and rewards you for just uncovering the terrain.

Having Conversations with Heroes in Your City

Within your city, heroes with available conversations might randomly pop up.

Click on it, and chat with them for a few seconds for the free rewards.

chat with heroes in the city

These conversations provide some intriguing stories and, more importantly, give you a chance to get up to 50 gems, besides many other rewards!

flame dragon behemoth
Behemoth Rewards are huge!

Behemoth Challenges

Behemoth challenges offer two ways to get free gems.

First, participating in the first raid of a behemoth gives you 500 gems! It doesn’t matter how much damage you do to the boss.

Second, if your alliance has a behemoth under control, participate in the elite raids. These not only help level up your behemoths but also gives free gems! If your alliance is the first that completes an elite raid within a specified timeframe, thousands of gems are free for Alliance members!

There’s no denying that an active, strong alliance offers more chances for gem collection, but fear not, even as a free player, you can find your way into one of these powerhouses.

Augurstone free gems


The Auger Stone is a building in your city, which keeps track of the seasonal progress in your kingdom. As you progress, the server hit different milestones, each of which gives you a certain number of gems.

Make sure to participate in every milestone to get free gems.

Fact: You can get over 7,000 Gems in total for free just from the Augurstone.

main quest rewards

Main Quests

For example, you might have a quest to gather a certain number of troops or units in your city. Upon achieving these, you get gems. This may take time, and the rewards may seem small, but remember, every gem counts!

Like in the screenshot above, you can get thousands of gems from the main quests regarding upgrading your Hall of Order.


Paticipate in weekly and holiday events. These events can give you opportunities to earn gems. These could be one-time or recurring events; either way, you can gain free gems.

You generally want to save your cp Command Point Potions and Speedups and resources for these events for the rewards.

alliance chest gems
Free Gems from Rare Alliance Chests


Join an alliance with some players willing to spend money on the game, as known as the spenders.

Being part of such an alliance can give you free gems whenever these whales make purchases. As a free-to-play player, landing a spot in such alliances can be challenging, but not impossible. Show your value in terms of being active, knowledgeable, and willing to help, and you may find a spot in these alliances.

Remember, the key to earning free gems in Call of Dragons, or any other game, lies in participation, diligence, knowledge, and a little bit of diplomacy. Keep an eye out for opportunities and use them to your advantage.

You will also get a lot of Gems when your Alliance captures the pass.

gem mine

Gathering Gems

The last method of gathering gems in the game “Call of Dragons” is by farming them in the game world.

This involves unlocking the policy board and progressing through beginner policies until gem prospecting is unlocked.

A player can then mine gems from a gem mine by sending gatherers.

At the moment, there are only 2 Gem Mine levels: Level 1 gives 10 gem Gems, and Level 2 gives 20 gem Gems.

However, there are a few factors to consider:

  1. Activity Level: Gathering gems can be time-consuming. To obtain a significant amount, a player must be online often to send gatherers to the gem node. This might only be feasible for hardcore free-to-play players or those with a lot of spare time.
  2. Gathering Speed: The speed of gathering gems would get slower as they accumulate more gems, resetting every week. Therefore, gathering a large number of gems at the start of the week may be more beneficial.
  3. Resource Management: You should consider using a gathering hero to optimize your process for gathering gems. This hero can increase the reward items received from mining gems, especially when having the talent “Windfall” which offers free resources upon completing farming a resource point.
  4. Opportunity Cost: While mining gems, a player’s gatherers are not collecting other resources. To balance this, a player could create a secondary account (a farm account) solely for collecting other resources to send back to the main city. However, this does not apply to mana, which cannot be transferred.
farming gem ban
You can even get banned from farming gems for a few days if you farm a ton of gems.

Consider the worth of your time investment. While you could gather up to a thousand gems per day (equivalent to less than five dollars), they could earn more by doing a small real life job for the money (If you can).

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