Trial of Light Event Guide

During the Trial of Light event, players need to defeat as many enemies as possible within the time limit. Defeat enemies to gain Warrior Points and strengthen your attributes. Different Heroes and Artifacts are available for each challenge!

Trial of Light Event

Drawn from their lairs by an ancient force, Dark Creatures have begun to emerge from Mount Tempest one after another. The Halflings of the Burning Lands have begged their Human allies for aid, and King Cyrus has gathered heroes from across the land in the name of the Light, promising handsome rewards to those who can banish the darkness as swiftly as possible. But the brave warriors who have answered the call will encounter a battle the likes of which they have never seen before…

Trial of Light Event

1. During the event, there are 3 battlefields available, with 1 unlocked each day. Challenges can be undertaken on all 3 battlefields before the event ends.

2. After entering the battlefield, the battle will take place as follows:

trial of light rules

3. Your Legions will gain Warrior Points for every enemy they defeat in battle. When you reach a certain number of Warrior Points, your Warrior Level will increase. The higher your Warrior Level, the stronger your attributes. You will lose Warrior Points over time, but your Warrior Level will not be reduced.

Trial of Light Event Guide

4. Different enemies, Heroes, Artifacts, and Legions are available on each battlefield. Rewards for each battlefield can only be claimed once.

Trial of Light Event Guide 2

5. Each battlefield has two difficulty levels. The higher difficulty level has stronger enemies, but also confers more points.

6. New challenges cannot be started 10 minutes prior to the end of the event. This does not affect any ongoing challenges.

Trial of Light Quests

Unstoppable: Cavalry speed greatly increased

Available Heroes: alistairemrys

Available Artifact: kingslayer Kingslayer

  • Increases the Physical DEF of your Legion’s units by 400%.
  • Your Legion’s Melee units deal 300% more normal attack damage.
  • When your Legion is composed entirely of Cavalry units, they gain 100% March Speed for 5s every time they defeat an enemy Legion.

Steel Battalion: Infantry DEF greatly increased.

Available Heroes: garwood 1bakhar

Available Artifact: Dragonscale Armor

  • Increases the Physical DEF of your Legion’s units by 200%.
  • Receive 100% more healing when leading a Melee Legion.
  • When healed, your Legion gains 200% Physical DEF and Magic DEF for 5s.

On Target: Marksman attack effects greatly increased.

Available Heroes: kinnaranico

Available Artifact: shadowblades Shadowblade

  • Increases the Physical DEF of your Legion’s units by 200%.
  • Increases the normal attack Crit Rate of Ranged units in your Legion by 100%.
  • Your Legion’s Marksman units deal 200% more normal attack Crit damage.
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