Call of Dragons Update 1.0.16 “Song of Summer”

Version 1.0.16 “Song of Summer” will be released on UTC 2023/05/25. Here are some details on the update:

Song of Summer Holiday Event

Say goodbye spring, hello summer! Bright and breezy days have come to Tamaris, so let’s make the most of it!

  • Summer Smash: Defeat Darklings and retrieve stolen goods to save the summertime! It’s time to test your knowledge of Tamaris!
  • Trial of Light: Test your limits and prove your strength by defeating enemies as quickly as you can—and win amazing rewards!
  • Blessings of the Oak: Nature’s bounty is waiting for you—so make a wish!

New Season

Enjoy brand new content in Season 1+, “Stars Reignited”. Players reaching the end of Season 1 “Burning Stars and Dragon Calls” and Season 1+ “Burning Stars” will enter a new Season with these amazing new additions:

  • New map layout: Links between Regions have been changed, bringing a new strategic dimension to Alliance gameplay.
  • New starting points: Areas in starting Regions now have more plentiful resources and more points to contest.
  • New Pass modes: Semi-Protected Passes can only be attacked by Alliances who have occupied a Behemoth Lair within the Pass’s Region, changing the pace at which the map opens up and protecting your Affiliated Region .
  • New Village gameplay: Raid Villages owned by your Alliance to gain various powerful buffs.
  • New challenges and opportunities: Higher-level Resource Points and Darkling Forts are available for you to raid.

New ways to grow

  • In Season 1+, Epic Heroes can reach 5 Stars, while Legendary Heroes can reach 6 Stars. Powerful new buffs allow you to mitigate your opponent’s ATK or penetrate their DEF.
  • Heroes will be able to gain EXP through PvP battles. This feature will be enabled as the Augurstone progresses. Once Heroes reach Level 50, they can only level up to Level 60 through this method or via gathering (if they possess the relevant Talent).

Changed the way Heroes gain EXP when gathering with the Talent Earth’s Grace:

  • Before: When a Legion finishes gathering resources, the Hero receives EXP equal to 2.0% of the number of resources gathered, up to a maximum of 20,000 EXP per day.
  • After: When a Legion finishes gathering resources, the Hero receives EXP equal to 0.4%/0.8%/1.2%/1.6%/2.0% of the number of resources gathered, up to a maximum of 4000/8000/12,000/16,000/20,000 EXP per day.

Added Season tags for Heroes. After finishing the first Season, Heroes’ tags will show which Season they belong to.

A more dynamic exploration experience

  • In Season 1+, all Mist on the map of Tamaris has been dispelled. You no longer need to deploy Scouts to dispel the Mist.
  • Season 1+ introduces new gameplay centered around occupying Villages. Instead of visiting Villages to unlock narrative content, you will be able to see all Village-related narrative content in the Tales section.
  • Other points of interest (Camps, Caves, Treasure Map Fragments etc.) will be reset. Any exploration rewards that you have not claimed during the current Season will not be available in Season 1+. Please make sure to explore as many points of interest as you can before the current Season ends.

More Enjoyable Events

  • The new Riches of the Forest event is coming to Season 1+—that Artifact you’ve had your eye on could be yours before you know it!
  • The Royal Rankings event reward has been changed. Instead of receiving Theia, players can receive the City Theme “Northern Winds”. Any players who already participated will have the chance to take part again. See the event details for more info.
  • Reduced the difficulty of the Crucible of Courage event.
  • Fixed an issue where Artifact Skills could accidentally target other players’ enemies during the Crucible of Courage event.

An Improved Alliance System

  • You can now see daily changes to Alliance Members‘ Power in your Alliance’s Personal Power rankings.
  • You can now see weekly changes to Alliance Members’ Merits in the Personal Merits rankings.
  • You can now manage members directly via the Alliance rankings.
  • Improved display for Behemoth Elite Raids. You can now see how to obtain a Behemoth Avatar Frame via the “Behemoth Hunter” and “Elite Raid” screens.

An Even Richer Combat Experience

  • Added 2 Legendary Heroes: Ffraegar (Marksman, Peacekeeping, Mobility) and Syndrion (Marksman, Rally, Precision).
  • Added a new Legendary Artifact: Springblades. Available from the Forge of Light and Riches of the Forest events.
  • Added 2 Legendary Artifacts: Rattle-Spear and Springblades. Available from the Forge of Light and Riches of the Forest events.

Rebalanced Rally/Garrison talents:

  • The talent tree “Expeditionary Force” is now “Fair Offense”: While serving as Rally Captain, you can force the enemy Rallied Army or Garrisoned Army into a Fair Fight. In a Fair Fight, all Unit Skills are disabled, and the attributes of Infantry, Cavalry, Marksman, and Magic units of the same level will be adjusted to the same values.
  • The talent “Kingsguard” is now “Fair Defense”: While serving as Garrison Captain, you can force the enemy Rallied Army into a Fair Fight. In a Fair Fight, all Unit Skills are disabled, and the attributes of Infantry, Cavalry, Marksman, and Magic units of the same level will be adjusted to the same values.
  • Adjusted Ordo’s Talent to align his Foundation Talent with those of other non-gathering heroes and removed the Talent Earth’s Grace.

Fixed issues where Legions would be blocked while marching. Rules for marching while in battle have been standardized as follows:

  • Adjusted the battle status display: once your Legion enters battle with another Lord’s Legion, the name of your Legion will turn red and become visible to all non-friendly Lords.
  • Changed the rules for intercepting Legions: Legions with red names will automatically intercept all non-friendly marching Legions and enter battle with them at the moment of interception.
  • Added collision between Legions: non-friendly Legions will collide with each other when not in battle, making it impossible for them to pass through each other.
  • Disabled Intercept Mode and Pass Mode options.

Other Improvements

New players will be able to change server via the Faction selection screen when creating a character, allowing you to more easily choose a server and play together with your friends.

You can now decorate your City with City Themes! City Themes are unlocked at City Level 5. Tap your City on the map to access the City Theme menu and make your Great Hall and Nameplate stand out from the crowd!

In order to allow you to heal more quickly, Free Healing has been replaced with Elixir Healing. You can increase your Elixir Production Speed by upgrading your Hospital buildings and enacting Policies. Elixir is automatically stored in your Hospital building and can be used at any time.

  • Using Elixir will immediately heal wounded units without costing resources.
  • Free Heal Speed has been replaced with Elixir Production Speed. Elixir has maximum storage limits; make sure to plan ahead so you know when you’re going to need it!
  • Added a Tutorial section to the Tales screen, allowing you to access previously unlocked tutorial content.
  • Improved reminders for excess Speedup use. When your Speedup exceeds the queue time by 60 minutes, a confirmation window with a timer will appear, preventing you from accidentally triggering the item.
  • Annotations have been added for some key game concepts, offering more detailed explanations.
  • A “Repair” button has been added to the loading screen, allowing you to resolve issues that may prevent you from loading the game.
  • Added a YouTube page link for certain languages.
  • Added a UI Border Offset option, allowing you to customize the distance between the UI and the screen edges.
  • Fixed an issue with the description for Artifact “Sorland’s Blade”. The Skill “Sword Oath” now reads “deals damage to up to 5 enemy Legions” (previously “up to 2 enemy Legions”).

PC Version

Improved graphics and added new graphics settings for the PC version.

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