Call of Dragons Upgrade Priority

If you are new to Call of Dragons and looking for a quick guide regarding the best and straight-forward upgrades that you must do in the game, this guide is for you.

Call of Dragons Upgrade Priority

Call of Dragons Upgrade Priority

Civilization: League of Order

  • Legion Magic DEF +3%
  • Gathering Speed +10%
  • Workhorses (gathering units) have higher load capacity when gathering

Building Priority

  1. Hall of Order
  2. Alliance Center
  3. College of Order
  4. Hall of Order prerequisites
  5. Repeat

Hall of Order Upgrading Requirements

  1. 1x Foundry (this allows Hospital, which then allows Wall)
  2. Hall Levels (Walls are implied).
    • Level 6: Scout Camp, Hospital
    • Level 7: Swordsmen Camp (Infantry).
    • Level 8: Alliance Center
    • Level 9:
    • Level 10: Technology Building
    • Level 11: Range Camp
    • Level 12: Scout Camp
    • Level 13: Alliance Center
    • Level 14: Storehouse
    • Level 15: College of Order (Academy)
    • Level 16: Mage Training (Ranged)
    • Level 17: Scout Camp
    • Level 18: Storehouse
    • Level 19: Alliance Center
    • Level 20: Alliance Market
    • Level 21: Knight Camp (Cavalry)

VIP Upgrades

  1. VIP 5, get daily Epic Hero Token
  2. VIP 8, get 2nd Research Queue Permanently Unlocked
  3. VIP 9, get daily Gold Key
  4. Seasonal event for spending 3k

College of Order (Technology Building) Priority

Economy Technology

  1. Architecture I
  2. Scholarship I
  3. Architecture II
  4. Scholarship II
  5. All Gathering Speed Tech
  6. Supply Chains I
  7. Supply Chains II
  8. Breath Control I
  9. Stamina I
  10. Stamina II
  11. Breath Control II
  12. Military Leadership I
  13. Military Leadership II
  14. Weak Points I
  15. Weak Points II
  16. RSS Production Tech
  17. Legion Capacity Increase Tech

Military Technology

  1. Conscription I
  2. Conscription II
  3. Min-Max to T5

Hero Upgrade Priority

The focus on heroes to level are Gathering > Peacekeepers > PvP

Gathering Heroes

  1. Chakcha (El)
  2. Kella (El)
  3. Ordo (El)

Foundational Talent Heroes for Gathering

  1. Alistair (E)


  1. Nika (L)
  2. Liliya (L)
  3. Eliana (E)
  4. Gwanwyn (E)

PvP Heroes:

    1. Emrys (L)
    2. Waldyr (E)
    3. Alwyn (E)
    4. Atheus (E)

    Engineering Heroes

    1. Kregg (E)
    2. Ordo (El)

    PvE Activity

    Ranged chain-micro play to max farm command points, take little to no damage, and max out XP & arcane dust

    PvP Activity

    1. Look to attack inactive players or setup organized fights to gain merits
    2. Store in Alliance > Merit tab (bottom tab)
    3. Speedups & 24h Gathering


    1. War Studies
    2. War Studies II
    3. Military Expansion
    4. Military Expansion II
    5. Military Expansion III
    6. Artifact Expertise I
    7. Artifact Expertise II
    8. Targeted Tactics I
    9. Targeted Tactics II
    10. Ranged Drills
    11. Ranged Drills II
    12. Marksman Drills or Magic Drills

    Read more: Policies Guide

    Dragon Trail

    Check daily as you level up heroes, train more troops, unlock tiers, level up skills, etc. Many rewards!

    Read more: Dragon Trial Guide


    Read over all starting events and work to complete each task. Check these daily upon reset or when the events will be ending to stay on top of new ones


    1. Salve – AoE Heal (E)
    2. Wolf Pack – AoE Buff (L)
    3. Divine Mercy – AoE Heal (L)
    4. Quick Gather – Immediate RSS Gather (E)

    Scout Camp

    Scout often and collect rewards as you go to stay on top


    • Main: Focus main quests on helping with early big RSS gains
    • Titan’s Legacy: Review Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal Challenges
    • Daily Challenges (Darkling Legions): Granting Dark Chests, do these in player groups
    • Exploration Quests: Complete quests for Seasonal Adventures & Wonder Quests
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    What is the Seasonal event for spending 3k?