Best Call of Dragons Resource Hacks

There are a lot of ways how you can get resources in Call of Dragons, but not everyone knows the best hacks.

Do note that, this article is not actually a cheating hack, but it is more of a life hack in the game.

Do note that If you see tutorials out there that say gem hack, or resource hack, you need to be careful, especially if they are trying to make you download an external, third-party application because there could be a virus, and it would be a total waste of time. There isn’t any way to hack gems in games like this. They are just trying to make money out of you.

Call of Dragons hack

Today, we’re gonna show you some hacks in Call of Dragons on how you can get way more resources than farming on a resource node.

Best Call of Dragons Resource Hacks

Spending Commander Points Effectively

Now, let’s take a look at this table to see the best way to spend your CP:

Darkling Fort Lvl 5 (Rank 6)150460K460K138K
Darkling Fort Lvl 5 (Rank 7)150470K470K141K
Darkling Fort Lvl 5 (Rank 10)150500K500K375K150K
Darklings / Creatures Lvl 255050K50K37,5K25K
darkling fort

Farming Darkling Forts gives a lot more resources than any other activity. By doing this, you are also getting the Treaty to upgrade your Rally Center.

The real hack here is rallying Darkling Forts more than defeating Dark units.

However, if there is an event where you have to defeat the Darkling patrols or creatures, I would recommend doing that first because you get more from them.

Some events (like Eliana’s Crisis) also offer chests of rewards for every time you defeat the neutral units, which will give you more Speedups, resources, and Sentinel Arrows for your Watch Tower.

Elianas Crisis Event


Another way to farm resources is by defeating the Darkling units.

By defeating the Darkling Patrols, Dark Creatures, and Darkling Forts, you can also get the basic resources, EXP Books, Speedups, and as well as Arcane Dust for upgrading Artifacts.

You can also get a lot more resources by learning the War Trophy Talent Tree on Peacekeeping heroes.

This will give you 5,000 gold every time you defeat a neutral unit,

war trophy talent tree

That’s going to end up long-term and it’s not going to be reset after the season ends. You should definitely look into that.

Remember, resource tokens are very important for massive wars, you will need resources to do your resource healing. It’s going to allow you to do more combats within the day.

Resource Nodes

So, there are a few ways to farm resources in Call of Dragons.

You can farm in the resource nodes, this is the typical farming method in Call of Dragons.

You can go to the Alliance and you can farm in the Alliance Resource Center as well. This will be dropped by the officers of the alliance or the leader.

Alliance Resource Center

Do note that If you gather within the Alliance territory, you do have a 25% farming speed boost as well. You could be farming outside of the territory and you’re not getting the boost from there.

If you farm outside of the territory, you can also get attacked by other players. If you are farming inside the territory, you will not be able to get attacked by other players (they will get into huge trouble if they attack you).

You can use some of the boosts like 8 hour gathering boost Enhanced Gathering for farming much faster.

Don’t forget to grab some farming boost manastones as well.

gold mine Call of Dragons

Resource Buildings

Now, another method that you can get resources is collecting within your city.

You can also use some green wood boost boost items for your collection within the resources in the city as well.

Other Hacks

  • I usually have 4 Legions farming while 1 doing the rally. If you have 4 Legions at max, use 3 for farming. I usually have one of my farming accounts joining my rally as well.
  • Work on is your CP recovery Technology. You want it to recover fast when you go offline or sleep to make the most of it.


So ultimately, the Call of Dragons resource hack that we are giving you here is to do Darkling Fortress.

Whenever you do Darkling Fortress, you’re also going to get more rewards and resources, as well as key points which unlock the Blessings Chests for your Alliance.

And, if you can do the hack of allowing yourself to have a small account, and bring it within the alliance if you have space, fill it up and do more Darkling Fort rallies and you will get a lot of value.

You are going to stack up all of those resources in your bag, and no one can plunder those resources. It’s going to be in your bag forever.

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